Worrying signs…

On the one hand, two teenagers are charged after police were attacked with petrol bombs and paint during a disturbance in west Belfast yesterday evening. On the other, army bomb experts made safe a viable pipe bomb thrown at a police station in Craigavon.  And around 350 people were evacuated in Aughnacloy, County Tyrone, last night, when a van containing a 300lbs bomb was left at the police station there. That bomb has also now been made safe.  From the RTÉ report

The van was left at the police station at around 10.10pm and a coded telephone warning to a Belfast newspaper claimed it would explode in an hour.

PSNI Superintendent Brian Kee said his officers were still carrying out the evacuation when the 60-minute deadline elapsed but fortunately the bomb failed to go off.

‘If it had detonated it would have caused widespread devastation in the village and it’s very likely that lives would have been lost,’ he said.

A suspected getaway car, a blue Toyota Avensis, was found burned out across the border in Co Monaghan.

Mr Kee condemned those responsible as ‘terrorist criminals’.

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  • Oracle

    I think it will be upsetting and worrying to many especially the Unionist community who believe (rightly or wrongly) they have invested more in the peace process than their Nationalist counterparts and in return recieve less from it (again rightly or wrongly)

  • Drumlins Rock

    On the other hand the Tour Of The North Parade passed without incident…
    First one seems like a bit of recreational, the other incidents are more serious.

  • Pete Baker

    “First one seems like a bit of recreational, the other incidents are more serious.”

    I think it would be a mistake not to link the three.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    “A suspected getaway car, a blue Toyota Avensis, was found burned out across the border in Co Monaghan.”

    If we got rid of that silly border, it would have 2 immediate benefits to the security situation, firstly the dissers couldnt escape to easily and secondly they would have no excuse for blowing things up.

    Until such time as that very sensible arrangement is in place there should be joint Gardaí/Psní border patrols and security operations.

  • sam

    We now not only have terrorist wedging their war on innocent civilians in the province but also have them in government as well. The Good Friday agreement is constantly being shown up as sop to ruthless sectarian killers masquerading as Irish patriots. The IRA measures their patriotism on how many of their fellow countrymen they can kill.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    dont be so hard on your fellow countrymen and perhaps try and see the bigger picture here, the people in every country the British feck about in seem to resort to violence.

  • Oracle

    Pete do you have any ideas why was my post removed from this thread?

  • Cynic

    “Until such time as that very sensible arrangement is in place there should be joint Gardaí/Psní border patrols and security operations.”

    I agree….i in the Irish Republic where many of these attacks seem to be mounted from

  • Cynic

    What did it say?

  • Cynic


    Do wake up….this is 2010 not 1980 …… you are 30 years behind

  • Cynic

    Lo0ok this is Ireland, Pete.

    We have more than our fair quota of republican wannabes with with a personality disorder, bottle of buckfast, piece of copper pipe and some fireworks. We also have more than enough nutters who get their kicks out of exploiting these folls.

    This ‘campaign’ is a mostly disconnected set of random attacks. At this stage it is not a serious threat. It may become one but one of the best ways to stop that is for the folks on the Hill to do so real politics.

    Damn ….. we are in trouble then.

  • Drumlin Rock

    here here, agree completely with you Sammy, its about time the rest of Ireland was re-united with the UK.

  • Glencoppagagh

    ‘…for the folks on the Hill to do so real politics.’

    Like telling Westminster that cuts would endanger the peace process. These dissidents have their uses especially if they can help avoid making unpopular decisions.

  • vanhelsing

    textbook 🙂

  • Oracle


    Cynic is said absolutely nothing contentious in any way shape or form, so unless someone thought it contained the potential for diverting the thread on to a different or undesired tangent it really shouldn’t have been removed.

    However I won’t post it again until I hear from Pete as it’s his thread with his effort and toil and perhaps someone believed they had a legitimate reason for its removal, but I’d be stunned if they had because it was only stating a very simple non controversial thought.

  • Pete Baker

    Not sure why it was pulled. It may have been the automated spam catcher, or that it was too diversionary too early…

    I’ve put it back now.

  • Oracle

    Cheers Pete,

    I’d have bet a million quid it wasn’t you… (well a fiver anyway)

  • Stryker

    As you know John Hume once said about the IRA, “They have been dismissed as mindless criminals, I do not dismiss them as such” Now the PSNI does dismiss the CIRA/RIRA as such, and that there is no real strategy behind this attacks and the attacks are not sustained. The strategy can be seen at work since 2007 over the last 3 years in the lead up to the transfer of policing powers. The operations of the CIRA/RIRA was just as important as the political in forcing the transfer of powers. The dual strategy of armed resistance and political action is still in operation. While Sinn Fein has no contact or dealings with the compartmentalized cells of the CIRA/RIRA the armed struggle is synergistic with the political struggle. Believe me if there was contact and involvement MI5 would be telling everybody about it. Now there is a situation in which the political Republicans have a level of control over the PSNI, while the CIRA/RIRA target those PSNI elements, not good for morale.The English sold out the DUP, in a hope that the transfer would stop the CIRA/RIRA operations against the PSNI. Without the military operations the transfer would not have gone ahead. The English know the CIRA/RIRA can strike when and where they like with deadly consequences if they choose, the PSNI/MI5/British Special Forces cannot stop them. This leads to sustained attacks by the CIRA/RIRA or increased of British involvement putting the Army on the street in which the peace process will fall apart or gradual disengagement from NI, like handing over the policing powers. Even with the use of community based policing, there is not sufficient information for intelligence led policing. Thus the PSNI/MI5 are not able to break up these compartmentalized cells. This is because of the code of silence which is the same as during the 80’s when the IRA was reliant on the tactile support of the community, which is why the concern over some operations which upset the community during the 80’s. These current operations have not upset the community, due to the ROE. That leads to a form of tactic support to the current operations and the ROE, so to say that the CIRA and RIRA have no support is not correct. Yes people to not want to return to sectarian warfare, but if you ask if they would like MI5 and the British Army out of NI, the answer is yes. The attacks against the PSNI will continue until the British Army and MI5 leave NI, the message is that the presence of the British Army and MI5 in NI does not make NI or the PSNI safer. It endangers the PSNI. So the police message about returning NI back to the old days is not the case the strategy is very much based on the future.

  • Danny

    …shouldn’t have invaded in the first place then…

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    Uncomfortable as it may be, I agree with a lot of what you say, but I think that joint patrols by the PSNI and the Gardaí in border areas would help to undermine support for the dissers.

    Hopefully some debate on how that might operate can be started.

  • Christo

    I don’t remember invading anywhere.

  • Gerry Lvs Castro

    Great post Stryker — unfortunately it ignores the fact that SF signed up to partition until a majority in NI vote otherwise. By every recent poll and census, this isn’t likely to trouble anyone old enough to read this.

    So all this crap about ‘the CIRA/RIRA can strike when and where they like with deadly consequences’ is nothing more than little boy posturing. That guy in Cumbria the other week was able to strike with deadly consequences, as is any nutjob or outfit with access to weaponry. It doesn’t make him or them anything more than deluded killers divorced from their society.

    The provo campaign spectacularly failed despite a fair amount of support, both at home and abroad. Using exactly the same tactics with a fraction of the support or resources is just wasting everyone’s time and ultimately will get people (largely Irish) killed.

    ‘The attacks against the PSNI will continue until the British Army and MI5 leave NI’ — where exactly are this British army that trouble you so much stryker? And if MI5 left or stayed how would you ever know? What is the nature of your current oppression?

    What you should perhaps be asking yourself is why you have such a problem respecting the democratic will of the overwhelming majority who voted for the GFA? If you’re that confident of your argument, why not stand some candidates next year, either for the assembly or the dail?

  • Stryker

    Re: strike at will, since OP Limerick was green light 2007, I beg to differ. It does not matter what people think the current ROE will stay in place. No one has anything to prove here.

    We will know that MI5 is not present because of sovereignty, it will be the domain of MI6. There in Afghanistan.

  • Stryker

    I should add as was David Cameron 😉

  • Michael

    Clearly, given your post’s title.
    But why would it be a mistake not to link the three?