Paratrooper spotted on Falls…

THE times are certainly changing. Walk into the new Sainsbury’s store on the Falls Road, and you’ll see signs in Irish, as well as… Paratroopers in the aisles! Only a matter of time before Squinter spots this toy from the ‘HM Armed Forces’ range, whinges and it’s withdrawn, so here’s a pic to prove it. But you gotta wonder how sales are doing…

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  • Clanky

    Haha, I wonder if it’s a crafty ploy to increase the sales of pins?

    You can just imagine the wee shop girl going round labelling things up, “Hey Sadie, what’s the Irish for paratrooper again?” 🙂

  • jim

    there is no oirish for paratrooper because it isnt a real language no matter what the andytown news says its just a dialect

  • Rory Carr

    Until you learn how to punctuate written English, Jim, I should hold off on issuing judgements on other languages if I were you.

  • Frontier Vulpine

    Given that dialect usually refers to the vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation characteristics of a regional or social variety of a particular language I would ask which language you are suggesting Irish is a dialect of?

  • ranger1640

    For it to be an Orish paratrooper, the Orish would need an air force.

    The bigger stories surprisingly not covered by the BBC or main stream media, is Orish army officers selling weapons.

    A Defence Forces investigation is under way into claims that serving officers were involved in buying illegal weapons in another country.

    It is understood that the inquiry into the allegations is being carried out by military police investigators and concerns a small number of serving army officers.

    The probe has been going on for several weeks, but the Sunday Independent has learned that so far it has not stood up the claims.

    Then their is the counterfeit operation that involves IRA/Sinn Fein, as alleged not by the UK security forces by by the ever so Oirsh friendly European security services, Europol. What has the A/town news got to say about this.

    The allegedly defunct IRA, along with members of Sinn Fein, were behind what Europol, the European police agency, said was one of the biggest and most sophisticated counterfeiting operations ever uncovered in Europe.

    Europol said that when gardai raided the underground bunker in Co Laois last Tuesday week, enough ink and specialist paper was found to produce €200m worth of €50 and €100 notes.

    It always amuses me how the Guarda, can find these bunkers. Only after other countries security agencies get in touch with them???

  • Cynic

    Calm down boys and have another pint. Its just another symptom of globalisation. Ireland may be free but she’s owned by Tesco and a number of British and American Banks.

    You will soon have Army Recruiting Centres in the SF offices anyway as you realise who really won the war


  • A toy soldier???

    So much for freedom if it cant even be shown on a shelf.

    As for Anglo/Irish street signs or the lack of, any of you cosmopolitan people ever been to Brick Lane…Its not Irish, but it sure aint English.

    I dont know who to blame: the republicans for politicizing our language. Or the loyalists for taking the bait.

  • stewart1

    Slow news day. Imagine going to the bother of taking a photgraph of a toy on a toyshop shelf and starting a thread about it.

    Next thread – Ben 10 admits to being a member of Ógra Shinn Féin.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Next thread – Ben 10 admits to being a member of Ógra Shinn Féin.

    Piffle! Ben 10 has a magic watch which enables him to become anyone he wants. Which clearly means he’s in the Alliance Party.

  • That little yellow ‘domino’ ticket at the front also means that they’ve got another two boxes of them sitting in the back… looks like they’re expecting them to sell well!

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    I suppose next week you will be able to buy a prison uniform for Paratroop Action Men.
    Not actually sure what the story is…..any “wargamer” needs two armies….goodies and baddies…..further down the same aisle it might be possible to pick up WW2 Germans.
    I think the UK Armed Forces logo is comparatively new on Action Men but it was one of the toys I was actually too old for.
    But toy paras on the Falls Road is I suppose as toy Garda cars in most branches (including Cregagh Road and Bangor) of a well known chain.
    I look forward to a thread.

  • Alias

    Actually, the Shinners are missing a good money-spinner. Instead of marketing botttled water to the middle classes (when socialists regard water as a free natural rescouce and a human right rather than a commodity), they should be capitalising on their claim that terrorists have parity of esteem with soldiers by marketing a range of PIRA dolls.

    They could also market a range of PIRA doll accessories such as “MI5 Agent Kit – including numbered bank account, coded language guide, public interest immunity certificate, ect” and “Diesel Smugglers Kit – including tanker, scout car, dye removal chemicals, ‘No Illegal Dumping’ signs, ‘Build Your Own Mansion down the Old Bog Road’ books etc” and, of course, “Freedom Fighter Kit – including Celtic top, shiny tracksuit, Dole giro, knee-capping tools and baseball bat, ‘How to Mix Sugar with Petrol to make Napalm’ guide, and, of course, the mandatory ‘How to Sound Like You Really, Really Hate the Brits While Assisting Them to Administer British Rule’ guide.’

  • Big Maggie

    “It always amuses me how the Guarda, can find these bunkers.”

    Guarda? Is that a Spanish police force or a bunch of mercenaries?

  • Cynic

    “That little yellow ‘domino’ ticket at the front also means that they’ve got another two boxes ”

    …almost a Regiment!!!

  • Driftwood

    even better, Jesus can get you a 3L Cabernet sauvignon.

  • Hibernicle

    Jesus, Big Maggie. Guarda! You can’t spell in three languages.

  • Jimmy Sands

    Surely a toy soldier is hardly a novelty in that area.

  • castrosghost

    give it a few weeks and it will have a few limbs missing and appear on big brother