‘The 2010 Group.’

Another meeting of disenchanted members of the Ulster Unionist Party takes place this week-end.

‘The 2010 Group’ has already drafted the broad parameters of a constitution embracing both political and economic principles.

What is emerging poses a dilemma for Tom Elliott’s leadership. He has been at pains to promote the notion of internal party discipline. The members identified with the ‘The 2010 Group’ have deliberately chosen to defy his leadership.

It is difficult at this stage to evaluate the true impact of this political schism in the Ulster Unionist Party.

The fall out from the secret Hatfield talks revealed by this writer continues to be impacting in the Ulster Unionist party.

The tone being struck by the ‘The 2010 Group’ is at variance with the aspiration of those seeking Unionist unity with the DUP.
Eamonn Mallie