A weekend of anti-social behaviour and vandalism?

Newcastle Rocks points out that after Ográ Shinn Féin’s youth weekend in the area the local community was left with a scrawled reminder of their presence. He/she hopes senior members of the party can help clean up the mess left by their youth:

Here’s hoping Newcastle SF councillor and MLA Willie Clarke can get the problem sorted.

Of course Willie may go further as another SF representative in South Down, Sean Doran, recently described graffiti as vandalism that should be subject to PSNI action:

The PSNI must now do everything possible to apprehend the people responsible for carrying out these acts of vandalism

Even their most recent local election manifesto in the south described such activity as anti-social behaviour requiring immediate action:

Campaign for a standardised council approach to antisocial
behaviour and a positive council policy of immediate
action against anti-social behaviour in parks and other
public spaces including a commitment that all graffiti
and other damage to play-grounds, vacant buildings etc.
be responded to and remediated without delay by the
responsible division (eg. Parks, Environment or Housing).