“Devolution, though, is the theme.”

The Daily Telegraph‘s Benedict Brogan has some interesting thoughts on the Scotland Act, and he opens with an observation of something we’ve noted here before.  From the Telegraph blog

Is there anything more unnerving than a prime minister who believes in devolution? The political leaders of Northern Ireland must be beginning to doubt it. They keep writing to David Cameron demanding a meeting, but their letters are passed on to the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, who replies and offers himself instead. This infuriates the men of Ulster, who are discovering that the instant access they enjoyed under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown is over.

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  • Munsterview

    Looks like Peter will have to ask Gerry to ask Hillary to ask Obama to ask David to ask Peter to a meeting!

  • pippakin


    Ah but Obama has no liking for the British or the Irish, not so much wrong colour, as wrong continent, or in our cases islands off of wrong continent.

    Gerry may have to wait until Hillary is President.

  • Munsterview


    You forget one vital fact we are Americas biggest Aircraft Carrier of the North West Coast of Europe. America have few friends but the US has many interests and this one is a biggie.