Lack of leadership in a vacuum…

ACC Alistair Finlay has hit the nail on the head in asking where is the joint leadership when it comes to the First and deputy first ministers?It is absurd to suggest that he is implying that they involve themselves in operational matters. The dogs in the street know what Mr Finlay was saying in his interview with Stephen Nolan.

He is asking why are Martin Mc Guinness and Peter Robinson not seen to be acting more, jointly ? This is a subject about which I have written profusely.

If I understand and if I am interpreting ACC Finlay correctly he is saying why have the two most senior ministers in the land not dedicated whatever time it takes to put in place strategies to make sure there is no repeat of what we saw in the past few days.

A new term begins in September. There is an onus on the office of first and first minister to ‘up’ the game on the whole issue of parades if we are not back here again next year.