Lack of leadership in a vacuum…

ACC Alistair Finlay has hit the nail on the head in asking where is the joint leadership when it comes to the First and deputy first ministers?It is absurd to suggest that he is implying that they involve themselves in operational matters. The dogs in the street know what Mr Finlay was saying in his interview with Stephen Nolan.

He is asking why are Martin Mc Guinness and Peter Robinson not seen to be acting more, jointly ? This is a subject about which I have written profusely.

If I understand and if I am interpreting ACC Finlay correctly he is saying why have the two most senior ministers in the land not dedicated whatever time it takes to put in place strategies to make sure there is no repeat of what we saw in the past few days.

A new term begins in September. There is an onus on the office of first and first minister to ‘up’ the game on the whole issue of parades if we are not back here again next year.

  • HeinzGuderian

    Personally I would blame the rioters……………but hey,I’m from the old fashioned school of laying the blame where it belongs !! 🙂

  • HeinzGuderian

    Personally I would blame the rioters !! But hey,I’m from the old fashioned school of laying the blame where it belongs ?? 🙂

  • Neil

    He is asking why are Martin Mc Guinness and Peter Robinson not seen to be acting more, jointly ?

    Well their goals are generally speaking polar opposites of each other’s. Hard to make a joint effort when one side wants to parade as and when it wants, wherever it wants without oversight, and the other wants all parades through Nationalist areas cancelled or re-routed.

    The only thing they have in common is the scapegoat, i.e. it’s all dissidents bussed in from all over, and in fact that residents of Ardoyne are over the moon about the parades and actually want more of them now, preferably with more banners commemorating Loyalist killers.

    It’s a policing matter. Our two leaders could come out and do a 48 hour telethon begging for peace and it wouldn’t make a lick of difference, they may as well try putting out one of those smouldering rubbish tips on the 11th by pissing on it for all the good it would do.

    We now have a system in place, no longer can the orange parade anywhere they see fit. On the flip side sit down protests will be removed where the PC has allowed the parade to go ahead. This is as good as it gets.

    The other point I’d make on the whole situation is that on the one hand, in this new dispensation the OO and the 12th need to be seen as normalised. The twelfth can’t be seen now to be shutdown in NI for a week, and all the lost revenues that entails. It has to be more like a normal day with shops open, tourists out and about etc.

    For the other side the twelfth has to be seen as the anachronism it is, it can’t be allowed to normalise. If it becomes like a normal day of the summer then the issue dies, however if there’s widespread rioting it keeps the OO in the spotlight and no matter what excuses given, to many people, here and further afield, the idea that this organisation which has had such a negative impact on the Nationalist community, which has led to the deaths of many, which has led to such intense civil disorder should not be allowed to march in Nationalist areas.

  • Cynic

    Why have they not? Well here are a few reasons

    1 the entire Stormont deal is designed to support their party positions. Cementing their respective vote means an appeal to the extremes ….. they both need the bogeyman on the other side to survive

    2 Robinson is a lame duck now. He’s just waiting to see who in the party is first to try to stab him in the back. That ill most likely be from the religious right so he wont do anything that might smell of movement in co-operation with the Shinners

    3 McGuinness is Deputy First Minister but now seems to show little personal interest. Indeed, he’s almost invisible and seems to sit there as a proxy for Adams.

    4 There’s an election coming up!!!!

  • Marty

    what a load of nonsense , as if these rioters are going to listen to mcguinness or robinson

    the PSNI are passing the buck for their failure as a police force.

    time they were disbanded and let ordinary people protect themselves, couldnt be any worse that what we have

  • Marty

    each psni member is armed why did they not shoot the rioters?

  • Spige

    Vote for the Natural Law Party. They will sort out the parade issue. Orangemen trained in yogic flying would be able to do one almighty bounce from Twaddell Avenue to Glenbryn thus not setting their orange feet near the Ardoyne shops.

    Before I go, here’s another. What website do all these republican/loyalist chavs go on to arrange riots…Interfacebook, boom, boom.

  • Chris

    each psni member is armed why did they not shoot the rioters?

    Because theyre not untrained idiots..?! Seriously, if you woke up this morning and seen a couple of little bratty kids shot dead because they were ‘innocently’ attending a protest (as it would be understandably claimed by their families) do u think that would be the end of it all?

    Do you think that those people who would LOVE to escalate conflict and have the full support of the nationalist community would just pack up and say, well they showed us… no more riots any more.

    No, they would garner support and members and be granted legitimacy within their community due to police brutality.

    In other words, by shooting a kid at a riot, the police might as well shoot each other, it would be just as effective.

  • Mick & Slugger. Have you explained to Eamonn that in keeping dialogue moving on a thread that an apparent response to an earlier thread he opens an entire new point that only expands on his general opinion and speculation as to what others might think. There is nothing new here, and if the reason is again a lack of technical understanding then I suggest you provide a lesson in how to engage with people on a blog such as yours.

  • Marty

    In other words, by shooting a kid at a riot, the police might as well shoot each other, it would be just as effective…………

    bollocks, thsi just goes to show that the PSNI are totally ineffective at fighting crime. the rioters will be back another night knowing the PSNI with get their water pistol out…big deal

  • Cynic

    God …you sound so like Sinn Fein

    Gerry …is that you under a pseudonym

  • Chris

    Marty your calling for the PSNI to use live rounds on kids at a riot. If that ever happened (which it thankfully wont) it would drag this country back 30 years, it would lead to the empowerment of dissidents, give them a huge amount of support akin to what the IRA received after the b specials went on a rampage in ’69, and bloody sunday. These groups WANT this to happen, they use a strategy of provocation-over reaction to gain support for their cause.

    The PSNI is possibly the worlds most experienced and effective counter-terrorist police force. Their actions are informed from mistakes in the past, they know what they’re doing, and although we would all love to see them give these scumbags a hiding that they rightly deserve… for the sake of our fragile hard earned peace, its not wise to be heavy handed.

  • wj

    SF in particular have received a lot of criticism recently from various quarters in respect of the draft Public Assemblies which they played a part in designing. No doubt we will hear and see over the next few days those SF members of the Parades Working Group (Gerry Kelly, John O’Dowd and Michells Gildernew) telling us all that the violent events in Ardoyne and elsewhere were in no small measure due to the failure of the Parades Commission and, therefore, everyone should support the new draft legislation as an alternative way forward.

    While the violence was clearly wrong, I can’t help but wonder who stands to benefit most from it? My opinion is that it would be SF as opposed to the dissidents. The dissidents played the ball exactly as SF wanted, and so SF can now go out and drum up support for their proposed legislation on the grounds that there is no choice for people if they don’t want to see a repeat of these disgraceful scenes.

  • joeCanuck

    Ah, our first SOT anarchist. Good luck.

  • joeCanuck

    The proposed legislation is dead in the water. It would never withstand a court challenge. We will have the Parades Commission disbanded and a virtually identical body constituted under a new name; Public Assemblies Commission anyone?

    BTW, BBC World News is reporting that kids as young as 8 years have been rioting. Could that possibly be true or is it journalistic hyperbole?

  • This isn’t News 24. Easy enough to update an original post. Keeps threads and discussion flowing, which is the point of the blog?

  • Neil

    I’d say there were 8 year olds at it aye, due to their lack of sense and the fact that you can see young kids out, very late of a week end night. I have seen younger kids out on streets I wouldn’t walk at that time of night.

    Someone on here described them as ‘free range kids’. That would be accurate.