Robinson: Young policewoman could have been murdered…

Robinson says meeting with Chief Con was constructive. Said young policewoman could have been murdered. There is a process of legislation in hand to deal with parades. We have looked at particular steps that can be taken in circumstances surrounding areas like Ardoyne.Arrests are expected according to the Chief Constable. Peter Robinson wants the community to stand behind the police.  Martin Mc Guinness said this has been a setback but should be kept in context. Mr Mc Guinness spoke of his appreciation of the Chief Con’s honesty since coming here.

He also said those causing trouble will not succeed.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    They could really have phoned in the Statements.
    1 The meeting was constructive
    2 Process in hand
    3 Arrests to be made
    4 Setback……big picture.
    5 “SF likes the Chief Constable more than the unionists”

  • belfast greyhound

    Agree entirely – this is just about Government by Twitter.

    Notice there is no admission that they FMDFM could have done something more than wring hands and mouth platitudes .

    They were totally unprepared for anything happening that even Stevie Wonder could have seen coming.

    This was not the first time that this particular area has been a flashpoint and the fact that the only response was to wait until the blue touch paper had been lit and for a long time say nothing at all.

  • Driftwood

    cacatne ursus in silvis

    Conlige suspectos semper habitos

  • Procrasnow

    Its good the DUP are taking an interest in the welfare of our police, what a difference a change of leader makes.

    Big change from the old order “Dont come crying to me when YOUR homes are attacked.

    Big Change indeed

  • John

    I thought the concrete which hit her had been shown to have been dislodged by a water cannon?

    Certainly doesn’t excuse the rioting. But sounds like it would have been an own goal if she had been killed. Thankfully she should make a complete recovery.

  • vanhelsing

    ——–Big change from the old order “Dont come crying to me when YOUR homes are attacked.

    Big Change indeed————


    25 years ago…Marty was still commanding an IRA unit – Gerry couldn’t spell well enough to write a book – never name 2/3/4
    Margaret Ritchie worked in Boots and Reg was probably a council offical. There’s been alot of change in 25 years – the doc said what he said, it was wrong, he thinks it was wrong and over the last 5 years he was partly responsible for the ‘peace’ we have in NI now – so look forward not back… 🙂