“Sample exchange from Stalker O’Toole yesterday”

Nice skit from Squinter on Slugger today…

And so the latest offensive in Operation Bury Gerry never made it out of the landing craft, although floating in the breakers are many casualties. One of them, through Squinter’s rear-line vantage point at least, is the political and cultural website Slugger O’Toole, which, sad to say, in recent months has been utterly unblushing in its obsession with the Bearded One, to the extent that it makes the Sunday Tribune look like An Phoblacht.

It’s okay for Squinter to be an unashamed West Belfast republican lout, but surely a bit of perspective is required from such a paragon of considered cross-community analysis. Not a bit of it, for it seems half the topics are getting smart with Gearóid Mór, while the ones that aren’t usually don’t take long to get with the programme. Sample exchange from Stalker O’Toole yesterday:

Today’s Guardian has a very interesting article on how the Keynesian dialectic is increasingly irrelevant in Gordon Brown’s macro-economic policies.

– I always thought it was strange how a fundamentally collectivist doctrine found favour with so many European Christian democrat parties.
– Collectivist – isn’t that the same as communist?
– Don’t talk to me about communists, it was communists that blew up La Mon and disappeared Jean McConville.
– Those ghetto-freaks in West Belfast just keep on voting for Gerry Adams, though. Why, I oughta…

(and so on among the same four people for another eight pages.)


  • Alias

    I wonder if you complain will Squinter issue you with a grovelling apology or does he only do that trick for Gerry?

  • Drumlins Rock

    Alex Maskey in a shell suit… sends shivers down my spine

  • FitzjamesHorse

    There is actually a serious issue.
    Slugger O’Toole has kinda overdone the Gerry thing. And is open to exactly the kinda parody that Squinter has done.
    When the Journalists/Bloggers themselves become the story, theres a real issue.

    I was away from Slugger for nearly three weeks and on my return home have found that not a lot has changed.
    …Gerry Adams might have been in IRA.
    …Peter Robinson lost his temper
    …Unionist unity candidate in Fermanagh/South Tyrone
    …theres an election on 6th May (who would have guessed THAT three weeks ago)
    …Allaince is gonna make a breakthru.
    …dissident republicans started a hunger strike in the prison canteen. (actually I made that up but only just)

  • Mick Fealty

    Are you blaming Slugger for the news FJH? (BTW, you made the second last one up too…)

  • FitzjamesHorse

    Mr Fealty,
    Nope didnt make the second last one up.
    You really should read the comments on South Belfast. Anna Lo is poised for big things apparently.
    Im “blaming” (a loaded word which I personally wouldnt use)the Slugger team for not recognising that
    Gerry Adams as an IRA man is “man bites dog”
    Peter Robinson…temper…ditto.
    Unity candidate in FST….ditto
    And I think three weeks ago we all knew the election date was 6th May.

  • Drumlins Rock

    Ah big big difference though fitzjames, 3 weeks ago they were all just rumours, now they are all facts! well appart from the allaince breakthru, you must have dreamed that one up. At the end of the day reading slugger is a bit like waiting for the whitesmoke, there is a heck of alot of crap said while waiting for something to happen, but when it does its usually pretty much on the ball, you jsut have to learn to sift it.

  • FitzjamesHorse

    ooops……”dog bites man” of course.

  • GFASupporterButRealist

    Squinter’s column this week clearly passed Gerry-the-censor with aplomb, unlike, err, another one (or more?) which merited a cringing apology to the Bearded One. Squinter’s latest effort almost makes the use of irony in response, well, redundant…..

  • FitzjamesHorse

    Drumlins Rock.
    Hardly……but I haer what youre saying.
    Just feel the “team” needs a couple of new hobby horses.
    Maybe the Wikipedia fact (?) that so many politicians read Slugger will mean that some of them will break cover and actually post some stuff in Election run-up.

  • Cynic2

    “Slugger O’Toole has kinda overdone the Gerry thing. ”

    On really? Pray, just how do you “over do” comment on things like:

    * covering up child abuse incest and rape

    * leading an organisation involved in covering up rape, refusing the victim ‘permission to get counselling’ smuggling the culprit out of the country and telling the woman to get on with her life

    * leading an organisation that makes a rape victim confront her attacker so they can assess by the body language if she’s telling the truth

    * allegedly ordering the kidnap and murder of a mother of 10

    * allegedly ordering the hanging of a man in prison

    * failing to pass on to young men starving themselves to death as part of his strategy, that they have effectively got the concessions they wanted?

    * telling risible lies about his role in the troubles?

    Juts how do you over do analysis of issues like these?

  • Cynic2


    Yes, calssic Squiner in support of Sain Gerry but a few little worries nag at me:

    1 where did the old SF ‘Green’ credentials of SF go flying around the country in helicopters and all. reminds me of the Irish Minister who flew from Dublin in one to open an Off licence in her constituency

    2 whatever happened to all those SF campaigns against helicopters because of the danger to people in West Belfast, them scaring cows to death, causing cancer, plague , pestilence, etc.

    3 who was the generous benefactor who provided the aircraft and was it declared in the Register of Members Interests

  • joeCanuck

    Question 3:
    All of that money that “disappeared” hasn’t gone away, you know.

  • Dec

    Are you blaming Slugger for the news FJH?


    Most news outlets cover other stories too. However, if you think the site’s coverage of all-things SF is fair, balanced and proportional…


    Your first post amply demonstrates that you just don’t do irony, do you…

  • Dec


    hat-tip to squinter by making a point with humour, without having to link to a 40 year-old Monty Python sketch on YouTube.

  • FitzjamesHorse

    Can I point you in the direction of msg 18 on the thread initiated by Mr Fealty “Why has the Media Gone Easy on Gerry Adams”… you will note that I posted that Mr Adams has very real questions in respect of say Bloody Friday and La Mon…..which are of much more relevance than the “association with child abuse”.
    This would be the same fearless Media (which Mr Fealty now suggests might be in fear!)who bigged Adams up prior to 1998.

  • Catherine

    You just couldn’t make it up:

    Squinter who was publicly ‘bitch slapped’ by Adams writing grovelling pieces slamming those who discuss the data that backs up the reason for Squinter getting ‘bitch slapped.’

    It takes a ‘special’ kind of person to grovel to the person who ‘bitch slapped’ them. It takes a ‘very special’ person to think that what he writes could ever be taken seriously again when he altered his whole belief system upon above mentioned ‘bitch slapping.’

  • old school

    Adams gets 600 quid an hour writing with Belfast Media. How much is Squinter paid?
    Belfast Media is financed by the British Government to keep the Pro State M.P in power.
    Incidentally, Squinter says every leader of every party has used a helicopter for business.
    I grew up in Derry through the 70s, 80s and 90s and have NEVER heard of John hume landing or taking off from the Brandywell Showgrounds to travel to Belfast (roughly the same trip as Belfast to Dublin)
    Squinter the “radical and dangerous voice of the people” fails again.

  • Gerry Adams needs a new writer. I got two thirds of the way down Squinters column and then got bored. And Squinter does write for GA there is no doubt about that

    I am not sure why all the allegations and accusations are being made now, could it be that time has loosened the grip he had on his community. It makes no difference. All politicians, no matter the party, need to know they are accountable, not just to their constituents, but to the law.

    If GA were a tory or even F/F or F/G grandee, no one would have raised an eyebrow over the use of a helicopter, but you cannot wear your ‘poverty’ like a cloak to be discarded at will.

  • old school

    If Gerry Adams built a duck pond in his garden with Stormont expenses, squinter would be defending it.
    “Sure all the leaders have duck ponds these days”.
    British journalists attack both Labour and Tory sleaze.
    Many of them (A.A Gill. Clarkson etc) are undountedly Tory or Labour supporters, but it doesn’t stop them demolishing an M.P, through humour, who fecked up.
    Squinter is just a mirror of those journalists in RTE who suck up to their paymasters in Fianna Fail, with fawning articles and interviews.
    One bug yawn.
    Maybe he fears he’ll be “Emersonned”

  • slug

    “I got two thirds of the way down Squinters column and then got bored. ”

    That far?

  • slug

    I was trying!!!

  • socaire

    Too many big words, Patience? Sure Joe will explain them.

  • socaire!

    His masters voice?

    Most journalists and especially columnists, voice their own opinions. Most support this or that cause, but they should not be subservient to anyone or any cause. I did not like the sound of Squinters column. Too much sycophancy makes me bilious.

  • old school

    It was the Daily Torygraph which was to the fore highlighting Tory abuse of Westminster expenses.
    Who’d have thought Tory Journalists would be defending the masses and attacking the elite, whilst Shinner journalists attack the masses and defend the elite?

  • nick

    Stalker O’Toole?-more like sluggish old tools such as all of the usual suspects above -night, night-keep her lit…

  • old school

    Devastating riposte, Nick.
    So you support our State funded media defending members of the State Government?
    Nothing to say about Squinter’s patronising “new rich” tone on those “who use black taxis” or wear “shell suits”?

  • Alias

    Good point, old school. I’d have thought that all those party hacks who donate their Her Majesty’s salary to the party and live off the average industrial wage would be a bit peeved about Gerry spending the best part of their salaries on helicopters rides…

  • percy

    damn good journalism that from squinter.
    I suppose a poke in the eye is as good as a rattle of the cage !!

  • Halfer

    Please try and remember that this article appeared in the andersonstown news……more the Beano than the Guardian.

  • FitzjamesHorse

    Good point Halfer.
    If only Guardian readers like you and I were the only ones allowed to vote.
    Alas the Andytown News sells more copies in West Belfast than the Guardian. The Beano also sells more copies.

    Which means that on 6th May, several thousand folks from West Belfast will be going to the Polls, informed by the Andytown News rather than the Guardian.
    And of course informed by their own mix of ideal and self interest and their life experience.

    I dont know what the Overclass can do to combat this……maybe limit the franchise to University graduates. I dunno. This Democracy thing…pain in the ass for the Overclass.

  • Alias

    The ‘Overclass’ has it well covered. It controls the media and the political parties of the ‘underclass’ thereby ensuring that its interests are subliminally synchronised with its own.

  • Cynic2

    Oh FJH, ‘informed’ by the Andytown News? have they sunk that low?

    On reflection, perhaps you are right. In North Korea, for example, even as they starve, many workers believe that they live in a workers paradise compared to the evil capitalist countries where people have even less.

  • As a returning member after many years away I found this post a very refreshing comment from Squinter [ who ever he is ?] .
    I am sure poncy Pete can tell me , and probably will when he returns from space .

    Made my day, very tongue in cheek ,but none the less extremely perceptive & accurate .

    This guy squinter is a breath of fresh air , pity he is not on here more often , as this site has gone to hell in a handcart .

    Just a pity that bigot Baker ,and his ilk weren’t in it .

    Whatever happened to the proper political analysis of the sites early days , it has become a graffiti wall for the so called nerds ,and I’m very surprised at you letting this happen Mick Fealty your site deserves better , shame on you .

    Mick why don’t you ask this guy squinter whoever he is to guest blog ?, and that might bring the site a little balance ,and humour ,which is something the usual politicly constipated bloggers on this site , sadly lack

    Self opinionated bores the lot of them .

    Good luck for now .
    Biff1 .

  • [quote][i]The ‘Overclass’ has it well covered. It controls the media and the political parties of the ‘underclass’ thereby ensuring that its interests are subliminally synchronised with its own.[/i] …. Posted by Alias on Apr 10, 2010 @ 04:21 AM [/quote]

    They might like to think that, Alias, but it is no longer the reality and they are virtually forced to change their leaders and adopt new Systems, to at least stay in touch with a New and SurReal World Order, or they will Perish and the World and its Worlds will be a Better Place in every Space without them …… for they are not Fit for Future’s Purpose.

    This short article …. http://thedailybell.com/951/Greenspan-In-Elite-Plot.html ….. and the comments on it, would advise you of Renegade Change? [Renegade is the US Secret Service name for Obama (Michelle is Renaissance)] Although it could equally well be Rogue Pirates in Networks InterNetworking JOINT Applications Sublimely, too.

    And would you believe that Holywood is more Hollywood than Hollywood and Works through ITs Centres albeit Stealthily Covered in Cloud and Refined and Defined in the Confines of Barracks rather than ever being able to be classed as a Puppet Tool of Baracks, although that is not to say there can be No Swinging in a Mutually Beneficial Arrangement, for who would wish to deny themselves the Undoubted Pleasures in that?

  • Dixie Elliott

    FitzjamesHorse has to be Da out of Give my Head Peace. The resemblance to Da’s obsession with Gerry is uncanny to say the least…

    Saying that michaelhenry would be a Cal to FJH’s Da…

  • FitzjamesHorse

    I suppose it was the beard that gave me away.

  • old school

    FJH believes “the Overclass” fears Adams re election.
    Nothing could be further from the truth.
    The main media outlet in Adams Constituency is run by Adams and his minions, and is funded by the “Overclass”. Adams is paid 600 pounds an hour by the “Overclass” to write dull articles in a newspaper he is politically affiliated with.
    Squinter is also paid by the Overclass. The main target of his “wit” *ahem* is Pro Separatist Republicans in the area. Thats why the “Overclass” keep the funds flowing.

    In any other country (with the exception of the U.S funded Karzai)it would raise eyebrows to see the State paying writers to further the States agenda. And as any decent journalist knows, that is not the domain of journalists. State funded journalists will never bite the hand that feeds them.

  • FitzjamesHorse

    oh I dont think the Overclass (by which I mean the people who think that they are too good for local Politics) actually “fear” Adams getting re-elected. They just dont like it. And fail to understand WHY he is actually elected when people like themselves (The Overclass) cant.

  • Jimmy Sands

    “informed by the Andytown News”

    An unfortunate choice of words perhaps.

  • Halfer

    FJH @ #5

    “Good point Halfer.
    If only Guardian readers like you and I were the only ones allowed to vote.
    Alas the Andytown News sells more copies in West Belfast than the Guardian. The Beano also sells more copies.

    Which means that on 6th May, several thousand folks from West Belfast will be going to the Polls, informed by the Andytown News rather than the Guardian.
    And of course informed by their own mix of ideal and self interest and their life experience.

    I dont know what the Overclass can do to combat this……maybe limit the franchise to University graduates. I dunno. This Democracy thing…pain in the ass for the Overclass. ”

    That was a bit of old tosh FJH…..

    I think its a fair assumption that the majority of voters, SF or otherwise in this backwater vote through their noses in a completely instinctive manner and not in the “informed” way your fantasising about.

    If you want to talk stats and majorities, at least mention the the majority who are so alienated from the sham that parades as democracy and stay at home come election day.

    Squinters latest fresh breath of bile is another sycophantic effort to pull the story away from the matters at hand at towards those asking the questions. If Adams was to answer at least some of the hanging questions with an ounce of integrity then maybe they wouldn’t need to be repeated so often. Not just here on Slugger, but in other sections of the media.

  • FitzjamesHorse

    you obviously dont do irony.
    I merely make the point that you seem to believe that the people in West Belfast are in some way lesser mortals to your sophisticated self.
    While you are intellectually formed by the Guardian etc……they vote thru their noses.

    Like I say maybe sophisticated types like you and I should save them from themselves. Alas neither you or could not get elected in West Belfast (or indeed anywhere else).
    Yet I suspect you misjudge West Belfast.
    All of us……even you and I vote according to principles we hold dear AND narrow self interest.
    I suspect you and I more like the people of West Belfast than you care to acknowledge.

    That they can vote for a man who er allegedly might have er done things that you and I and possibly even they dont particuarly like …is just a fact of life.

  • old school

    FJH, can you explain why the “Overclass” don’t like to see Adams elected?
    Why did they redraw the electoral boundary to ensure Adams kept his seat?
    Why do they fund his party paper?
    Why did they intern his political opponents? (Mc Kevitt)
    Why do they write Ard Fheis speeches for him?
    Why did they arrest and try to frame journalists critical of him? (Breen)
    Really you describe him like he’s the Dalai Lama being persecuted by the Chinese, when he’s actually the Irish Hamid Karzai.

  • old school

    I too would really like to see Squinter here.
    Get him out of his little bubble and let him debate and defend the NIO funded misinformation he’s so keen to write.
    Bring it on, Squinter!

  • FitzjamesHorse

    old school……are you familiar with the word “hyperbole”?
    You appear to be describing the ESTABLISHMENT.

    I was of course talking of the OVERCLASS…..which as far as I know is a word that I myself first used but hopefully will be wider used.

    The Overclass is the opposite of the Underclass..those who feel disconnected from Society especially Politics. A wide variety of reasons, poverty, deprivation, lack of (self?) motivation, drugs……..whatever.

    The Overclass is the “coalition” of people who feel that they are disconnected from our Norn Iron Society by being smarter than everyone else. Integrationalists, Greens, Trot journos, “why doesnt the Labour Party/Tory party organise here?” or simply people who live in Helens Bay.
    In short……everybody I dont like.

  • Border Fox

    I had assumed that Brian/Biff2 @ #8 was Squinter himself?

    I then snorted appreciatively at old schools description @ #17 of Gerry Adams as the Irish Hamid Karzai.

    A very perceptive evocation of the equivalence between Gerry & Hamid. A fine pair of marionettes.

  • Halfer

    Again FJH….tosh

    I merely gave an opinion on the source (the Atown news) which is a….well its a rag to be honest….one degree from a page three girl.

    This is not an assumption that I’m ‘better’ or more sophisticated than anyone.

    I am very like the people of West Belfast…in fact I’m one of them. I was raised in, and have always lived in Andersonstown and have experienced the tribal mentality as well as the instinctive voting mentality of its people.

    Moreover, my life experiences saw me joining and organising in a paramilitary group at one time.

    I have since come to reject this method of achieving my goals through principled and strategic reasoning.

    My principles dictate that I spoil my vote as I have absolutely no faith in this sham democracy as a means to bettering our lives. Hence your assertion that you and I couldn’t get elected here doesn’t cost me any sleep.

  • FJH

    I know you have been told before but perhaps this time the message will sink in:

    You really are nothing more than a self important, little troll.


    Why spoil your vote? If you want to be part of the debate and hopefully the peaceful solution you should participate.

  • FitzjamesHorse

    pippakin….Im sure you will say it again….and again.
    Halfer……thank you for agreeing that people should vote or indeed not vote according to their own life experiences.