Belfast bonfire builders wipe Council’s eye

There are many hundreds of bonfires being prepared for the 11th night and one has destroyed a nearby home when it caught light early.

Another on Belfast City Hospital property off the Donegal Road has been attracting more publicity

The Irish News reported on Tuesday (not online) that this one is now part of Belfast City Council’s Bonfire Management Scheme and is receiving up to £3K worth of funding (drawn from European Peace III money) for meeting certain requirements. One of the criteria the paper noted was an agreement not to display ‘paramilitary flags or paraphernalia’ .

How many of the terms for its funding will be met remains to be seen.

When I passed it had a large UDA flag proudly fluttering alongside the hospital entrance with the to be expected NI football supporters and Union flags.

I wonder if the council get a full or partial refund or just accept they’ve had their eye wiped?

Update: The recollection of one person via mail is:

IIRC there is a ceiling of funding (about £1500 I think) but this drops depending on how well the bonfire group fulfils its promises ie collect early lose x, have tyres lose y etc

I’ll FoI BCC tomorrow for the funding criteria they aren’t publishing at present and the total/individual grants.