World Twenty20: “Just play on. Jesus, it’s only rain.”

At the Guardian’s sports blog Dara O’Briain reflects on the outcome of the most important sporting event of the week – the rain-affected World Twenty20 clash between Ireland and England. From the Guardian blog

Well, where do we begin? Generations of division; the Dark Burden of History; all this to be finally addressed with the use of willow and ball. Or it would have been, but there was some rain and according to the rules, that meant England went through. Now, I’m not saying that rules specifically state “in the case of rain, England go through”. I’m not a conspiracy theorist. Actually, I don’t know what the rules say. It’s something to do with run-rates and co-efficients and complex numerical calculations. I do know that Ireland got to play three overs before the match was halted, and when it was it halted, that was the end of their tournament.

To summarise then,

So, in summation, Ireland played England, who used a borrowed Irishman to bolster their score and then, when it came to our turn to play, wouldn’t join in, in case they got wet. And under their rules, we got knocked out.

Yeah, I think we’ll stick with the hurling.

Possibly, Dara…