Leak lists Irish companies vital to US security…

WIKILEAKS’ latest instalment contains a list of facilities around the world the US believes is vital to its national security. There are just two Irish entries. The first is the Hibernia Atlantic undersea cable landing – one of a number of fast transatlantic communications links listed – while the other is Genzyme Ireland Ltd. (filling), Waterford, which supplies Thymoglobulin, a drug to help prevent donor organ rejection. Publication of the leak has been criticised, as it could be used as a target list for Islamic terrorism.

As as aside, it was reported a few days ago in the Jerusalem Post that:

After the Second Lebanon War, the Irish government tried to prevent weapons from reaching Israel through Shannon Airport. The Irish Department of Transport required that any military equipment passing through the country required “prior notification” and “exemption waivers.”

The cable explains that this policy is due to the fact that “segments of the Irish public see the airport as a symbol of Irish complicity in perceived US wrongdoing in the Middle East.”