Auntie’s election bloomers or I’m sorry, I’ll read that again…

I think Mark’s got some stories about the comedy of errors arising from the boundary changes which I will leave to him. But here’s a couple from the media. A friend on Facebook noted this incident the other day:

On Evening Extra Andy Martin ran us through a constituency profile of South Antrim in which he said that transfers would be crucial in deciding who was eventually elected. Now either South Antrim has been unilaterally declared the only Proportional Representation constituency …

And there’s also a reference in today’s Irish News about Paul Butler building on his success in the 2007 Assembly election. Fair enough, except with around 3000 nationalist votes left in the constituency after the export of Glenavy and Lagmore to other constituencies, the tiny isolated upper valley area of Finnis represents the only concentration of nationalist voters. The rest are dispursed through out the constituency.

In other words, Paul’s base has taken flight and his seat is all but gone next time out.

I wonder if people are leaning too much on Sammy Morse’s election profiles from 2007? It just so happens the changes have a much more profound effect in Lagan Valley than many places elsewhere…

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  • fitzjameshorse1745

    The name “Andy Martin” is a new name on me but but not only is it a bad mistake for him….I would have thought it a bad editing mistake as well. Or are there no Editors anymore?

    Technically the “Irish News” mistake was one of omission. Butler CAN improve but its unlikely. Certainly the error could be argued away by saying there is possibly still a nationalist quota to be cobbled together and the “improvement” is establishing himself more obviously as the leading contender.

    Only the Irish News journo would know whether he/she “leaned too heavily” (a phrase open to ambiguity) on Mr Morses 2007 profiles. Perhaps we should be told?

  • Ray M

    Biggest blooper? Paula Bradshaw not snapping big Spratts hand off and taking the Assembly seat deal. All talk in constituency is that her campaign in floundering.

  • brendan

    On GMU this morning Karen Patterson introduced the shadow spokesperson on health and spend the interveiw addressing him as ‘Minister’……….

  • brendan

    Sorry it was shadow spokesperson on housing, not health.

  • jtwo


    Have you deduced a technique for editing live radio?

  • Rory Carr

    Conall McDevitt’s denunciation of HM MoD’s proposed “£20 million” spend on nuclear capability, Trident on the Nolan show this morning. Even Nolan, without prompting, was able to correct this blooper to the more realistic (and more frightening) £20 billion, which is the actual proposed expenditure.

    Anyway, Conall and the SDLP apparently will put a stop to that. Which is nice.

  • fitzjameshorse1745

    No I have not.
    Rather obviously I did not hear the broadcast but I would have thought (perhaps you think so too) that a Constituency Profile might have been something that was prepared rather than “off the cuff” in a live interview.

  • Chris Donnelly

    Add this to the list- Irish Times article

    Apparently we’ve missed the latest story from Fermanagh South Tyrone- the Alliance candidate has had a sex change….

  • snowstorm

    The latest consituency report on Evening Extra last night was probably the worst yet. It featured South Belfast yet the majority of the time was taken up discussing the fortunes of Iris Robinson (tenous link as part of Strangford has come into SB) and Peter Robinson, who obviously is running in East Belfast.

    Jimmy Spratt’s name wasn’t even mentioned and the incumbent MP was mentioned once. Andy Martin described his majority as tiny, when it is actually 1,200.