British newspaper complains about email address

Super-chuck Robin Livingstone has been ripping the piss out of Ireland’s only Marxist-Leninist republican party, the IRSP. He is quite rightly laughing at them for foolishly using a email address.

However, unlike his publication the IRSP are only using a free email address and not subject to long-term dependency on direct funding from the Brits.

I guess Robin is over his most recent irony bypass.

Adds: As Henry94 notes below some people also use British postcodes and now that it is mentioned even telephone dialling codes. I dare say they’ve even used a stamp.

Of course Volunteer Livingstone is a republican purist (or salaried almost directly by the Brits?)

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  • joeCanuck

    From your link, the following papers got money for something or other:
    the Andersonstown News Group’s paper Lá, the Shankill Mirror (£156,575; 2002-2004) the East Belfast Observer (£250,464; 2003), the Big List (£11,273; 2000-2001) and £5963 in 2000 to the Mirror Group, for Employment Learning.
    Not a fecking penny for the only paper that was worth reading. I am referring ,of course, to the Portadown News.

  • TheHorse

    Robin Livinstone the Irish equivalent of Rupert Murdoch censor in chief of the anti republican rag the Anderstown News, his remit includes censoring any negitive comments or views of Gerry Adams and promoting a Pro Brit agenda.

  • Cynic

    “promoting a Pro Brit agenda”

    ….. and your problem with that is?

  • Henry94

    The IRSP are Marxist and Marx himself would have a British email address if he was alive today. Paid for by Engels if required.

    I wouldn’t see it as any more significant than using a British post code as in

    Belfast Media Group
    Teach Basil
    2 Hannahstown Hill,
    Belfast BT17 0LT

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    How exactly is the Andytown News taking money off the British taxpayer a bad thing?
    I mean would the amount trousered by the Andytown News be a larger or smaller amount than the amount trousered in benefits (from the British taxpayer) by the people standing on white lines on the Falls Road.

    Irony by-pass indeed MMG 🙂

  • Mark McGregor


    Well ‘Volunteer’ Livingstone seems to think using a email adddress is a sellout to be mocked…maybe the odd few hundred thousand pounds directly from the Brits is a tad worse?

    Wasn’t me started complaining about, twas super-chuck Livingstone

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Oh a little harmless mockery of people who take themselves much too seriously.
    Robin is doing a wee bit of winding up.
    You and I do it all the time for Gods sake.
    I notice the SDLP have a “.ie” in their website presumably because a lot of WUMs would have done the mocking thing if it had been uk in it.
    Its not much different from having a go at Martin McGuinness for supporting those British exponents of a foreign game, Manchester United.
    Or calling into any bookies and protesting that the punters are backing an English horse in the Grand National.

  • Dixie

    Isn’t Robin Squinter? When I think of this name I think of the crucifixion scene in Monty Python’s Life of Brian.

    Gerry’s favourite song and the nailing to the cross of poor old Squinter seem to go well together where the truth in all this comes into it only God knows…

    And…always look on the bright side of life…
    Always look on the light side of life… Woo Wee..Woo Wee..Woo wee…Woo Wee Woo Wee….

  • why does Angrytown receive so much government subsidy?

    Or is it against peace process rules of engagement to ask such a question?

  • Dixie

    You have to pay the shepherd to watch the sheep….

  • Dixie

    To keep the wolf from the door…

  • Apart from the travesty of tax payer funds going towards a hate rag, surely it’s also a discriminatory practice?

  • so by your objection to this piece I presume rather than being a wind up you feel it cuts close to the bone?

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    st etienne………Im not actually sure what you mean.
    I have no objection to MMGs piece. Its good and proper that he draws attention to it.
    Its humourous in several ways.
    As MMG points out Robin Livingstone “rightly” laughs at IRSP for “foolishly” using a “uk” address.
    But oops MMG rightly laughs at Andytown News as it gets British taxpayer money.
    But oops I point out that republican dissidents get loadsa British taxpayer money.
    But oops I have a pension from the British taxpayer.

    Now see probably IRSP, Robin, MMG and I see the funny side of it all. Its not as if its all that serious.
    The one thing that the IRSP, Robin Livingstone, MMG and I all agree on is that EVERYBODY should get British taxpayer money……especially me. The British Taxpayer is the gift that keeps on giving.
    On the other hand youre the one that described the Andytown News as a “hate rag”……so youre the one thats really taking it all much too seriously.

  • USA

    Jesus, this makes Peter Baker threads seem interesting.

  • Alias

    Whoever pays the piper calls the tune.

  • Then there was the time Robin lost the run of himself: 20 years on, Gerry must face the truth

  • oneill

    Now see probably IRSP, Robin, MMG and I see the funny side of it all. Its not as if its all that serious.

    The one thing that the IRSP, Robin Livingstone, MMG and I all agree on is that EVERYBODY should get British taxpayer money……especially me. The British Taxpayer is the gift that keeps on giving.

    I was just about to say that probably the only person who doesn’t find it funny is Mr British Taxpayer but then I realised that (probably) you, Mark, Mr Livingstone and heck, even a fair % of the dissident barmy army are also *British* Taxpayers.

    In which case I, you and them are helping to fund not only the Angrytown Pravda’s continued existence, but also the odd Orange Order pageant and the IFA and the inevitable development of Windsor Park. So we are all winners…and losers in a way aren’t we?;)

  • J Kelly

    this all maybe be a bit of craic but I have yet to see any blog on the petrol bombing of a billboard erected by the family of Kieran Doherty. The real IRA murdered Kieran and now in a daring military operation they petrol bombed photographs of him. his child and partner. If this killing could in any way have been linked to the IRA this story would have been headline news and blogged on for days and weeks. The hypocracy of the so called free media human rights and free speech lobby is deafening. Its interesting that the irish news, breens, mackers and co are not campaigning on this killing. The question is are the suspects not the right kind of suspects.

  • Rory Carr

    While we are encouraged when commenting on this site to avoid what is called ‘whataboutery’ as much as possible, I think that many of us find that, however hard we try to avoid it, in moments of ire when responding to a perceived slight on our position. we fall into the trap and resort to committing that schoolboy error of behaviour. Later we become annoyed with ourselves and resolve to avoid rising to the bait next time. So it is somewhat discouraging to have one of Slugger’s own perennial blogging team initiate a thread which is nothing more than an exercise in ‘whataboutery’ .

    Squinter writes a (not very) humorous little piece pointing out the irony of an uber-Republican group falling back upon a UK address for its e-mail account and Mark immediately uses a whole new thread to launch in to a full-blooded ‘whatabout’ bitch on the author.

    What about setting the rest of us an example, Mark ?

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Indeed…..there would literally be no end to it.
    Which is of course Norn Iron in a proverbial nutshell.
    No end to it.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Well said.
    Certain posts (in this case MMGs but hes not the only culprit) encourage the Whataboutery).
    The truth is of course that theres enough “What Abouts” to go around.
    And if posters take overtly political stances by rushing to the keyboard when their pet subject is in a headline or they fel should be a headline, they cant come over all precious (and in fairness MMG doesnt) when a commentator with an opposite or more neutral stance questions their contribution.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    I just posted above (2.07pm) before I read your piece and I broadly agree.
    But a few points.
    I find very little that I have ever seen in five months here that causes me any kind of “ire”
    MMG is far from the only person on Sluggers “perennial blogging team” who initiates threads which are nothing more than an exercise in Whataboutery.
    In fairness,we have all been invited to initiate threads ourselves and the perennial blogging team is (we are informed) lacking some voices (mainstream republican, women, business) so the opportunity is there for us all.
    And Im not taking this particular thread as a full blooded “bitch”. Surely a bit cheeky but not a full blooded attack.

  • slug

    Isn’t this blog entry indicative of the pettiness of some here?

  • “Later we become annoyed with ourselves and resolve to avoid rising to the bait next time.”


    Your not wrong there, eating humble pie is never an appetising dish.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    Not so much indicative of “pettiness” as indicative of fixation with certain subjects.
    As I have said the Daily Mail is fixated on (Illegal usually) Migration.
    The Daily Express is fixated with Lady Di.
    The Independent with the icebergs melting.
    The Slugger team naturally have their own fixations.
    As indeed do people like me.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Volunteer Livingstone will be fascinated to know that Sinn Fein’s website is hosted in Chicago by If I’m not barking up the wrong tree (always possible) the Belfast Media Group’s website appears to be hosted by a crowd called Media Temple, who are also American, although the server address appears to be in the UK somewhere.

    Even Republican Sinn Fein’s website is American (hosted by the amusingly named The 32CSM Tyrone website ( – they can’t even be bothered with a .ie domain) is a server. The Derry site is a Google site.

    Why can these ardent patriots not use Irish ISPs ?

  • slug

    What on earth does it matter?

  • I wasnt going to comment on this, but in the end…

    It appears there are people out there who judge someones political leanings, not to mention their cash flow by their email address, and then write reams about it! here am I adding to the er, debate…

  • slug

    The small minded ness of it. These people are losers.

  • stewart1

    Slugger has turned into a depressing place to hang around. Same 5 or 6 people starting topics (all with agendas), and the same 20 or 30 people commenting on each issue. To be honest, with all the online media outlets now having comment sections, you get a much better diversity of opinions & comment.

  • vanhelsing

    I agree pip – there are bigger fish to fry

  • vanhelsing

    Interesting post steward1 – I, for one, would like to hear some more of your thoughts if you have the time..

  • slug

    I also think slugger is suffering. Its threads like this that is part of the problem.

    A lack of quality control – there seems no editorial control to determine quality.

  • slug Vanhelsing

    I disagree. I have noticed some commenters complain about the email address of, for eg. Catriona Ruane. Not that I have any time for the woman, but no one should care about an email address. The problem with the north, in a nutshell, is some do…

    Perhaps it should be discussed. Or perhaps their families should just call a doctor…

  • vanhelsing


    perhaps you misunderstand me – I’m agreeing with you – see earlier post –

    ———–It appears there are people out there who judge someones political leanings, not to mention their cash flow by their email address, and then write reams about it! here am I adding to the er, debate…—————

    you’re disagreeing with me agreeing with you….he smiles – sounds a little like Northern Ireland:)

  • I used to be editor of Lá/Lá Nua, which was the main beneficiary of public funding within the Belfast Media Group, during the period 2001-8.
    While funding was received by the newspaper before then, in 2001 the British Government signed up to the European Charter for Regional and Minority Languages Part 3 and as part of that it signed up a provision to support the publication of at least one daily newspaper in Irish. The funding subsequently received was relied upon subsequently when the British Govermnemt made reports to the group implementing that charter.

    In 2003 Lá took the initiative and published a daily Irish language newspaper – taking up once again the torch which had been lit by the paper’s founders almost twenty years before. In 2006 Foras na Gaeilge launched a public tender for ‘a daily news publication’ in Irish, a contract which Lá won after a very bitterly fought contest with the Irish News.

    In 2008 I resigned as editor. I left after yet another funding emergency when it was suggested that one employee should walk the plank so the newspaper could survive. Prior to my resignation the newspaper was challenging directly Sinn Féin’s so called support for the Irish language, pointing out that the party had remained mute and sitting on its hands when Culture Minister (then) Edwin Poots had first shelved the promised Irish Language Act and crucially axed a fund aimed at providing support for the production and broadcast of Irish language tv programming in Northern Ireland. [Incidentally, shortly after my resignation and during the May 2008 crisis when it seemed SF might not support the succession of Peter Robinson as First Minister following the retirement of Ian Paisley, Gerry Adams secured a further 3 years of the Irish Language Broadcast Fund in his negotiations with Downing Street].

    In Septemember when the issue of Lá Nua’s funding was raised again at the Foras na Gaeilge meeting, the Sinn Féin members, Gaeilgeoirí all, sat on their hands once again and the funding was brought to an end and the newspaper ceased publication on 19 December.

    Subsequently, in March 2010, a new Irish language weekly newspaper was established in Conamara with a former SF candidate as manager and Gael Gan Naire, formerly of Slugger, as editor. Gaelscéal receives €400,000 per year in public funding for a four year contract which lasts until 2013. In recent weeks the newspaper has published an editorial pointing out that it’s very difficult not to give preferential treatment to parties which send press releases as Gaeilge and pointing out to other parties that the only parties that are doing this at present are Sinn Féin and Eirigi.

  • Vanhelsing

    Youre right! No excuses. I didnt read it properly, possibly at all! Sorrry! So many exclamations!!!!

  • Youre right! No excuses. I didnt read it properly, possibly at all! Sorrry! So many exclamations!!!!

    I thought you were saying we should not bother discussing it at all. I think its so ludicrous…

  • chewnicked

    Maybe La Nua folded because of poor/declining sales, Concubhar?

  • jim

    LA LA nua.not a bit of wonder it folded with a title like that sounds like something the telly tubys wold read.

  • Actually the sales had doubled in the period before Ieft – but that’s neither here nor there. I have no doubt that sales of the newsaper weren’t good – no Irish language newspaper can possibly achieve the sales needed to succeed because everything is done on a shoestring. There’s no money for real marketing. English language newspapers have a hundred years headstart and it’s too late to try and row that back now. What I tried to do when I was with Lá/Lá Nua (which is not what the teletubbies fan thinks it is) was find an online niche for the paper – and we did that with a website, a free pdf version and a free daily podcat, the last two of which were pioneering initiatives in the Irish print media.

    Still Lá Nua is gone and Gaelscéal is destined to follow. I wander into shops every week in which there are piles of the newspaper left on the shelves. There’s no compelling reason to buy the paper and it’s not even the newspaper of choice of Irish speakers.

    Foinse, as a supplement in the Indo, may be the only hope for the Irish langauge newspaper. It’s not strong on news – but that’s not what it’s trying to do. It wants to introduce Irish into the lives of the Indo readers. Who would have thoought that Tony O’Reilly – in cahoots with Pádraig Ó Céidigh (Aer Arann), would play such a key role in promoting Irish.

    If the state is serious about supporting an Irish language newspaper, it should invest enough in the project so that it can be viable and competitive. Otherwise it’s wasting time and money. If a publicly funded newspaper can unashamedly give preferential treatment to those parties which provide press releases in Irish only – whether those parties are Sinn Féin and others or not – while not giving fair play to parties which provide press releases in the ‘other official language’, I think that’s a matter that needs to be questioned and debated.

  • old school

    So does Andytown News condemn militant Republicans because their paymasters are H.M.G, or does H.M.G finance them because they regularly condemn militant Republicans?
    A real chicken or egg conundrum.
    For those who don’t see any problem with a local newspaper getting funding from a foreign occupying power, then I suggest you think about the conflict of interest angle.
    Would you view a paper in the South, funded by Fianna Fail Governement as impartial or investigative?
    Would you buy it?
    Squinter’s article is pathetic btw.