The leaders won’t dare risk honesty

At the beginning of manifesto week and the first leader’s debate on Thursday, voters give a howl of protest at all-party lying in a ComRes poll for the Independent on Sunday. Will the leaders’ come clean? Will they hell. Unless somebody breaks ranks in the leaders’ debates. Of the Big Two, Brown has least to lose but he has never been one for the bold gamble has he?

The survey, taken yesterday and on Friday, shows that 63 per cent of people agree with the statement that “neither Labour nor the Conservatives are being honest about how they would reduce public borrowing” – with only 27 per cent disagreeing.


Of the possible outcomes of the election, 29 per cent said they would prefer to see the Tories form a government with an overall majority, while 26 per cent favoured a Labour-Lib Dem coalition in a hung parliament. Some 25 per cent said they wanted Labour to win with an outright majority, while 20 per cent favoured a Tory- Lib Dem alliance.

While this appear to boost support for a hung parliament, no party is yet prepared to come out clearly and back it decisively although Brown is clearly flirting with the idea. Yet for all the talk of a hung parliament the polls show a consolidating if not decisive Conservative lead. And according to the latest forecasts in the IoS piece, 7 out of 8 pollsters, the people who pore over the fine details of each other’s figures, believe the Conservatives will win an overall majority
Adds Martin Ivens in the Sunday Times has a thoughtful piece “Who’s more honest: voters or politicians?” He’s right about voters needing strong leadership to accept serious cuts but too kind about the ” more or less honest” tax and spend debates.

  • Marcionite

    A hung parliament is not an active choice but a result of the fall of the electoral ballot cards. In short, noone can vote fir a hung parliament.

    The LibLabCon Party’s 3 electoral wings know from previous experience that telling the patient about the bluntness of the knife and scarcity of anasthetic makes the patient turn to smiling lying aunty who promises to remove the tumour by making him eat less smarties.

    As someone once said, “I’ve lived under 8 prime ministers and been poor under every single one”

    if politics is show business for ugly people, then elections are popularity contests for the nefarious from the lowers rings from Dante’s tales

    Relying on predicting things to come based on the speed and weight and direction of current body-politic:

    2014 election will be PR and we’ll see both Tory and Labour split in two as both would win seats under such a system. UKIP and the new rightwing Tory rump will merge and become potent and will become more pro England and less
    pro union as such a party would be exclusively English. Scotland will likely to begin formal secession.

    If the above comes to pass, we could see England become at least the first EU member to hold a referendum to leave the EU. Where this leaves NI, well, i use the analogy of the child whose left with the father whose mum has run off only to discover that his fathers DNA test shows he’s not his real Dad. Such a child may consider packing it’s bags and moving in with Aunty Erin

  • Brian Walker

    All of this is bit mad Marcionite, bad lunch? You can’t vote for a hung parliament but you can vote Lib Dem. Rash to bet on PR or even AV by 2014. Labour is internally divided, Cons against because they believe it biased against them and a smaller Commons would be a better reform for them. That very tricky too for all sorts of reasons, including turkeys not voting for Xmas. Serious intent of parly reform by 2014 requires a Bill by July, because of need for boundary revisions. Watch out!

  • Marcionite

    Perhaps the year 2014 is wrong , I’m no soothsayer but I stand by the rest happening by 2020 at the latest. the dynamics are in place. The English vote in droves for Ukip in elections where each vote matters eg Euro. The same would happen for Westminster were PR in place. If Libdems hold balance of power and get PR as a reward for supporting the government, this would be the unintended consequence.

    I do not regard this postulation as mad as I am basing it upon sephology of recent elections

  • Marcionite

    and my lunch was rather good I hasten to add. Grace Neils in Donaghadee does a splendid pavé steak. How was your lunch Brian?

  • Brian Walker

    Marcionite, Just a hurried bowl of soup before more mugging up. Can’t afford the likes of Grace Neil’s for a routine lunch..

  • Marcionite

    Not a routine lunch by any means.
    Can we return to the main point and not start a food fight?

  • Alias

    Christopher Booker has a good article about why the political hacks won’t risk honesty.