Quote of the week…

Sheer class from @ShaneHegarty on Twitter:

That UK coalition deal in full: David Cameron to be PM; Nick Clegg to be his fag.

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  • coconnor
  • UK coalition continues

    The Times to merge with the Guardian

    In practical terms this means with each copy of the Times you will get a copy of G2

  • Fearglic

    Gonna be interesting, I like the fact that clegg is atheist!

  • Rory Carr

    Of course he’s an atheist – God were never have anything to do with the LibDems, He has a reputation to maintain after all.

  • Greenflag

    And so too is David Miliband the presumed next Labour leader who also has a Jewish marxist background . I can just imagine Miliband trying to negotiate with God’s party i.e the DUP 🙁

    MIliband is also on record as having said that there are some situations in which ‘terrorism’ is justified in his opinion . Sounds like he has a head on him . He may have to wait a while for his No 10 entrance particularly if Cameron and Clegg and their parties develop into an effective coalition .

    Cameron may even be the man who ‘buries’ the old Tory image . I guess we’ll know in a few weeks ?