McGuinness on Brady tomorrow…

Northern Ireland’s Deputy First minister Martin Mc Guinness called upon Cardinal Brady ‘to consider his position’ when his link to the Fr Brendan Smyth affair broke. Cardinal Brady has “considered his position” and has chosen to remain in office. What does Martin Mc Guinness think now?

Coming up tomorrow morning on Slugger an exclusive one to one interview with Mr Mc Guinness.

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  • White Horse

    Judging by the code breakdown, God has struck back at you, Eamon.

  • joeCanuck

    Nope; not god, the Vatican Secret Service or else aliens.

  • argosjohn

    Why doesn’t Martin McG consider his position and go back and finish his butcher boy apprenticeship?

  • joan

    and presumably you will ask him if his own leader should also resign given that he covered up his brother’s pedophilia for two decades? or should i not hold my breath?

  • Oh what tangled web they weave…Seems to me he’s damned if he does and completely fucked if he doesn’t…

  • Jean Meslier

    I say good on you Rev. Cardinal Brady.
    Who does that Mc Guinness think he is?

    He’s probably thinking of Joe faithful – trying to help them and maybe the RCC (whats left of it) by extension.

    Sort him out now. Excomunicate him like we did with those troublesome republicans during the civil war.

  • jim

    think he did finish his butcher boy apprenticeship. ask miss matthers greiving parents.or franko hegertys

  • Jean Meslier,
    No you do not understand. Martin McGuinness is or was a leading member of the only legitimate government in Ireland (the IRA army council). As such he can of course call for Brady to go with complete authority: as indeed he can also choose to ignore any behaviour by Gerry Adams as it was necessary for the cause.

    I suppose Cardinal Brady has no leg to stand. After all he may have been involved in covering up child abuse from a time when the likes of Adams said that people should not go to the police about such matters: maybe the problem is that Brady did not go to the IRA with his concerns re Brendan Smith. Yes that is it is not it?

    Of course the IRA and McGuinness have hands so completely washed in blood that they are white as snow. McGuinness himself was almost certainly never involved in any child abuse and knows nothing about anyone who abused say just as an example the right to life of Kathyrn Eakin.

  • Battle of the Bogside

    Tell Martin McGuinness from me that he is doing a brilliant job, as he has always done. He is the most courageous and honourable politicians Ireland has ever seen!!!

  • jim

    maybe hes going to be like dev

  • pilgrim505

    Ask him how he has the nerve to ask anyone to consider their position, regarding child welfare, when he is responsible for the mutilation and dismemberment of so many children. That makes him, and all who support him in any way, far more depraved Paedophiles than any priest

  • Battle of the Bogside


    Or any orange man, or any Protestant clergy, or any Loyalist boys club member!!!

    Has McGuinness ever been convicted of the mutilation or dismemberment of a child???

  • jim

    yes.found gilty membership pira done time for it n said he was proud to have been a member.therfore guilty as charged

  • pilgrim505

    Anyone who is, was or ever shall be a member, supporter or sympathiser of any terrorist organization whatsoever, is responsible for the murder, mutilation and dismemberment of innocent children.

  • jim

    correct bob dylan sung the times r a changing.yer man brown found guilty of the murder of thomas devlin proved. he didnt murder anybody he knew wat was happening.guilty 22 years rec good enough for the sf leaders fingerprints r found on a car used on a shooting of 2 branch men hes not even for mcginness …………………

  • TheHorse

    Its a travesty they never charged Adams, just like the Special Branch officers who colluded with Mount Vernon UVF to murder dozens of innocent people

  • jim

    the branch done a job on the lot of gerry n martin has tea n biccis with them.remember the oul song look out for hirelings …………………………boolavouge

  • Alias

    They’re both MI6’s boys, guided into leadership roles in the period when that agency had primacy in NI.

  • Munsterview


    you write a coherent and often an informed post so you might oblige me with a few answers?

    1) One will you please list all the Colonies that Britain were involved in post Second World War, Cyprus, Burma, Palestine etc.

    2) Please then list how many of these Britain resolved her disputes regarding Independence issues with in a peaceful way by civilized negotiation.

    3) Please list how many of these British Occupied peoples had Freedom Fighter Movements.

    4) Please finally list how many of these Ex-Military and paramilitary Commanders with ‘Blood Soaked Hands’ to quote your own nomenclature, did Britain do business with to reach the inevitable political settlement.

    5) Please list for me one of these Liberation Struggles did British MP and Ministers in Parliament say were valid, just and necessary as the beginning and during the campaign?

    6) Please tell me in regard to these Liberation Struggles, just how many did Britain say since, we were collectively wrong as a Government and the Liberation Freedom Fighters were right.

    7) Please finally tell me of any normal peaceful political party in any of these liberated countries that had any credibility left from their moderate stance towards Britain at the end of the Freedom Struggle, given the actions of the British towards them.

  • glencoppagagh

    Palestine was never a British colony. It was a League of Nations’ mandate.

  • Munsterview


    Given you are apparent so knowledgeable, how about answering the rest above?