Crilly trial over Nairac murder to proceed

The BBC notes that Belfast Crown Court judge Mr Justice Hart has thrown out an application by Kevin Crilly’s lawyers that he had no case to answer over the murder of Captain Robert Nairac in 1977.  From the BBC report

Mr Crilly, from Lower Faughill Road, Jonesborough will formally be arraigned before the Crown Court next week.

He is to be charged with the soldier’s murder along with two counts of false imprisonment and two charges of kidnapping.

Six men have already been jailed in connection with the SAS captain’s disappearance, three of them for murder.

As I mentioned in November last year, Crilly, who spent 29 years in the US and who had been charged with the kidnap and assault of Nairac in 2008, was revealed to have returned to Northern Ireland by a BBC NI Spotlight investigation in 2007 – which the NI deputy First Minister didn’t see..