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Heard in Fermanagh South Tyrone… Martin Ferris (TD, Kerry) catches up with Ferghal McKinney and informs him, “You don’t even live in the constituency”…

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  • Yup

    I assume he is talking about the fact that McK is running in the FST constituency but not living there.

    As Ferris lives in his constituency then there is, upon a quick examination, little of substance in quote of the week.

  • aquifer

    If Martin was driving one of those cruiser boats at the time maybe we should search it.

  • Michaelhenry

    FERGHAL McKINNEY in a recent interview admited that he had never voted before in his life, but now he expects people to vote for him, FERGHAL is saying that he would not have voted for BOBBY SANDS in fermanagh south tyrone in 1981.

  • sdelaneys

    ‘you don’t even live in the constituency!’ Apart from the gall of a Kerry man expressing concern about where someone lives I wonder does he say the same to Mr McGuinness and Mr Docherty, two more absentee MPs, or even Mz Ruane and of course the bearded wonder is in Donegal more often than West Belfast.

  • socaire

    Who ‘heard this in Fermanagh South Tyrone’? Sounds like a contrived joke, this.

  • union mack

    i thought i thought u meant Ruane was the bearded wonder //

  • redhugh78

    any evidence of this?

    If you said you heard it yourself because you were canvassing for the stoops then I’d beleive you.

  • redhugh78

    believe even

  • sdelaneys

    When I think of it Mitchell M

  • Wabbits

    McGuinness lives in a fancy semi in the Bog surrounded by the poverty of his neighbours only yards away from his front door and I’d be surprised if he is seen much in Mid Ulster. He doesn’t even have the balls to go up against Durkan because he knows he would be on a looser.

    These Shinners really do have brass necks. Living in glass houses and lobbing halfers. Mr Ferris would do well to remember where his party coleagues actually live and where they have been parachuted into.

  • Mick Fealty

    Nice one! 😉 You’ll just have to take it on the same trust I have: an eye witness. Or not, as the case may be.

  • Seosamh913

    Given as the role for which McKinney and Gildernew are seeking election requires them to be in London a good deal of the time (whether abstaining or not), and probably in a variety of other places, I would suggest it doesn’t really matter where they live, certainly to anything like the same extent as it might for election to the role of MLA or local councillor. In the information age, particularly in a place as tiny as NI, unless there is any compelling evidence correlating one’s place of residence with one’s effectiveness as a public representative, then this is a non-issue. Happy to be corrected on this if there is such evidence.

    At the same time, maybe there is something here in terms of the narrowness and shallowness of the party political talent pools such that that ‘electable’ local candidates aren’t, it would appear, in abundant supply. But sure we all knew that anyway, right ?