Slugger Awards: A wee cup of tea and a nice sit down?

I should have got this out a few days ago, but I’ve spent most of the last two days travelling away from Slugger Central. By Monday I want to have decided on the new categories for the Slugger Awards. To do that (and to brainstorm a few more in the public bodies’ section). We meet in the Lagan Room (in behind the bar) at on Friday Jurys Inn at 12.30 (although I’ll be there from 12). Free tea, coffee and sandwiches. Beer’s fine too, but you’ll have to nip next door and buy it yourself.

Just to help us keep tabs on the numbers, if you are coming can you fill in this eventbrite form? Once we get this in place you can start nominating actual politicians who  will then be shortlisted at the big political breakfast in January.


  • Sad that you didn’t make it out of England due to Mother Nature and Jack Frost ganging up on us. But I’m sure your step in replacement of Quintin Oliver will provide you will all the ideas we came with which we came up.

    Sadly, not many other people were able to get there either. But it was good to meet some others that were able to get to PIcamp which I had missed due to being in Casualty of the Ulster Hospital…

    Looking forward to the nominations and the big political breakfast too…