Diaries out! Come to the Great Big Politics Pub Quiz

Test your political knowledge at the inaugural Great BIG Politics Pub Quiz on the 25th October (7.45pm onwards at The Black Box in Belfast). Tickets are available online – price £5.00 + Eventbrite’s booking fee.

Supported by Slugger O’Toole and Stratagem and raising money to build homes in Haiti.

Whether green, orange, red, blue or some other point on the political spectrum, it’s time to put your political know-how to the test and find out who knows most about the battle of the ballot box.

There’ll be questions on local, national and international politics; current affairs and political history; politics from the pages of fiction and the large and small screen. All political life will be present at the Black Box and some of Northern Ireland’s best-known politicians will be among your quiz-masters for the evening, including Anna Lo, Basil McCrea, Dawn Purvis and Jim Wells.
There’ll be prizes up for grabs in the quiz and in the raffle. Public affairs company Stratagem have kindly offered a brilliant star prize for the winning team. John McCallister MLA has thrown in a meal for four and a guided tour of Parliament Buildings. And there’ll be some must-have political tomes for your book-shelf, including a signed copy of Tony Blair’s controversial memoirs.

We’re raising money for a house-building project in Haiti, run by the Haven Partnership, to replace homes destroyed in the January 2010 earthquake. 300 volunteers from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland are heading to Haiti at the end of October to team up with local people to build homes for those left homeless by the devastating earthquake. Find out more: http://www.havenpartnership.com/

Demand will likely be high for the Great BIG Politics Pub Quiz, so – whether you’re a politico, pundit or punter – get your team (max 5 members) together and pre-book your tickets for the greatest political battle since May 6th! Stay tuned to Slugger O’Toole for updates.


  • And if you’re on Facebook, you can keep track of who else is attending, keep a look-out for all-too-clever rivals and make approaches to the politically-savvy to join your team…

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  • Rory Carr

    I do hope that anonymity can be given to the unfortunate soul who winds up with the ‘prize’ of “a signed copy of Tony Blair’s controversial memoirs.” Perhaps he or she can then manage to smuggle it out unnoticed hidden beneath an alternative dust jacket which disguises it as some innocuous tome such as The Art and Science of Spousal Poisoning for Beginners, then they might just survive with their reputations unscathed.

    Still it does promise to be a fun evening and one especially attractive to devotees of Slugger and I will be sorry not to be there. However, even though I am stalwartly opposed to charities of all stripes, I fear that the pull of making some effort on behalf of the poor benighted people of Haiti, eternally at the mercy of foul weather and an even fouler great power interfering in its welfare at every turn, is much too strong and I shall make a donation and encourage others to do likewise according to their means.