Unadulterated provocation. Holding people to ransom. Outrageous.

 Jeffrey Donaldson was so exercised this week about the right of loyalists to express their culture in north Antrim that he accompanied the local MLA, Mervyn Storey, to a meeting with the Parades Commission and intimated that violence would flow were the Commission not to reverse its determination which had angered loyalist marching bands ahead of tonight’s parade in Rasharkin.

Here’s part of Jeffrey’s press release following that meeting:

Instead of cohesion and sharing the Parades Commission appear determined to impose segregation and effective apartheid in Rasharkin on Friday evening.

Thus, following DUP logic, loyalist parades – as expressions of protestant/ British identity- in nationalist districts are examples of sharing and cohesion; denying such parades equals segregation and apartheid.

It is an interesting argument, not least because it provides an opportunity to expose the gaping holes in this unionist strategy which seeks to deny the sectarian and provocative dimension of such parades whilst also opposing any reciprocal challenge for unionist communities to play host to expressions of the Irish nationalist identity.

I have covered some of this ground already this year with regard to the Ardoyne/ Crumlin Road situation and parading in contentious routes in general.

However, events in the past week have –rather handily- provided a more updated set of examples to expose the Achilles heel of the unionist strategy which seeks to define shared spaces as areas ‘fortunate’ enough to be graced with loyalist parades.

To Banbridge shall we go for the first case study. As was the case last year, unionist spokespersons have expressed their outrage at the appearance of a small number of Irish tricolours in the predominantly unionist town. Note the language used by UUP MLA George Savage, who began by warning that the flags would “not go unchallenged:”

This is a clear attempt by a small-minded minority of republicans to raise sectarian tensions and intimidate the unionist community, not only of the Peggy’s Loaning area but the entire town…. Residents have voiced their concern about these levels of intimidation which, to their mind, hark back to the dark days of the Troubles.

Of course, he may indeed have a point on both fronts. Those behind this move could be motivated by a desire to raise sectarian tensions, and doubtlessly some residents- not least those of a unionist disposition- would feel intimidated by this move.

But George appears incapable of following that logic to its natural conclusion, which would involve him condemning as sectarian and intimidatory in motivation the erecting of loyalist flags from lamp posts in far, far greater numbers right across the north of Ireland.

The photograph above is of St Patrick’s Catholic Church in Chapel Hill, Lisburn. Note the Union Flag erected at the front door entrance to the chapel. There are no other flags flying the length of Chapel Hill, apart from those some 50m above the church at the junction where DUP MEP Diane Dodds has her constituency office, which looks down Chapel Hill towards Bow Street Mall. The motivation, therefore, behind the erection of this flag was and remains clear. Perhaps Jeffrey should be tending to matters somewhat closer to home.

And from Banbridge and Lisburn we head southwards to Kilkeel, where unionist representatives recently opposed a parade by local republican bands.

Note the language, again, used by local unionist councillor, Henry Reilly:

 Today has shown very clearly why that band should not be allowed to enter the centre of Kilkeel – it is just unadulterated provocation…..To be held to ransom for all that time – churchgoers held to ransom both in morning and evening – is outrageous.

The band in question was linked with the Independent Republican councillor, Martin Connolly, who refused last week to condemn the attempted bomb attack on his niece (a member of the PSNI.) Again, let’s play follow the logic. Unionist politicians recently condemned the Parades Commission for opposing an attempt by the Apprentice Boys to incorporate a band which prominently proclaims links with a UVF man who killed an Ardoyne catholic in its parade along the Crumlin Road, passing close to where the killing occurred. Tonight, several bands linked with loyalist paramilitary groups will parade through Rasharkin. Amongst the bands last year (and in all likelihood tonight) will be loyalist bands including members who have been charged in relation to the sectarian murder of catholic man, Kevin McDaid, in Coleraine last year.

Unadulterated provocation. Holding people to ransom. Outrageous. Here, here, Henry.

  • Chris,

    Merv and Jeffrey actually met the PSNI, not the Parades Commission (both their full statements are here).

    Jeffrey also accused the Parades Commission of putting in place a situation where there could be significant public disorder on the streets. Now, I wonder what he means by that? Movie buff that he is – is he making them an offer they can’t refuse or something?

  • percy

    much better chris, you’ve put some thought into that.
    Mark McGregor do that with the bonfire threads.
    Going for LCD just get LCD responses.
    ( LCD = Lowest common denominator )

    does Jeffrey really believe that “wriggling” will get him off the hook, on this poor attempt at “turning it round”

    ahh the great contortionists, and escapologists of da Nort.

  • drumlins rock

    There was violence last year at the parade, from the Sinn Fein orgainised PROTESTORS!
    The idiotic ruling of the PC increased the chance of further violence this year from the Sinn Fein organised PROTESTORS.

  • Chris, why are you dancing to Jeffrey’s tune? Rasharkin district contains nationalists, unionists and, presumably, others; ditto Coleraine and many other districts.

    I should imagine the growth in loyalist and republican band culture as opposed to the Loyal Orders and AOH culture will have been partly due to the ‘war by other means’ strategy promoted by SF post PIRA ceasefire. The SF leadership has since done an about turn but the legacy remains.

  • jon the raver

    More attempts by unionists to grasp at straws me thinks !

    They know votes are becoming scarse and the only way – in the DUP way of thinking – of getting them back is to go hard light and get the nutters to x their boxes.

    When will they realise that the core unionist voters are dissillusioned with the unionist parties because as jobs are lost, families tore apart by money matters they are more concerned with parades and flags.

    The nutters will pass when they realise their jobs depend on a more socialist orintated executive.

    Only problem is those that vote unionist won’t vote for any other party – so don’t vote

    Wise up Geffy and get your finger out !

  • drumlins rock

    to sum up Chris’s post “you hear about that parade in rasharkin? its shockin!, and whatabout Ardoyne, and whatabout Banbrige, and whatabout Killkeel, and whatabout Colraine, just shochin all of them”

  • DR – out of interest – how many North Antrim(ish) towns/villages will have had a parade with as many as 40 bands through them this year? What is the background to the Rasharkin parade?

  • drumlins rock

    Not sure John, but the general rule for a parade is, if your band comes to our parade we will go to yours, so the size of the parade relates more to the level of committment of the members rather that the size or make up of the town or village, as the parade is also the principal fund raising event for the year obviously a bigger parade means more income for the band.
    The biggest Parade I think is Kilcluneys in Markethill with nearly 100 bands, but I will probably be corrected on that one!

  • percy

    drum have you been chewing wriggleys gum?
    Its Jeffrey’s nutty comments and chris’s point

    “Thus, following DUP logic, loyalist parades – as expressions of protestant/ British identity- in nationalist districts are examples of sharing and cohesion; denying such parades equals segregation and apartheid.”

    That’s the talking point..
    Or is the Ulster wriggle, like the mexican wave?

  • drumlins rock

    Percy, thats what Chris started for a couple of paragraphs, then descended into a big list of whataboutery, I’m no Jeffrey fan but is he not saying “live and let live”

  • percy

    I really do think “live and let live” means march in your own areas., or where you’re welcome

  • jon the raver

    if that were true they wouldn’t want to march – no fun walking through areas you can’t start a fight !

  • drumlins rock

    dont be so thick jon, 99% of marches are in areas where there are no objections,

  • Joe Hassit

    Good article, well put. Let’s actually buy into community cohesion and sharing and quit using it as a sound bite when we feel themuns are getting away with something.
    DR, we’re all good at pointing out the hypocrisy of our politicians (all of our politicians) and there is an element of whataboutery in the post, but it needs to be said. The moment we refuse to even acknowledge and comment on politicial double-standards is the day we give up on democracy and go back to oligarchy. How about we ALL join in the whataboutery and not excuse hypocrisy just because it comes from the side of the house we agree with?

  • joeCanuck

    You’ve just discovered that wee Jeffrey is an idiot as well as a bigot???
    Where have you been living? This is not his first such statement which, I believe, protects me from the charge of “man playing”. He plays himself by such utterances.
    As to the charge of blackmail (ransom) – Yes. He learned that tactic from his Lord (now literally) and Master himself.

  • DR – you are getting close to the heart of the problem with marches (although you normally quote 95% not 99%). The Orders keeping implying that only a one solution fits all approach can be applied – objecting to any one march is seen as some sort of erosion of the whole tradition. The converse, then brings the nature of the marches into doubt. Even if you check out the photographs from Rasharkin last year on Daithi McKay’s blog there are enough UVF and UDA associations to challenge the usual denials that Order members have (or ever had) any truck with loyalist terrorists etc (and despite the long time acceptance of paramilitary bands at parades).

  • drumlins rock

    how about 97%? good compromise lol
    I hate the paramilitary references associated with some bands, technically I’m pretty sure all of the UVF banners contain historic references up to the end of WW1, and there is nothing illegal in commerating an individual, but I’m not stupid I can guess the connections that exist and wish they didn’t. (I dont know of any such connections in my area) .
    I dont think removing all those bands would make any difference to Daithis protest, he would object if it was a girl scouts kazoo band parading, if anything in a parade is intended to offend then it should not be allowed, but if participants follow the guidelines as set down then it should be allowed to proceed.

  • It’s more of a case of getting the Orders to treat objections to a parade as simply an objection to that parade and not painting it as some armageddon-like opposition to the Orders themselves (and all they believe they stand for). And ultimately, they are going to have to finally take on board the fact that it is the joe soaps in places like Rasharkin or Ardoyne (or wherever) that might have a problem with the parade, not some fiendish SF-Popery-IRA-Satanic plot.
    The Orders appear bizarrely weak as a corporate body. They allow themselves to be regarded as representing (and then protective of) everything that operates under their broad umbrella. Yet, when there are relatively legitimate challenges to the more contentious aspects of that spectrum, there is just no (public) sense of internal reflection on how badly their image has been tainted over the years and that, just possibly, they have either been far too passive, or simply unwilling to reject that aspect of unionism/loyalism.
    That’s why it’s so nauseating to see the likes of Jeffrey Donaldson simpering as if he is on some moral high ground and issuing press statements where he alludes to violence (if the result doesn’t suit him), yet fully intends to deny that the implications are there in what he says. Its a mirror image of the long term identity crisis the Orders have built up around themselves.
    I wonder if PSNI were FOI’d would they have to detail what Jeffrey and Mervyn asked for (i.e. I guess they were they engaging in an exercise of trying to have the PSNI change to their prefered route on ‘security’ grounds and thus bypass the Parades Comission)?

    [By – 97% may well be closest to the truth, with an error margin of +/-1%]

  • John, I think there were about 40-50 bands in the band parade in Bushmills this year. Some will have travelled upwards of forty or fifty miles to get to the event. A quick check shows that the Bushmills organisers went to Cookstown in May and the return visit was in July.

  • Realistic Idealist

    “Today has shown very clearly why that band should not be allowed to enter the centre of Kilkeel – it is just unadulterated provocation…..To be held to ransom for all that time – churchgoers held to ransom both in morning and evening – is outrageous.”

    This is very rich talk from a unionist politician and i’ll pick one town to make my point, Limavady – there have been a total of 39 loyal orders/ex-servicemen/loyalist band parades between 1st May and 1st Sept this year registered with the parades commission in the Limavady area. There is no concern for churchgoers or any other sort of goers in Limavady, when the town centre is blocked off for hours almost every friday evening of the summer. Not only that but every single lodge and band involved in many parades in Limavady weave an intricate pattern around the town, both going to and coming back from all other parades they attend elsewhere, instead of having one single route and causing the minimum of inconvenience to the general public.


    if its purely for the love of parading, why can’t they find a big field and do laps of it til their hearts are content?

  • percy

    orange marches in catholic areas is surely as offensive as white brits marching in Brixton celebrating Slavery.
    genuine point.

  • Realistic Idealist

    To further qualify using the example of Limavady, according the 2001 census, the town itself is 41.6% from a Catholic background and 56.5% from a Protestant background, while the borough in which Limavady is the main town actually contains a nationalist majority; Catholic: 56.6% – Protestant: 41.6%.

  • drumlins rock

    not, genuine stirring.
    I march in a “catholic area” and set out to offend no-one and so far as I am aware have offended no-one.

  • Realistic Idealist

    Believe me, your very presence in a “catholic area” will offend the majority of the residents, due to what your organisation stands for. You are confusing the local community not voicing their opposition and rocking the boat, with acceptance and passive support. Many catholics live in areas where they still fear speaking out loud their true thoughts on Orange parades, though it must be said that the confidence of the catholic community in this regard is growing steadily across the board.

  • Prionsa Eoghann

    Your naivety is surely not intentional DR, it can’t be so I can only assume that you are deliberately at the madam.

    As for your earlier expose of the ‘whatabout’ sure you are spot on!, but I’d guess that the ‘naivety’ bars you from taking the ‘whatabout’ to its logical conclusion.

  • drumlins rock

    did what you suggested RI.
    the search brought up 58 applications, about 34 of these are civc, vintage, etc or outside the town itself, leaving 24 not 39 as you mention,
    of these 9 application are for the 12th of July, really only one parade, bringing it down to 16, 3 are for 12th August bringing it down to 14, and other multiple applications take it down to 12.
    of the 12, 2 are forces parades, nothing to do with loyal orders, that makes it 10.
    So the grand total of Loyalist parades in Limavady is
    5 Band Parades
    3 Church Parades
    The 12th of July
    Derry Day.

  • drumlins rock

    Well its nice to know the majority of catholics find my presence offensive, 🙁

  • In fairness, Prionsa Eoghann – DR is only describing his personal experience (and from what I’ve seen is consistent in doing so). I tried to make the point earlier that the problem is that the Orders, as a corporate body of sorts, encompasses different parading ‘experiences’ – and not all members or attendees necessarily would have ever been present at one of the contentious parades. I suspect the issue is as headwrecking for them as it is for others who aren’t members of the Orders. One solution doesn’t fit all for the Orders whether you are looking in or looking out.

  • Prionsa Eoghann

    And in fairness John DR is acting/being deliberately naive, consistant or not.

    “I suspect the issue is as headwrecking for them”

    When I have time John I will source an interesting mini set to that Oneill, fair deal et al had with each other over the issue in another place.

    Got to run.

  • Prionsa Eoghann


    I’m sure that you are a nice guy.

    I would like a little awareness of others though.

  • Realistic Idealist

    Not really, even taking out the 12th, there are still almost 30 applications from unionist organisations for parades – because thats what they are viewed as, all of them, regardless what you might feel they are.

    Limavady specifically then has always had fairly good community relations and nationalists in the area seem content for unionists parades to take place in the town, though the volume causes much annoyance – DR, can you or anyone else explain and justify why there is such a volume of parades, why marchers must parade before going to another location and then when returning from another location. Why its felt appropriate to block town centres for entire evenings, when a simple 30minute parade could often suffice?

    In places like Limavady it is the volume, timescale and nature of the parades which DO annoy the local community, though they appear not against unionist parading as a concept.

  • Realistic Idealist

    i also suspect you are a nice guy, you are also consistent and i’d say have very genuine views, but if you are honestly trying but still can’t see what catholics find offensive about loyal order/loyalist band parades in “catholic areas” then you are unbelievably niave

  • Alan Maskey

    P Eoghann: Reading one of the other threads (they never said why Jimmy Reid had to die), I was taken aback by your attacks on George Galloway. You seemed to imply he was a Rangers man, among other things. naughty boy.
    Reading Wikipedia to double check, I came across this gem as part of his entry:
    His autobiography, I’m Not The Only One, was published on 28 April 2004. The book’s title is a quotation from the song “Imagine” by John Lennon. Armed Forces Minister Adam Ingram applied for an interim interdict to prevent the book’s publication. Ingram asserted that Galloway’s text, which stated that Ingram “played the flute in a sectarian, anti-Catholic, Protestant-supremacist Orange Order band”, was in bad faith and defamatory, although Ingram’s lawyers conceded that for a year as a teenager he had been a member of a junior Orange Lodge in Barlanark, Glasgow, and had attended three parades. The Judge, Lord Kingarth, decided to refuse an interim interdict, that the balance of the arguments favoured Galloway’s publisher, and that the phrase “sectarian, anti-Catholic, Protestant-supremacist” was fair comment on that organisation. Although Ingram was not and never had been a flute-player, the defending advocate observed that “playing the flute carries no obvious defamatory imputation … it is not to the discredit of anyone that he plays the flute.” The judge ruled that Ingram should pay the full court costs of the hearing.[140]

    So, according to British judges, these bands are: sectarian, anti-Catholic, Protestant-supremacist”

    which is how I like to describe them and those who support them.

  • Prionsa Eoghann

    How ye doin Alan?

    I’m still chuckling over yir inflamatory half-truth on another thread about second generation immigrant scumbags, anyway;

    >”P Eoghann: Reading one of the other threads (they never said why Jimmy Reid had to die)””I was taken aback by your attacks on George Galloway. You seemed to imply he was a Rangers man, among other things. naughty boy.”<

    Ach naw Alan he is a Lochee Tim, I was only havin a pop at the paper which is known collectively (depending on what collective ye belang tae that is) as the Rangers news/Labour party news sheet etc. via that tit Galloway. Sure he is not the only Irish Tory that we have at paradise, we also have Lord widdyemacawhim Reid former Blairite acolyte and soon to be required at the Hague on war crimes charges as our esteemed chairman. BTW regarding the "other things" ye mentioned……..Veritas I'm afraid!

    "So, according to British judges, these bands are: sectarian, anti-Catholic, Protestant-supremacist”

    which is how I like to describe them and those who support them."

    I've been dain that fur as long. Now if only Scottish Judges would quit the heirarchy of rights where they have consistantly allowed the OO to exploit the HR Act via Article 11 at the expense of Article 8.

  • lamhdearg

    Alan,” these bands are: sectarian, anti-Catholic, Protestant-supremacist”

    which is how I like to describe them and those who support them.”

    This makes you the bigot

  • Prionsa Eoghann

    As promised John;


    Sure there is a fair bit of denial(can Unionists discuss such a subject without it?) but not the stance, consistant disengeniouty as I suspect it might be as exibited by DR.

    And to answer a point I missed before. i could care less whether one parade is contentious or not, I am against hate groups wherever they are.

  • Prionsa Eoghann

    Along with me and the precedent of whichever court that ruling was in lamhdearg.

    Could you enlighten me as to how any of those pejorative labels do not fit orange bands?

  • Alan Maskey

    Lamhdearg: Some of my best friends are Protestants. I was only quoting a Scottosh judge; mustn’t have allowed him into the Masons. I believe these bands are “sectarian, anti-Catholic, Protestant-supremacist” based on te evidence.

    Now we have this mad Jock on our case – but we are – or he is at least – trying tae talk the way Mccausland etc would like us tae talk.
    If these bands are to commemorate the glorious dead of the Somme, why not just march on Poppy day like they do in Scotland, Wales and England? And though the Jocks might be wired to the moon, they don’t go marching all over the place day and night for months on end. What is it about supremacists?

    And Eoghann, back off Galloway. He is a good man. He also wrote for the Scottish RC paper but the w–ker who wrote the Wikipedia piece didn’t put that in. And the way he washed the floor with the American senators was great. You ever lsiten to his radio show? He prefers to put his critics, the Ibrox Park men, on and wipe the floor with them.

  • Prionsa Eoghann


    Away’n’bile yer heid!

    I could care less what paper Gorgeous writes for, it is the content that counts, the paper wis jist the vehicle. What makes you think that writing for the flourish or whatever would curry favour wi me anywiy?

    Sure I enjoyed the humbling of the great satans senators like any other sane person but I call into question his integrity regarding Scotland.

    If he is tribal and petty and just plain wrong over such a fundamental like Scottish self determination. What else is driving his conviction politics? He rants and raves about being excluded from the msm yet says not a peep about unionist newspapers treating the Scottish public like mushrooms. He may be a darling to many on the left outside of Scotland, but try asking Scots themselves.

  • lamhdearg

    Sorry lads a bit closer to the queens English or i cani understand yee, I love to go and watch the bands i do not think i am better than roman caths (prod-suprema), i dont think i am anti (roman) catholic as some for rome’s shit is better that some of the others, as for sectarian what’s that mean the word seems to be many thing’s to different people. Judge’s did i not read that a scotish judge ruled that the “sash my father wore” was not sectarian, do youse tay agreee wee that.

  • Alan Maskey

    Eoghann: Though my typing leaves a lot tae be desired, wil ye stop using Yankee expressions such as I could care less. You mean I couldn’t care less.

    Lamghdearg: Why all the marching? You sick of Big Brother? Do you think the English should march all over England to celebrate their victories and defeats? How about the Jocks? Shit, lots of them have gone up the chimney for the kilt wearing Windsor;- Hannover-Battenbergs.
    The Salvos or the miners’ brass bands don’t march day and night – though it would be nice if the miners could take a leaf out of your play book and march into Maggie T’s home and piss all over her bed.
    People secure in themselves do not need to do this. The examples Mr Donnelly uses are clealry meant to stick it up the Croppies, nothing else.
    After Drumcree, to take but one example, any civilised person would have run a mile from the Orange Order. They have well over a century of form at this shit stirring.

  • lamhdearg

    some of rome’s shit, this was not an attempt at scots.

  • lamhdearg

    ye wont be at st paddy’s next year then alan.

  • lamhdearg

    I have never watched big brother, To say i have is a lie on your part. as for marching i dont but them that do may do so because people like me like to watch/listen to them.

  • Alan Maskey

    What do you mean Rome’s shit? Do you think Chrsit’s Vicar on earth is form Govan or that he wears a Celtic top under his vestments? The good folk at Bayern Munich would have something to say about that.

  • Alan Maskey

    I don’t go to Paddys Day marches for at least two reasons:
    1. Such parades are for kids and for American high school kids wanting a roll in the wet and cold Irish grass.
    2. The Paddy’s day parade has been hjacked by professional organisers.

    Glad you don’t like Big Brother as it is boring. Just like….

    As we hav a jock tuned in, many years ago, I was at the Highland games in Pitlochry. Jesus, it was great. Hundrteds of crazy Jocks blasting awa’ on their pipes, the instrument God prefers (if played by free people – God is not a Brit and we know what side he favoured at Culoden – he likes losers ).
    Anyway, the music was great, as was the whiskey. And guess what? The Jocks did not march anywhere, not even down to the boozer. They and their cute dresses stayed in that field all day long. Why can the Orangies not do the same? Or march only on Poppy Day?

  • lamhdearg

    Alan “rome’s shit” i was refering to religion (lost in translation) the Parades that go on around the 12th of july are in celebration of the glorious revolution of the late 1700s a thing we have all done good out off. even the Irish.

  • What is interesting about the openunionism posts are that there is no pretence to denying that the OO is in the political sphere. But, that apart, the Orders do appear to have multiple voices within them – they just all seem to defer in public to both Grand Masters et al and stupidly, from the optics, unionist politicians (so that it is almost impossible to separate them in your head). Ironically, the quiet ones appear to be into the community/cultural stuff – yet they don’t (or didn’t) walk away from an Order that for a long time freely associated with loyalist paramilitary bands (and active members of those organisations) and, at the same time, publicly claimed moral high ground for itself. Hate may be one thing, hypocrisy (almost the defining criteria of NI politics) is worse.

  • Prionsa Eoghann


    >”did i not read that a scotish judge ruled that the “sash my father wore” was not sectarian”<

    Well Aye unless it is played by an orange band and Mr Ingram is in attendance………..please piy attention. Shenghis sorry wull try'n'remember tae *slaps haun* write in Kentish English because it wull save me tryin to read yir jibberish that is tryin tae pass fur guid Scots……………ach uv geed up awereddy.

    Oh and thanks for the comprehensive reply that the orangies are not really supremacist, anti-Catholic hate groups. I'll just deny the evidence of mine own and millions of others experiences that they are. Ever heard the expression "pissin in ma poakit'n'tellin me it's rainin?" Somehow I think it may apply here.

  • Prionsa Eoghann


    I know we are just play things to you in planet Maskey but hold a thought for my feelings toward my countrymen………..please!

    We do wur best to wean the eejits aff this daft idea that somehow goin oot and killin foreigners fur the English is jist an opportunity fur a guid joab. Since my beloved country is a post modern industrial wasteland, and we have uncle Jocks like yir pal Gorgeous gallus Goergy porgy Galloway who so often re-inforce the outright lie that we need the English to survive. Well as you can see we do have our troubles you know.

    So until we are in charge of our own destiny and we are rich beyond belief and like the Kuwaitis who use foreigners to crew their fishing boats and pump their oil. Well we’ll just have to carry on suffering the outrageous bee stings that you and yours correctly throw at us. Reminds me of the time we were amongst Irish fans at Landsdown road for a fitba friendly and some diddy behind us *conveniently out of sight* started singing “We’re not British anymore…..” All 10 of us gave polite but glaring nods in the direction of the bam. ;¬)

  • aquifer

    The Parades Commission exists because those threatening violence tended to get their way.

    Have the beefy paras on standby and make Jeffrys day.

  • Iano

    Anyway, the music was great, as was the whiskey

    Why did you not try the local stuff?

  • latcheeco

    Was it not the side which could threaten the most violence that usually got it’s way? Didn’t the RUC suggest that many band parades were allowed because they viewed nationalist violence as more containable than the unionists threat of viloence (although some might have suspected they just prefered to fight fenians rather than their own community)?