Big Day for Capital Stadia

We’ve reached the business end of the Senior Football Championship, with both remaining Ulster sides featuring in a crunch double-header in Croke this afternoon. Tyrone enter as favourites to see off the Dubs whilst Down are underdogs in their encounter with Kerry.

Meanwhile, across the city at the Lansdowne Road Aviva Stadium, history will be made as the first game is played in the impressive new ground as two Development teams composed of players from the four provinces play off in a rugby game.

For those travelling southwards to attend either fixture, the good news is that the journey got that litte bit shorter this week with the opening of the Newry Bypass.

Personally speaking, I fancy a triumphant day for the Ulster sides, with Down springing a surprise over the Kingdom and continuing their traditional supremacy over the Kerrymen in championship battles, whilst Tyrone should have enough to see off a Dublin side that could not even win through in Leinster this year.

  • Ranger1640

    Maybe old news but it fits in with the ethos of the GAA, an overtly republican political pressure group and pseudo sport.

    The original final was due to be staged in Belfast in June, but New York could not travel because of visa problems.

    “Visa problems”! Code for the members of the GAA team illegally in the USA.

    If the GAA knew they were Illegal why did they not inform the US authorities. But why would the GAA change the institutionalised habits of the overtly republican political pressure group and pseudo sport, and cooperate with the authorities.

    You have to admire the inventive way the BBC report the fact that members of the GAA are illegally in the USA. “Visa problems”! classic I wonder what Jerome Quinn thinks of this. For got he does not criticize the GAA, an overtly republican political pressure group and pseudo sport

  • gréagóir o frainclín

    Up the DUBS …… (and Croke Park and the new Aviva stadia too!)

  • grandimarkey

    A win for Down would be magical, my fingers are well and truly crossed…

  • Greenflag

    There are approx 14 million ‘illegals ‘ in the USA . I would not be surprised -neither would anyone else if a few were GAA members . The primary reason there are 14 million illegals in the USA is because USA style capitalism enjoys the access to cheaper labour and the control they can exercise over these people . The failure of successive US governments to address this issue other than with the traditional ‘band aid ‘ of amnesty every generation or so is now a hot political issue probably due to the fact that there are now some 28 million Americans unemployed . With 14 million illegals and 28 million unemployed USA style capitalism is well placed to exert that downward pressure on wages and benefits that must make the British Tories green with envy .

    From another perspective there are 300 million plus illegals in the USA for the tens of millions of Europeans who went to that part of the world were only made legal as an afterthought i.e when the indigenes had been politically neutered and driven into near extinction .

    Pseudo sports are not attended by 80,000 to 90,000 fans or if they are then you had better add Rugby and soccer to the list of pseuds .

    With a moniker like 1640 we’ll assume you are a pseudo immigrant yourself . Have you got your own ‘legal ‘status yet ? It’s called an Irish passport and loyalty to Ireland and not to a foreign power .

    And now back to the main thread issue the sport .

  • Greenflag

    Not magical more like a miracle 😉 But Most of Ireland outside of Kerry will be hoping they pull one over on the Kingdom

    I suspect Tyrone are in for an unwelcome surprise . The Dubs will rise to the occasion 😉

  • ranger1640

    As a apologist for the GAA your, not surprisingly ignoring one of the main points of the post. The GAA knew that members of the New York GAA team were illegally in the USA.

    Rather than informing the USA authorities, like any other responsible organization. The GAA being an overtly Irish republican political pressure group and pseudo sport. changed the match form Belfast to Boston, to conceal the illegal personnel in the New York GAA group.

    Question for you greenflag?

    Would you agree with me that the responsible thing for the GAA to do. Was to inform USA immigration officials that the New York GAA group, was infested with illegal members?

    Or do you take the GAA stance that better to change the venue of the game to protect the illegal members of the New York GAA team?

  • iluvni

    Given the saturation coverage in the build up to today’s games, why when I flick on to the coverage from Croke Park, is the stadium barely a quarter full?

  • Blame the Dublin fans – the Dubs aren’t playing until the second game, so they’ll only leave the pubs 10 minutes before the Dublin match starts.

  • Hopping The Border

    “the GAA, an overtly republican political pressure group and pseudo sport”

    How exactly do you justify this statement?

    Does the GAA call for nationalist political unity?

  • Hopping The Border

    iluvni – out of interest would you watch much gaelic sports and if so would you be more likely to when certain teams are playing?

  • Rory Carr

    UP DOWN !!!

    Thaqnk you, Chris, for alerting me to this fixture. I had just got back in and had forgotten all about it but was able to access it (for free) on Premier TV (subscription required from 5 August. Bollocks!). I have not been so thrilled since the great games of the 1960’s when Down first showed Kerry how the game was played. Perhaps the recent visit of Doherty, O’Neil et al inspired these lads today. As for Kerry -” durty bastards ” seems a not unfair appellation which they deserved today. They don’t like it up ’em obviously.

    Now, come on Tyrone! Dub those Dubs!

  • Alan Maskey

    RTE says Down shocked Kerry. They certainly shocked me. Is it Down voodoo or did Slab M have a quiet word in some Kerryman’s ear?

  • George

    There’s around 67,000 at Croke Park today, it’s a big stadium and the Dubs have suffered a lot in recent years.

  • grandimarkey

    Saying as Slab M is an Armagh man, I’d doubt it 😉

  • Rory Carr

    The Young Guns of Dublin are currently outshooting Tyrone who are dismally wasting a lot of ammo wide of the target.

  • ranger1640

    Hopping the border.

    Would you agree with me that the responsible thing for the GAA to do. Was to inform USA immigration officials that the New York GAA group, was infested with illegal members?

    Or do you take the GAA stance that better to change the venue of the game to protect the illegal members of the New York GAA team?

    A simple yes or no will do???

  • Rory Carr

    Christ! Another “wide” for Tyrone. That’s 10 now to the Dubs’ 4.

    …And another point for the Dubs.

  • Rory Carr

    McGuigan hits one home for a Tyrone point and Dublin hit the upright in retaliation. It’s a great see-saw at the mo’.

  • jtwo

    Certainly 62,000 is a modest crowd compared to the gate you might expect at at an Irish league clash.

  • Greenflag

    ‘Would you agree with me that the responsible thing for the GAA to do. Was to inform USA immigration officials that the New York GAA group, was infested with illegal members?’

    No I would’nt . It’s none of their business. When corporations , institutions and the vast majority if not all Americans are reluctant to ‘inform ‘ on the illegals amongst them why should a foreign to the USA organization like the GAA ? How do you think 14 million illegals survive in the USA if Americans ‘snitched ‘ Apparently most Americans other than the retards in the tea party do not share your ‘exactitude’ for the letter of the law and prefer to use their common sense . Even those who want to see immigration restricted or reduced are against deporting 14 million people . It’s simply not physically possible . And who would mow American lawns and do the housework and babysit for the American rich and their 1.7 children per family ? Most American’s social security is dependent on their being a workforce to pay into the system and the immigrants are the ones ‘producing ‘ the workforce of the future .

    Which other ‘responsible ‘ organization with membership in other countries has informed the USA authorities that there ‘illegal immigrants’ amongst their members in the USA ?

    The last one I can recall was the corrupt UBS Swiss banking group which had it’s employees operating ‘illegally in the USA using encrypted software to bilk the USA taxman of billions being sent to Swiss Bank accounts .

    On second thoughts the UBS did’nt ‘inform’ they were caught by the authorities . The swine were responsible for bilking the USA of billions in tax revenue which is not the case with a few lads kicking a ball around is it ?

    Have you decided yet whether Aussie Rules (derived from Gaelic football ) is also a pseudo sport . You must mention that next time you bump into an aussie fan of the game . I’m sure you’ll appreciate the view of the stars from the prostrate position 😉

  • Greenflag

    Miracles happen 😉 At least in football . I can only reiterate Rory’s comment above or is it under with that infamous dyslexic slogan “Down Up’ 🙂

  • Greenflag

    They’re great at ‘scoring ‘ them wides . Keep it up Tyrone and far to the left or right 😉

  • Greenflag

    8 minutes and it can go anyway – Hold on to your tonsils etc

  • Rory Carr

    Dubs ahead by 5 points in injury time. Looks like the Young Guns have outshot the Wide Boys of Tyrone (so many off-target).

    An Underdog Day Afternoon it seems. Thank God I’m a Down man and can celebrate. Commiserations to Tyrone but Dublin won most deservedly.

  • Greenflag

    A double D day . :)))))

    Back to shooting practice for Tyrone .They should have scored more . Kerry as we all know will be back soon enough the feckers 😉

  • Alan Maskey

    The GAA will be happy with today.

  • ranger1640

    Why does the USA have border controls and visas. To stop illegal immigrants even GAA playing Irish republican one’s, greenflag!!!!

    Using your logic greenflag, if a participant/member in the GAA organization is knowingly to be in breach of the law. The GAA don’t have a moral duty to inform the authorities? No wonder child abuse went unreported for centuries using that logic.

  • Alan Maskey–north-korea-soccer-coach-fears-for-his-life

    Here is a report on the bolliking reception the North Korean team and coach got on their return. Maybe Tyrone should get the same;)

  • lover not a fighter

    Well done Down. What have ye got when ye play Kerry in the Champinship tthat the rest of us can only dream of. (Respect to Tyrone in this regard though hard luck today)

  • Dev

    subjected to ‘ideological criticism’, nice!

    I can’t actually understand why anyone would subject themsleves to that sort of shit, if you were good at sport in DPRK surely you’d just keep it to yourself lest you were on the receiving end of retributiion if/when your team didn’t manage to win whatever competition they were in, thereby disgracing the Dear Leader?

  • grandimarkey

    I refuse to see how the GAA’s inaction surrounding informing the American Government about illegals makes them in any way an “overtly republican political pressure group and pseudo sport””

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Well done to Down. I have a soft spot for them…..but fairly committed to Armagh in Football and Antrim in Hurling.
    But I wondered who I actually disliked most…..Tyrone or Dublin……and resolved it by watching the match……turns out that I dislike Dublin more.
    Superb rendition of National Anthem by Ms Brolly from Derry.

  • iluvni

    Not really. If its on TV, I may give it a few minutes, thats about it.
    Watched a wee bit of the Dublin-Tyrone game to see how Martin Clark played, but apart from that, its not a sport which grabs my attention (onfield anyhow!)

  • CW

    Congratulations to Down. Hopefully Sam will be coming back across the border this September on the 50th anniversary of the Mournemen’s first all-Ireland victory.

    Being a Tyrone supporter I would naturally have liked to see two Ulster teams in the semi-final. But if Down can beat the Dubs in the final this will be a reasonable consolation.

  • Hopping The Border

    Hmmm answering a question with a question Ranger, I’ll answer yours but you still haven’t answered mine.

    Quite simply no.

    What responsible sporting organisation would be moved to participate in a process that could cause some of its members to lose their livelihoods as a result of partaking in that sport as an amateur?

    The GAA in this instance is a sporting body and has no business involving itself uninvited with the personal circumstances of its members.

    Now I’ll ask you again – please justify the following statement

    “the GAA, an overtly republican political pressure group and pseudo sport”

    On a previous thread it was your contention that the GAA was a sectarian organisation – I asked you to supply evidence of this yet none was forthcoming, as far as I remember Munsterview also asked you for clarification….

  • Chris Donnelly

    emmm…Martin Clarke plays for Down….

  • iluvni

    oops, you are quite correct! Clark was in the first match which I had a wee nosey at today. lol!
    There goes my chance of being the new Jerome Quinn.

  • Greenflag

    ranger 1640 ,

    ‘Why does the USA have border controls and visas. ‘

    A very good question . I’m sure millions of Americans ask themselves the same question . The question has to be asked why these ‘controls ‘ continue to fail their prescribed purpose . After all the American people pay up billions in taxes every year for the Feds to do their eh duty ?

    Nevertheless 14 million illegal immigrants somehow find themselves in the USA with probably 80% plus of them from Mexico and Central America . If you have an answer to this perennial problem for the USA authorities I suggest you inform them asap . You might also want to inform them of these ‘illegal ‘GAA players who are so obviously not just a danger to civilisation and the rule of law but are undermining the popularity of baseball , and american football .

    Once upon a time Ranger1640 the law upheld slavery , religious discrimination , race discrimination , equality for women and the physically handicapped etc.

    Some of us have less than 100% ‘respect ‘ for the law . While we all understand that the ‘law’ is for everybody’s benefit at least in theory -in practice it’s very often the means by which the ‘rich’ and established ‘ can steal from the have nots -which is why the ‘law’ tends to attract those who prefer to live on other people’s money . In the USA there are 300 lawyers for every 100,000 people -in the UK it’s 80 per 100,000 , in Japan it’s 11 .

    From what I understand Japan has the least problem with ‘illegal ‘immigrants of the above mentioned states . Despite a surfeit of lawyers and despite decades of efforts the simple fact is that the entire American ‘immigration ‘ system is to put it mildly in a mess -the number of illegal immigrants is just the most obvious symptom.

    ‘Using your logic greenflag- No wonder child abuse went unreported for centuries using that logic.’

    Most of those centuries I regret were under British rule i.e British ‘logic ‘ applied . You know how it works . Just look at NI’s recent political and sectarian history . The British Government and it’s supporters in Ireland over the centuries broke so many of their own laws even up to recent times that ‘respect’ for the ‘applied justice ‘ of Britain declined to such an extent that even now the term ‘British justice’ is still suspect .

    So is Aussie Rules a pseudo sport or not ;? and if not why not ? that would be your logic of course ;)?

  • RepublicanStones

    Gutted. And with Kerry gone, those jackeens will have an easier ride as well. But with 17 wides we beat ourselves – that’ll be my excuse come Tuesday morning.

  • Rory Carr

    I think that that greatest of Americans, Mark Twain, might find himself more in agreement with Greenflag than Ranger on this matter of U.S. immigration policy:

    Laws control the lesser man… Right conduct controls the greater one.
    Mark Twain

  • Greenflag

    Rory ,

    I have yet to disagree with that greatest of americans Mark Twain 😉

    For the further ejification of ranger 1640 in the school of common sense, hereunder be many of Mr Twains observations on humanity in all it’s braggadocio and foibles etc etc .

  • Jean Meslier

    Now that I have sobered up from the intoxication of victory (aye dead on), the magnitude of our win can be summed up by the following John B. Keane quote:

    “A Kerry footballer with an inferiority complex is one who thinks he’s just as good as everybody else.”

    The lack of belief and fear of freezing on the big stage, which has affected all other Northern teams, just does not enter the equation when An Dún take on our Southern cousins.
    Kerry, who are the greatest footballing county in Ireland,
    were appearing in their 45th game in Croker since 1994 whilst Down were appearing in their 2nd.
    Still despite this disparity they were out to set straight the only record which eludes their proud history – to beat Down in a Championship match.

    As someone who, as a 9 year old, was held up by my father to touch the Sam Maguire being displayed on the victory bus by Colm Mc Alarney, as the ’68 team returned to Newry, I have always understood the meaning of victory over Kerry.
    Incredibly the meaning reciprocates amongst the people down there.
    In any visit to Tralee, Killarney, Listowel or Ballyheigue, over the years, just a mention of the name Down was enough to engage respectful conversation into the wee small hours. The locals spoke of Paddy Doherty, Sean O’Neill and Mickey Linden in the same awe as Mick O’Connell, Mick O’Dwyer or the Spillane’s.

    Even, last week, there were cautious words by wise old heads on the Kerry GAA website against over-confident references to Down being an easy draw.
    How right they were.

    2010 is now added to 1960, 61, 68 and 91 as a fifth Down victory out of five against the other Kingdom.

    So now, like 1991, the Championship incredibly opens up for wee James and a possible sixth All-Ireland Final is feasible.
    But how have we fared in previous finals?
    Oh yes, thats another wee record which we have in the Mourne County.
    5 appearances and 5 victories!

    So now with the legendary swagger back in our forward line, the aristocrats move on and not a single mention of “puke football” from the pundits.

    Contae an Dúin go deo!

  • Rory Carr

    Oh I did enjoy that lovely little panygeric to the Down team, Jean, but then they so deserved it. My memories go back to the beginning in 1960, the two semi-finals against Offaly and then the unbelievable defeat of Kerry. As Wordsworth wrote of the French Revolution:

    “Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, But to be young was very heaven!”

  • Rory Carr

    …and while I’m in the mood for quotations, here’s one by Kerry writer and publican, John B Keane on Kerry which a Galway man reminded me of earlier today:

    ” A Kerry footballer with an inferiority complex is one who thinks he’s just as good as everybody else.”

  • Jean Meslier

    I thought the MCMLX Roman numerals on the back of the Down jerseys were a deeply moving reference to our first encounter with the green & gold.

    I remember my mother telling me that on the morning of that first All-Ireland victory our house was full of relatives from the glens of Antrim and Belfast stopping off on their way to Croker. She said it seemed as if all of Ulster were heading down to support the red & black.

    One of these relatives, now in his 80’s, said the biggest shock for them on that historic afternoon in 1960 was just how easily we beat Kerry. He claimed the best tackling against Down that day was provided by press photographers and the plethora of self-important clergymen, on the pitch, at the start of the match.
    I spoke to him on the phone yesterday and he was glowing in praise for this present team. He wished them well for the semis whilst bemoaning the absense of the high fielding of old , but finished by saying – “at least there are no effing clergymen on the pitch anymore!”

  • Rory Carr


    I see that I repeated your JB Keane quote it having so stuck in my mind after a jawing with a Galway man earlier in the day that I completely overlooked your inclusion of it earlier.

    Shortly after the 1961 final I was at a céilí in Tyconnet, outside Downpatrick, when, during one dance, the MC announced a “spot prize”. This involved the MC, his back to the dancers, directing a steward on the floor to move about, “Five steps to the left, two steps forward, three to the right…”, then ordering the steward to, “Award the prize to the couple standing nearest to underneath the lamp above.” I looked up and the lamp was directly above my head and waited expectantly for the prize as the dancers broke into wild applause. I never before had realised I was so popular. The steward then promptly handed the prize to a couple standing six feet away from me and the the lamp above – Paddy Doherty and his girlfriend! Gypped by a hero!

    “Up Down indeed,” sez I, “and down Rory.”

    I agree that the absence of the oil-spill of oleaginous priests onto the pitch is to be welcomed, it was pretty stomach-churning spectacle in its day.

  • Jean Meslier


    Another reminiscence to mind goes kack to the mid 90’s whilst on hols touring around Kerry.
    We attended the annual Ardfert Carnival. The official opening was being conducted by the then local County Councillor – Mr. Martin Ferris.
    I approached him to sign a copy of the classic “Tragedies of Kerry” by Dorothy McArdle which I had purchased earlier in Tralee.
    When he heard my accent he enquired what county was I from? When I said -“Down”, his reply has been forever etched on my mind.
    ” Jaysus” he said ” Thank fu*k you boys only hit form every 20 years or so”.

    Hopefully it’s our time once again.