On Last Laughs…..

Given the sense of giddiness which seems to have prevailed on the site since it was incorrectly reported that Gerry Adams had accepted a Crown title earlier in the day, I think it’s only fair to start the umpteenth thread on this topic by noting the apology given to Gerry Adams by Downing Street.

Those casting a more analytical eye over proceedings will note that an issue pitting Sinn Fein against the British Establishment was never going to be a losing ticket for the former. Indeed, all the better that it’s political opponents have made the running on this one. Spare a thought, however, for any SDLP MPs who may have been squirming on the backbenches in Westminster when the British Prime Minister connected with the ball set up for him by the DUP’s Nigel Dodds, provoking a rapturous response in the chamber.