In solidarity?

Joe Higgins, Irish Socialist Party MEP, is sponsoring a march and rally in Dublin as part of a ‘Europe-wide week of solidarity and protest’ something he initiated within his European political group (nothing arranged north of the border that I can see). The poster advertising it states the rally has been endorsed by; Socialist Party, Workers Party, Socialist Workers Party, PBP, Right to Work, Workers Solidarity Movement, éirígí, Irish Socialist Network and Socialist Democracy.

Sinn Féin are not noted as endorsing the event, which is slightly odd given the logo of their political group in Europe, GUE/NGL, is displayed on the poster indicating the group is providing some form of support.

It is also notable on the letter signed by 15 GUE/NGL MEPs calling for the week of protest SF’s Bairbre de Brún is not listed as a signatory.

Of course the confederal nature of the GUE/NGL means not all members are bound by any single decision but it seems a little unusual that SF aren’t supporting this kind of initiative. Unless some of the calls could lead to difficulties for SF members who may eventually be tasked with implementing British budget cuts in the north of Ireland? Or they may just be very late in signing up?

Workers must not pay for the crisis – Make the super rich and bankers pay

Solidarity with the Greek workers and for the unity of working people across Europe.

No to cutbacks, wage cuts, unemployment and increases in the retirement age

No to privatisation of public services

End the dictatorship of the financial markets, credit ratings institutions and the IMF

Stop the bailouts of the banks – nationalise the banks and financial institutions in the interests of working people

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