DoE Cuts: “to help minimise or avoid the need for redundancies”

Never mind any possible future cuts, the BBC reports that a fall in the “level of receipts from planning applications fell from £22.5m in the 2007/08 financial year, to £15.7m in the 2009/10 financial year” has prompted consideration of a reduction of 269 posts in the Planning Service.  Don’t worry though…

“Our current estimate is that in total a further 80 posts, outside the Planning Service, are surplus and will be redeployed,” the DoE spokesperson added.

In a statement a spokesperson for the DFP said: “Although no targets have been set for any reduction in staffing numbers, the requirement for departments to make efficiency/cash releasing savings will inevitably place downward pressures on workforce numbers.”

The DFP said they should be able to manage the workforce reductions without the need for redundancies, “although particular difficulties may arise in certain specialist grades or locations”.

The aim is to redeploy “surplus staff” to other posts in the same department if possible.

If redeployment is not an option, the department said the Northern Ireland Civil Service “has a range of pre-redundancy measures available which will be used, as required, to help minimise or avoid the need for redundancies”.

In addition the BBC reports

The Department of Finance and Personnel (DFP) has confirmed that all departments within the NI Executive are assessing staff levels for 2010/11.