Election kit: Awkward Questions for party doorsteppers…

David Gordon has a handy guide to being an (intelligently) awkward bugger when someone comes to the doorstep looking for your vote. Here’s some snippets. First the DUP:

The DUP opposed power-sharing for decades and said in its last General Election manifesto in 2005 that a coalition with Sinn Fein was “out of the question”. Just two years |later, Ian Paisley did his deal with Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams. Why the U-turns?

There has been talk in recent months about links between Peter and Iris Robinson and the late property developer Fred Fraser. Did Mr Fraser ever make donations to your party?

When did the DUP realise that the MP expenses system needed major reform and did this happen |before or after the Press got hold of the expenses claims details?

And then the Conservatives and Unionists:

If a Tory Government gets in and starts imposing savage cuts here, will you be supporting David Cameron or supporting Northern Ireland?

Why are you in favour of a unionist unity pact in Fermanagh South Tyrone and not in South Belfast?

We await further installments with interest…