David- Goliath Encounter At Croke for Saffrons

Antrim hurling got its biggest boost since 2004 with the victory over Dublin last week. The unexpected win secured a quarter final place today against Cork. Cruel though it may sound, a good result for the Saffrons will be holding the Rebels to a single-digit margin of victory today, though naturally I hope I’m wrong in striking such a pessimistic note. The other quarter-final will see Galway play Tipperary.

Meanwhile, the much anticipated quarter-final draw for the Senior Football Championship will be held later today, with a number of heavyweight encounters ensured given the relative strength of the teams securing a last eight place through the Qualifier route. Tyrone will be hoping to avoid Cork whilst Down will be keeping their fingers crossed for a date with the weakest provincial champions, Roscommon.

  • AlanMaskey

    “Antrim hurling got its biggest boost since 2004 with the victory over Dublin last week.”

    Dublin are not a major force. (in any code)

  • Chris Donnelly

    True, Alan, but all things being relative when it comes to Antrim hurling…..

  • AlanMaskey

    Cork 1-17 Antrim 0-13
    After 43 minutes, Antrim are doing ok by non Kilkenny standards. But the GAA has to do something about one sided turkey shoots.

    A big thing is reactionary County officials, not just the p[-k in Cork but throughout our beautiful land. Club level often dissipates at county level and these feckers must take a chunk of the blame.

  • AlanMaskey

    Oh well. At least Antrim are saved a thrashing at the hands of Kilkenny. Odd how a glamour tie in soccer (Shambles Rovers v Juve) is saffron or red faces in Gaelic. Too shallow a pool I guess. I had ben che4cking out the RTE site earlier and one of their English based hacks was back in Irekland saying how exciting it was to watch LoI football. Yea, right

    Mr Donnelly: As you are from the same neck of the woods as Mr Slab Murphy, is there any word from this great man and noted junior Gaelic footballer on the travesty of justice done to Louth? Frankly, if anytihng deserves to rattle the ceasefire/peace process, it is that.

  • Chris Donnelly

    Thought Antrim put up a very good performance, though Watson’s impressive showing should be tempered by the fact he shouldn’t have been on the pitch that long following a disgraceful incident early on.

    Alas,I’m not from Louth, though in-law connections have always meant I’ve a soft spot for the Wee men. They’ve been terribly let down by officialdom this year. Sport can be cruel some times….

  • Chris Donnelly

    Well, well. Looks like the Baker Boy has managed to pull himself away from star-gazing long enough to get riled…..

  • AlanMaskey

    Democracy speaks here. No other sporting code in Ireland packs em in like the GAA.
    However, Herr Baker does highlight a problem: spectator sports. Though it is a growing problem in the GAA and with the soccer mob (not playing, just watchingh) car racing seems to be all fat spectators (and pretty chicks out for a meal ticket).

    Tipperary and Galway was a cracker and I am sure those weho did not go to Croagh Patrick enjoyed it immensely.

    Any code which could produce a genius like Michael O’Heithir has to have a lot going for it spectator wise. The BBC certainly thought so.

  • Rory Carr

    I discovered that I could follow all major GAA fixtures on the sports facility on SKY via a channel called MSK for no additional fee. However my pleasure in watching the absolutely cracking Galway v. Tipperary was dampened a wee bit by the appearance of an information banner advising me that this facility was soon to disappear and I needed to access premiersport.com in order to arrange future viewing for a fee. Bollocks!

    Still, well done Tipp and good on Antrim too. Keep at it, if one day Setanta is to once again arise in Ulster he will surely arise in the Glens.

  • AlanMaskey

    There is a famous Setanta now in Australia, who should really be on the Cork team. Forget Brits OOut. Aussie Rules poachers out!

    I see, incidentally, Jim Stynes has myriad cancers. Aussie legend, shudda won an all Ireland with the Dubs. His uncle played for Shels as post Civil war, that was the only job a real rebel could get.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    I wasnt at Antrim/Cork
    but was at the Antrim/Dublin hurling & Armagh/Dublin football.
    Antrim born and committed but with Armagh grandchildren, it was great fun as I get my tickets thru my son in an Armagh club. A single saffron shirt in a sea of Orange.
    Great the way the armagh folks in Croke Park cheered on the Saffrons but I think it was anti-Dub feeling to some extent.
    The Dubs do themselves no favours thru the “fans” on Hill 16.
    I heard a lot of resentment that followers of other counties have to pay higher to support their county AND travel while the Dubs get the cheap seats (sic).
    The tightly packed and organised Dubs are worth three or four points a game.
    And while there were some individual Armagh folks on the Hill, a large presence would prolly cause trouble.
    But a tip for any county which is scheduled to go out of dressing rooms first……Go to the Hill 16 end.