Reminder: Give us your predictions for #ge11

Just a quick reminder about the prediction competition that Slugger is running on the Irish elections. There’s a £150 free bet with Betfair for the best prediction (have a look at the odds on their markets here), and they’ve got their own Election Predict site up with a good bit of detail on each constituency for the real train-spotters among you.

We’ve had around 30 predictions from you so far and we’re going to make some of them (anonymously, naturally) a feature of the night on Thursday, so the more, the better. Just fill out the form below.

Slugger O’Toole Irish General Election Prediction Competition 2011

Complete this form to make your predictions now! NB: Your final total of seats must add up to 165. Any that don’t get disqualified….

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  • “free bet with Betfair”

    Is gambling to be encouraged, Paul?

  • joeCanuck

    Is it gambling by the predictors if it is free?

  • abucs

    good pickup Joe. It sounds like clever marketing for Betfair

    Shame on you Slugger :o)