Solar Dynamics Observatory: Interacting regions

More stunning footage from the Solar Dynamics Observatory [SDO].

From the SDO video summary

Two pairs of active regions observed in extreme ultraviolet light show the dynamic magnetic interplay between them (Aug. 3-4, 2010). Energetic plasma is drawn to the magnetic field lines above active regions and forms the highly structured coronal loops. Connecting lines can also be seen reaching across between for the two widely separated active regions seen in profile to the left.

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  • Oracle

    Pete the solar flares erupting at the moment, when do they hit their peak

  • Pete Baker

    I’m not entirely sure I understand the question…

  • Oracle

    sorry Pete i’d caught a piece on the BBC about a solar flare eruptions that would run for some time but i didn’t catch when they peaked if that makes it clearer

  • Pete Baker

    Well, there’s a solar cycle.

    The intensity of solar eruptions increases through an 11 year cycle – a 22 year cycle when you include the reversal of the solar magnetic poles.

    There’s been a period of low solar activity, even lower than expected, so an increase is on the cards.

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