Norman Baxter calls for new investigation into Jean McConville’s murder

Norman Baxter may not be running as the candidate for Fermanagh / South Tyrone but his article in today’s News Letter is a damning attack on Gerry Adams and the IRA over the murder of Jean McConville and the whole nature of the IRA’s campaign:

Some extracts:

If we are to believe the confession of the self-proclaimed Brendan ‘The Dark’ Hughes, somewhere a group of self-appointed rulers of darkness decided to abduct, execute and hide the earthly remains of Jean McConville.

Hughes names Gerry Adams as directing the execution of this defenceless widow. An easy decision for these “heroes” of Irish republicanism.

Ten children were left under the care of the oldest teenage sister for five weeks before the family was split up and scattered by social services. No one to help them in their hour of need. No one told them where their mother was – if she was dead or where she was buried.

Their human rights were violated at every level by IRA leaders, who like wolves in sheep’s clothing sought to convince people that they were opposing repression.

The abduction and death of Jean McConville is an indictment on the Irish republican cause and its leadership. Faceless men now exposed as tribal gods, who could abuse women and children and terminate human life at a whim.

In the months leading up to Jean McConville’s murder at least 14 women were abducted from their homes, beaten and humiliated by having their heads shaved and being “tarred and feathered”.

One of his comments is amongst the most damning recently written about Gerry Adams:

Where was God’s mercy on that dark December night in 1972 when the words of death slipped easily from the lips from a demon of death?

He also raises uncomfortable questions which have a particular relevance in view of the imminent devolution of policing and justice:

Mitchell McLaughlin, when Sinn Fein party chairman, pronounced in 2005 that the death of Jean McConville was not a criminal act.

At this stage, when policing and justice is about to be devolved, the people of Northern Ireland should now be told is this still the Sinn Fein position?

Baxter calls for a further urgent investigation into Mrs. McConville’s murder:

The McConville family, like so many other victims, deserve justice.

Helen McKendry should not be left in isolation to seek justice for her mother through civil proceedings.

Civic society and democratic politicians should come together in a campaign to financially and morally support the McConville family.

Jean McConville may have been a poor defenceless widow, abducted, tormented and done to death; but she was a human being and a living soul.

The light of truth will expose the guilty – it should be explored and not extinguished.