Great Big Political Quiz – give us your funny team names

The tickets for the Great Big Political Quiz Night are selling rapidly – get yours to avoid disappointment (form below).

We’re also going to be dishing out a few spot prizes. For instance, we know that one or two of you have hilarious team names planned *clutches sides at the very thought*.There will be a prize for the best one on the night.

We also know that one or two organisations are very bullish about their plans to snatch the big prize. We also hear that certain organisations / companies / constituency parties don’t have two brain cells to rub together between them have something else in the diary for that night and won’t be putting a team up. We’d like to know who is taking part so we can see who isn’t.

So register your team now using the form. Let us know you’re coming / see who else will be there on Facebook. There’s a ticket booking form in the way, so fill that out willya? The sooner we sell out, the better.