Basil Letting Off Some Facebook Steam

The race to succeed Reg Empey as UUP Leader may not have officially begun, but expected contender, Basil McCrea, has certainly  indicated through his Facebook account his belief that his rival for the post, Fermanagh South Tyrone MLA Tom Elliot, is somewhat jumping the gun.

Here’s what McCrea has to say on his Facebook entry:

“An interesting piece from Tom Elliot in the Impartial Reporter. Obviously rolling out his leadership campaign on the basis that first out seizes the initiative. Rumour has it that his manifesto will be released shortly. Good to see he is a stickler for party discipline.”

 As Martina Purdy notes in the Devenport Diaries, the party discipline quip would appear to relate to a UUP Executive discussion suggesting there should be no campaigning until the current leader goes.