Did you get to use your vote this year?

Jonathan reckons that the electoral fortunes of several parties (Sir Reg Empey fights for his life at a meeting of his party’s Executive this Saturday) swung on a very small number of voters in Northern Ireland:

2,721 votes cast out of a total of 673,871 doesn’t seem much.  That’s because it’s not.  In fact, it’s a paltry 0.4%, but in business and in politics, it’s victory in the margins which can make all the difference.

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  • Jonathan King’s analysis said

    1,534 votes in East Belfast were all that stood in the way of an impressive overall DUP result which saw the party knock back the UCUNF challenge across Northern Ireland and put the TUV back in its box …

    1,183 votes in South Antrim and four votes in Fermanagh & South Tyrone were all that stood in the way of a decent performance for the UUP’s ‘brave new world’ with the Tories and political calamity …

    Two seats would have allowed a rejuvenated Reg to welcome the dawn of a new way of doing politics in Northern Ireland.

    Firstly, to get the pedantry out of the way, Alliance had a lead of 1533 (and not 1534) over DUP in East Belfast.

    While UCUNF only lagged the DUP by 1183 in South Antrim, in the next best constituency Flash Harry was 3361 behind the DUP’s Simpson in Upper Bann. In Lagan Valley, UCUNF’s Trimble came second, a massive 10486 behind DUP’s Donaldson.

    For a quick view of how much the second place candidates lost by, see the attached graph: