DoE Cuts: “to help minimise or avoid the need for redundancies”

Never mind any possible future cuts, the BBC reports that a fall in the “level of receipts from planning applications fell from £22.5m in the 2007/08 financial year, to £15.7m in the 2009/10 financial year” has prompted consideration of a reduction of 269 posts in the Planning Service.  Don’t worry though…

“Our current estimate is that in total a further 80 posts, outside the Planning Service, are surplus and will be redeployed,” the DoE spokesperson added.

In a statement a spokesperson for the DFP said: “Although no targets have been set for any reduction in staffing numbers, the requirement for departments to make efficiency/cash releasing savings will inevitably place downward pressures on workforce numbers.”

The DFP said they should be able to manage the workforce reductions without the need for redundancies, “although particular difficulties may arise in certain specialist grades or locations”.

The aim is to redeploy “surplus staff” to other posts in the same department if possible.

If redeployment is not an option, the department said the Northern Ireland Civil Service “has a range of pre-redundancy measures available which will be used, as required, to help minimise or avoid the need for redundancies”.

In addition the BBC reports

The Department of Finance and Personnel (DFP) has confirmed that all departments within the NI Executive are assessing staff levels for 2010/11.

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  • Cynic2

    The health service budget was cut by £95m to pay for water charges. Now where do you think that money will come from?

  • They keep redeploying to where? Is there a civil service reserve where unwanted civil services rest until they are found a suitable department?

    Redeployment means shuffling costs to somewhere else. But if this is an issue of affordability and one department can’t afford them, why would another be able to take on that cost? Cameron was right. The size of the public sector has to start reducing and the sooner the better.

  • Sean Og

    The civil service will have a recruitment freeze for many years to come if they are to avoid redundancies. This will hit youth unemployment figures very hard.

    For the long term good of the civil service and the economy they need limited recruitment of young people. Therefore they need to start getting rid of the dead wood quickly and in big numbers.

    Of course NIPSA and the civil servants advising Ministers will never agree to that and young graduates can look forward to years of unemployment while the fat cat bureaucrats grow old in their posts and look forward to their pension.

  • Mrazik

    I hear the Department of Paperclips and Steamed Envelopes needs new blood.

  • The Planning Service and its shortcomings have featured in quite a number of stories on NALIL blog. It’s unlikely that staff ‘pruning’ will produce better outcomes so long as there are major structural deficiencies.

    In the ‘Marconi’s Cottage’ saga it now appears that there is a possible threat to Ballycastle Salt Pans possible inclusion in the projected Atlantic Salt Trail partly because industrial archaeology doesn’t have a tick box on the P1 planning application despite its appearance in a planning policy statement PPS6.

  • Mrazik, post FoI this is now the Department of Paperclips, Steamed Envelopes and Shredded Documents.

  • iluvni

    How many new civil service jobs will be created in Ford’s laughable Justice MInistry?

  • Pigeon Toes


  • The Oncoming Storm

    I’m a HPTO in Planning Service on £24k p/a so hardly a fat cat! We first found out about this news last week when it was accidently leaked on the intranet bulletin board. That is just symptymatic of the incompetence of senior management over the last decade which is why the Planning Service is in the mess it is. The staff being threatened with redeployment aren’t the ones who blew £20 million on the e-Pic project yet they seem to be the ones who’ll have to walk the plank for it!!!

    Theres no way they can redeploy that many people. Planners are a specialist grade and equivalent admin posts are scarce, hence the line about “wherever possible” in the story! It’s inevitable that there will be job losses. Of course it’s the wrong people who’ll get the chop, the entire management board should be sacked and new people who arent part of the rotten management cultture in NICS where managers spend most of their time carrying out vendettas against each other and promotion happens because youve kissed the right arses are brought in to sort things out!