And Qatar win the 2022 World Cup…

Astonishing victory.

Spent some money
Snazzy new stadia..
And a good idea:

To ensure a lasting impression, Qatar 2022 have proposed that post-World Cup, many modular components of the stadiums no longer needed will be dismantled and shipped to other countries in order to promote football development.

..might need to work a bit on that world ranking..although it’s one way to qualify.

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  • Neil

    Spent some money

    I’ll bet they did, same for the Russians. Brown envelopes aplenty I’d imagine.

  • JAH

    Standby for the Beeb knockers to go full tilt now!

    But how could anyone shake the hands of some of these gents of FIFA without counting their fingers afterwords? Do the ‘happy three’ feel good for prostituting themselves so openly with some men who probably should be in discussions with their lawyers instead?

    In the circumstances Putin’s Russia is welcome. The World Cup is coming home in a manner of speaking.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Hilarious stuff on Sky as Boris Johnson is asked “why do FIFA hate England?”
    Well indeed why does anyone hate England?
    So having praised the rest of the world for days in Zurich, we must listen to the same people whinge about how it was a stitch up and Johnny Foreigner cant be trusted.
    Brilliant stuff…….especially as I fully expected England to get it…….”Prince” William was not sent over to be humiliated by various post colonials.
    As George Bernard Shaw put it “the English are never beaten fairly”.
    And somehow to the likes of me, the fact that they feel they were cheated makes it even sweeter.
    But if Qatar can get the 2022 World Cup, Norn Iron if it still exists can get the 2026 World Cup (if the world still exists).
    Nelson McCausland is probably working on it…..the Maze should be half finished by then.

  • Organized Rage

    Oh Dear, what a tragedy, it is impossible to believe when England put up such a high powered delegation, one would have thought with Soft Willie, Dippy Dave and Beck’s on the job the whole thing would have been a breeze.


  • Rory Carr

    I guess my outside bet on Sudan is down the Swanee now.

  • andnowwhat

    Radio 5 have made a connection between the wikileaks dump relating to mafia (sic) corruption in Russiaand the FIFA decision.

    Now, that’sjournalism

  • james

    in the end only got two votes and had been knocked out in the 1st round, cost of bid was £15,000,000 one vote obviously came from England so £15,000,000 was the cost of the other vote.

    Interesting that the 2022 world cup will be in a alcohol free country, even more interesting if Israel qualify

  • john

    I really hate FIFA and all their cronies. Its time some media mogul set up a rival federation – in the short term it would harm the game but in the long term we might have an organisation competent of organising a piss up in a brewery. The sooner Sepp croaks it the better!

  • “The tiny oil-rich Gulf state, with a population estimated to be around 1.7m .. 12 venues divided among seven host cities”

    When the Ballinlea and Rathlin oil-wells come on-stream NI will just need an additional two cities to be in with a chance.

    No Emirs but Eimear and her hockey and camogie chums are up for a bout of hogey fever this weekend in Ballycastle – according to the Ballycastle Chronicle.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    English bid looked the best to me – perhaps trouble in Brum didnt help – no fan of Becks but he was excellent at news conference.

    But I suppose giving it to countries(regions) which havent had it before and have loadsa-money to stage it is reasonable.

  • chewnicked

    England’s already had a World Cup and Western Europe has had 10. This will be the first for Eastern Europe. A fair decision.

  • Jane Jeffers

    Do the folk that predicted that SA2010 would be ruined by carjacking rapists, now foretell that that 2018 will be about the Rusian mafia and 2022 will be wrecked by Al Quida?

  • john

    The idea of Ireland hosting a joint world cup would seem a joke but when I look at some of the current stadiums in Russia (I know they will be redeveloped but if the GAA had a billionare sugar daddy like Roman then it could happen). Also in the past the big stumbling block with a Scot-Irish bid was that there were going to be too many stadia in Glagow, Dublin or Edinburgh – only one city can have 2 stadia used but I just checked the map of Qatar and ALL the stadia are going to be within 60 miles of each other so basically FIFA scrap their own rules when money is involved obviously!
    So come on a joint celtic (IFA,FAI,SFA,WFA) bid for 2026 – its bound to win. Dont worry about the 4 hosts by then Fifa will have turned it into an even bigger circus and the finals will probably involve all 200 teams!

  • John East Belfast

    I was at the Chelsea v Man U Champions League Final in Moscow in 2008 and vowed I would never return to the country – it was an awful place.

    Totally unfriendly and in no way did they put on a party for the fans.

    The catering at the ground was two hot food stands serving some kind of unknown meat plus a slice of white stale bread.

    It was truly terrible.

    There was hardly anywhere to have a drink and the city was full of soldiers in the largest trucks – probably Ex Afghanistan – I have ever seen – about 12 foot Wheel Diameters.

    How anyone thinks that country an host a World Cup is beyond me – they certainly made a mess of the Champions League.

    However I suppose as Jane says everyone thought South Africa would slip up

  • JJ Malloy

    USA got screwed. Qatar!!???

  • Alias

    “The catering at the ground was two hot food stands serving some kind of unknown meat plus a slice of white stale bread.”

    It was probably homeless people. Anyway, not winning it simply means that you’ll have to offer a bigger bribe next time. Does anyone think that it isn’t corrupt?

  • andnowwhat


    It was probably homeless people

    Actually, that will be more likely in Brazil. Made of childrden to boot.

    It does amuse me when I see people thinking that top line soccer is still a sport BTW.

    It ghas as much to do with sport as Mc Donalds has with meat

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    I have some slight experience of major events in Russia or more precisely the old USSR. ..the 1980 Olympics was a disaster. I paid my final installment on the trip before Christmas and three days later the Russians invaded Afghanistan.
    And Garret the Good (in opposition to Charlie the Bad) was trying to get the Irish to withdraw and Thatcher trying to get the British to withdraw (ironically Seb Coe was on that team).
    A lot of nations followed the USA into a boycott and several other sports bodies including the Irish equestrian team (which was my main reason for going to watch) did not enter.
    The spectacle was not the one that Id booked to see. I wrote to Garret the Good asking would he back me getting a refund and of course he waffled a reply back to me.
    As a consequence Ive never much cared for him.
    On the good side I did see Hughie Russell from Belfast win a bronze medal and got to see Lenins tomb. And it was an adventure of sorts.

    The food was truly awful. Leftovers from the local gulag. And the stadium catering……a hamburger was literallya slice of spam in a bun.
    No doubt things have changed.
    But Id caution against booking to go. Based on my own experience some geo-political crisis will damage the World Cup.
    And frankly I wouldnt go to London during the Olympics.
    Lets not forget that 7/7 in London was just two days after London was awarded the Olympics.

  • Oracle

    I worked in Moscow for 7 months in 1992 and 5 months in 2003…… the food was fine the drink was cheap and the women were cheaper than the drink and hotter than the food

  • Mark

    I remember a banner at a USA vs USSR ice hockey match in 1979 reading ” Get the puc out of afghanistan ” . The Russians had some nice eye candy on display today , the english had a dodgy lookin ex gang member . Maybe if they put beckham in leopardskin , who knows ?

  • Mark

    Yes Oracle a man after my own heart . The ” facilities ” will be much better in Russia , and they speak the language .

  • joeCanuck

    This is a country with a population (indigenous) much less than Belfast.
    I hadn’t thought about it being alcohol free. A bounty for Poitin makers?
    Very ambitious to think they can build stadia that can be dismatled and donated to poor countires. I have my doubts but won’t it be wonderful if it happens.

  • RepublicanStones

    My sympathy goes to the fans in England and indeed the fans both north and south here, tis a pity. The Emirates would have been a great venue (still is).

    Do FIFA release the reasons for their selection or is that it?

  • Kevin Barry

    Couldn’t agree more Oracle; though I wouldn’t mind the WC being in England or Spain/Portugal as someone who has just recently been to Russia I thought the food was excellent and will expect the facilities to be efficient and cheap.

    Regarding the people, the problem I’ve noticed is if you don’t speak Russian or even attempt to then they will come across as incredibly cold. If you try to converse even a little then they will bend over backwards to help you.

    My advice to you all, go get Rosetta Stone and start to polish up on the cyrillic alphabet

  • joeCanuck

    Republican Stones,

    Follow the money?

  • Anon

    Would have been nice having it next door but Russia is a rational bid, Qatar is lunacy. 40 degree heat, tiny country, poor ranking, half the infrastructure ripped out after? Right. If they wanted to go somewhere new, Australia should have walked it.

  • andnowwhat

    Will any of the home teams make it to the Qatar finals?

    surely I am not the first with that one?

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Will any of the home teams make it to the Qatar finals?

    There will hopefully be one Irish team by then and one British team.

    It is a complete waste of time Norn Iron, Scotland and Wales fielding teams to get their arses kicked. From Ireland’s point of view it works well with Cricket and rugby and should with football. The Welsh would whinge but as long as they have a seperate rugby team they will be happy enough. Admittedly the jocks will probably whinge for a few decades/centuries before bowing to the inevitable.

  • Valenciano

    Still mystified as to why everyone is saying Qatar getting it is “astonishing” or on the Beeb “a huge surprise.” Qatar have been the bookies favourites for some weeks and money talks, as they’ve been shortening in the lead up to the vote.

    As for corruption or stuff like that, England can hardly get on their moral high horse. The 2006 bid failed partly because of a “loan” to Wales, allegedly to secure their vote while this time round there were “gifts” of designer handbags to committee members wives. In that light, the Panorama expose was a) stupid b) hypocritical and c) disasterously timed. It’s the equivalent of my brother having a job interview and me phoning up the interviewee the day before to have a go at him. No reason why the programme couldn’t have waited til next week.

    I think the incident last night in Birmingham certainly didn’t help either. Whose bright idea was it to have a tense cup game between two teams with a history of often violent rivalry the night before such a key vote?

    As for Qatar, the bid team have already said that they’ll set up special fan zones for alcohol and that there’ll be no problem if Israel qualify. Israeli atheletes have already performed there so it will be no big deal.

  • Greenflag

    Next time maybe England Should include Ireland (ROI) ( Croke Park and the Aviva Stadium ) along with Wales Millenium and Scotland’s couple of stadia . It’s the only way we’ll ever get World Cup soccer in Ireland . And the upside would be automatic qualification next time 🙂

    No problem with Russia being a winner but Qatar ? The UK or USA would have been better choices even Oz . Bad choice and not just for Israelis but for the game imo. Does any Arab or Middle eastern team play halfway decent soccer barring Israel ? I don’t think so . Maybe in 50 years when the oil runs out they’ll speed up a bit but given temperatures of 40 degrees C maybe they should stick to the camel racing ?

  • Greenflag


    Admittedly the jocks will probably whinge for a few decades/centuries before bowing to the inevitable.’

    Cobblers – I’d guess millenia and they’d be right . There’ll always be a Scotland team and a Wales team and an England team . NI may be more problematical but for now they’ll hang on .

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    But surely David Beckham will be knighted in the New Year Honours.

  • JJ Malloy

    in 94 the US sold 3.7 million tickets for the World Cup

    Qatar has 1.7million people in their whole country. And thee summer high temperatures are in the 110s at least

  • JJ Malloy

    And who the hell would want to go there?

  • francesco

    @ kevin berry “Regarding the people, the problem I’ve noticed is if you don’t speak Russian or even attempt to then they will come across as incredibly cold” Ever been to paris?

  • RepublicanStones

    Apparently Sepp Blatter received a phone call of thanks from Putin immediately after the result was announced, he also promised to return Blatter’s daughter safely.

  • Kevin Barry

    @ francesco

    Thanks for pronouncing my name like a Russian meer cat.

    I believe the difference between the above and the Russians is that Parisiens are asses if you don’t speak near perfect French while Russians will give you the benefit of the doubt as they’re usually impressed with any one from the West trying to speak Russian

  • francesco

    i will never mispell yer name again..

    Kevin Barry Kevin Barry Kevin Barry Kevin Barry Kevin Barry Kevin Barry Kevin Barry Kevin Barry Kevin Barry Kevin Barry Kevin Barry Kevin Barry Kevin Barry Kevin Barry Kevin Barry Kevin Barry..

  • cynic47

    Who is Kevin Barry? lol

  • JJ Malloy
  • JJ Malloy
  • Kevin Barry

    @ francesco, apologies for the delay. Twasn’t a go at you by the way, I actually thought you were trying a Russian impression. Impressive spelling, or control c and then v

    @ cynic47, your ma 😉

  • Niz from Cardiff

    The articles popping up about the ‘mistake’ of awarding the FIFA world cup to Qatar are as rapid and numerous as the skyscrapers popping up in Doha, Dubai and Bahrain.
    The truth is this – Sour grapes from the English, American and Australian fans has clouded sound and objective judgement.
    From a technical point of view, Qatars bid is the most advanced and sophisticated bid in history. There has NEVER been a bid to host a world cup that did not contain negative aspects, and this applies to the Qatar bid as it applies to the USA, England, previous south africa, japan/korea bids, etc.
    Lets look at the aspects individually;

    Technical –
    If anyone has, or knows someone who has, visited dubai and been astonished by the technological wonderment that is the Emirate (all be it theme park like), this pales in comparison to what will be seen in Doha in a few years. The infrastructure present and proposed is lacking in absolutely nothing. 5 star hotels, sci-fi like transport systems, one of the best airports in the world, high end malls and cafes and bars for visitors. The proposed stadia are, too, lacking in nothing. The stadia are nothing short of remarkable.

    Financial –
    This is something that no one debates. The financial resources make the Qatary bid a very reliable one.

    Security –
    Despite misconceptions of the region, Qatar has been rated as the 15th safest place on earth and there have been no security issues of note. There is no evidence that terrorist activity is present in Qatar. Contrary to the known terrorist cells present and active in the UK.
    Qatary security infrastructure coupled with international assistance (as happened when British police were stationed in South Africa to help) should provide adequate security resources.

    Legacy –
    The old cleche – Legacy. A very very very important factor for fifa and rightly so. The world cup isnt just a circus. It is the biggest global event on this planet and its grandeur should be used for good where and when possible. Qatars proposal to relocate stadia to developing nations can in no way be seen negatively!!! The tournament will also boost the sport in a country which does not have history of success or high level participation. This was argued for USA in ’94 (rightly so) and look at the impact it has had on the national game.

    Heat –
    This is not a new issue. Japan and korea had some humidity issues (arguably more physiologically dangerous than dry heat). The USA had extreme temperatures in ’94 and i remember it as a fantastic tournament.
    Qatars proposal for air conditioned stadia is not blue print sci-fi theory. It is a tried and tested technology which was demonstrated to FIFA inspectors in a mock up stadium where pitch temp was maintained comfortably at 27C. This is tried, tested, and proved. FIFA raised no concerns there after. The alternative would be to restrict the World Cup to nations with specific regions of the world. Highly exclusive and contrary to the spirit of the game.

    Football Heritage –
    What is the definition of this. Is it a history of success in the game? Is it having a history in the development of the sport? What is it?
    If it’s a history of success and participation then why did USA, South Africa, Japan, Mexico get the world cup in their respective years. Why, then, should England get it? They have won the competition once! They have never won their continental cup – the EURO! Are they that successfully? Why is everyone saying USA or Australia should have won the bid? Are they that successful?
    If the world cup is to be exclusively held by those who have had a part in its development and to those who have been successful then it will restricted to only a handful of nations.
    In addition, without awarding other nations these competitions how can they ever develop a footballing ‘heritage’ or participate in its development?

    Accessibility –
    Not that it is vital but the time zone is a very appropriate one for a large percentage of the viewers.
    The region is an international hub serviced by emirates and qatar air – HUGE airlines.
    Internal transport is exceptional and the small size of the country means it resolves some complaints heard in south africa and USA regarding travel between games.

    Alcohol –
    What a fickle argument indeed. Nonetheless, it will be served and sold. This has been confirmed. However respect for local laws and customs will be maintained. A nation does not abandon its own ethics and moral (whether right or wrong) just to be hosts of a competition.


    Have trust, have an open mind, judge objectively and respectfully. No bid is perfect, but some bids are remarkable. People have complained about even the perfect tournaments. We cannot award the world cup and say – “go ahead, host it, but make sure it looks and feels like europe /the west”.
    Let them host it in their way… and let us enjoy it in our way!

  • joeCanuck

    I was in Paris a month ago. I did try to use my schoolboy french and wasn’t too bad at it. But I didn’t find the people rude at all when I asked Parlez vous anglais?