A weekend of anti-social behaviour and vandalism?

Newcastle Rocks points out that after Ográ Shinn Féin’s youth weekend in the area the local community was left with a scrawled reminder of their presence. He/she hopes senior members of the party can help clean up the mess left by their youth:

Here’s hoping Newcastle SF councillor and MLA Willie Clarke can get the problem sorted.

Of course Willie may go further as another SF representative in South Down, Sean Doran, recently described graffiti as vandalism that should be subject to PSNI action:

The PSNI must now do everything possible to apprehend the people responsible for carrying out these acts of vandalism

Even their most recent local election manifesto in the south described such activity as anti-social behaviour requiring immediate action:

Campaign for a standardised council approach to antisocial
behaviour and a positive council policy of immediate
action against anti-social behaviour in parks and other
public spaces including a commitment that all graffiti
and other damage to play-grounds, vacant buildings etc.
be responded to and remediated without delay by the
responsible division (eg. Parks, Environment or Housing).

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  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Surely the whole point of Newcastle is “anti social behaviour”.
    Its the only reason it exists.

  • redhugh78

    So mark you’ve blogged yesterday about mysterious leaflets being thrown from a car which with a nod and a wink you attribute to SF, now we have a blog about SF’s reaction to their youth wing’s alleged Graffiti in Newcastle.
    I’m just curious to know where the young girl who was allegedly assaulted in a sectarian attack by loyalists in your own city would feature in your priorities for blogging?
    (Not to mention the eirigi traffic branch).

  • Mark McGregor


    I know you are against graffiti, I’m ok with it as long as it ain’t near McGregor Towers but I think we can all agree that giving a web address that doesn’t work is just bad form – ósf.ie doesn’t work, it won’t work with the fada. There’s a campaign for the Gerry Juniors.

  • Mark McGregor


    You and others may not have noticed but Mick has been providing space for tons of guest bloggers of late.

    If you think something deserves a blog you are just as able to write it up, mail Mick and have it put up.

    Or you could just moan about it ad nauseum (somehow I think you’ll just continue with the whinge)

  • Cynic

    The situation in the Markets is shocking but I do seem to recall some time back that some of the local residents who didn’t own a car but had a parking space (or street outside their home marked off with cones) has a nice little number going. As I recall they renting the space out to commuters for about £5 a day and promised to look after the car as well. Everyone was happy. The OAPs (mostly) got £25 a week and the drivers got cheap secure parking.

    Has this example of Belfast entrepreneurial spirit now ceased?

  • Cynic


    Your recent posts all smell of ambulance chasing. Never mind. There will soon be another victim along soon to capitalise upon.

  • jim

    why dont you write to the social services about the wee girl.kids out at that time of night is their concern.the ones in newcastle spraying walls think its normal with all the sf controlled ghettos covered in stupid murals.paid for by hm goverment if you dont mind

  • Mark McGregor


    Time was wrongly reported initially. So while your comment is as irrelevant on this entry as RH’s it is also based on misinformation.

  • redhugh78

    My point is not ‘irrelevant’ it highlights the pathetic extremes bloggers on Slugger will go to when trying to smear SF.

    Mick told us yesterday the attack on the girl doesn’t get blogged because it isn’t ‘political’ on the other hand anonymous leaflets being thrown from a car from God knows who gets a blog as well as a scrawl on a bit of ply wood in Newcastle.I use the attack as an example only.

  • Sean Og

    Surprised that Sinn Fein are pushing Sean Doran to the fore in South Down given his history! Ask any local.

  • aquifer

    ‘Has this example of Belfast entrepreneurial spirit now ceased’?

    Hopefully all protection rackets have ended.

    Who paid to build the townhouse and parking?

  • Dixie

    Jeeze and Triax in Derry, PSF controlled of course, were not long ago paying young tearaways, for want of a nicer word, £50 each to go round painting over graffiti that was dissenting from their Peace Processing ways.

  • Unlucky Erb

    So some kids who like the Shinners wrote on a temporary stretch of wood. Bad craic – but worthy of inclusion in this website – where politics supposedly reigns supreme? Hardly. Especially when a wee girl being battered by loyalists and a systematic violent loyalist campaign against foreign nationalists and catholics struggles to get a mention.

  • Cynic

    We did

  • Clanky

    Very disappointed Mark, I read the title and thought you were organising a slugger social event.