Sinn Féin’s sole Banbridge District councillor resigns from party

The Belfast Telegraph reports that Sinn Féin’s only councillor on Banbridge District Council, Dessie Ward, has resigned from the party. There doesn’t seem to have been a statement from Cllr Ward yet, and it’s not clear if the recent news reports had anything to do with his decision, but despite the news being described in the Telegraph report as a “bolt out of the blue” he’s already listed as an Independent on the Council website. Update Although he hasn’t updated his[?] website. Adds From the BBC report

Mr Ward [who was seen as a rising star in the party] joined Sinn Fein aged 20 and had worked as a party press officer. He was elected to Banbridge District Council in 2005 at the age of 24.

  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathleen Collins

    Maybe…just maybe-Dessie had enough and there certainly is enough to trouble people.
    1. current statement from the grave regarding gerry adams ordered the death of a mother of 10;
    2. current statement from mcguiness saying Cardinal Brady should go because he was aware a child sex offending priest was moved around within the church (like gerry adams’ brother was moved around in sinn fein)
    3. statement from gerry adams that he believed his niece that his brother had sexually abused her as a child and then went on to publically campaign with the man giving the gerry adams stamp of approval to a man/hisbrother whom he believed had raped his daughter

    there’s a lot there to make people in the party unhappy. Since it doesn’t seem to have a movement to have gerry or martin leave the party…at least some people are leaving.

  • granni trixie

    The resignation is hardly a vote of confidence in President of SF, is it?

    How ironic if the redding out of the church coincides with the same in SF and possibly other parties (the DUP to name one other).

    There are great opportunities for something better ahead.

  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathy Collins

    Hi granni, I liked what you said there are great opportunities ahead. I wonder if gerry adams and even martin mcguiness are looking into the eyes of every sinn fein member wondering what they’re thinking and if they’re plotting politically against them.

  • Michaelhenry

    some leave,most stay,others will join, it has always been the way of the movement.

  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathy Collins

    Hi Michaelhenry…things are a wee bit different now and the movement especially sinn fein is being rocked by scandal. Just how much do people have to take? There has been a hemorage of people leaving sinn fein—people don’t look at gerry adams the same and don’t look at sinn fein the same for keeping him. Then there is martin mcguiness bringing up cardinal brady;s sins on protecting sex offending priest-…where is his voice to call for gerry adams to step down. Both gerry and brady are guilty of the same thing. Both protected brothers (brady’s priest brothers and gerry’s blood brother) In a way…I think martin mcguiness is worse. He finds fault with the cardinal but says nothing except support for adams. Rather twisted and perverted.

  • DerTer


    Bit of whistling in the dark going on there! Why did you bother?

  • Martin McGuinness has survived in a very strange world for a long time. I think he may well have been sending GA a thinly disguised hint when he suggested the Cardinal should resign.

    Any battle for the heart of S/F will be, metaphorically, bloody and behind closed doors. GA is damaged and McMG is a survivor who clearly likes popularity, you do the math.

    As for this other poor schmuck are we expected to believe he is surprised by these allegations???

  • Michaelhenry

    always stick with the truth, which is why people will stick with sinn fein.

  • Michaelhenry

    I read your comment and in all honesty I did not know whether to laugh or cry.

  • Michaelhenry

    laugh and be merry pippakin.

  • Kathy C

    posted by Kathleen Collins

    Hi pippakin, I agree martin mcguiness was sending out a hint…but I see it he was stiring up the frenzy again against adams putting pressure on adams. We now know that adams is a liar…but mcguiness is the one ruling the party with an iron fist. He is the man who labels those who don’t go along with his view as people who want to go back to violence. Martin mcguiness is the man to be very careful of and gerry adams is a lying pinochio who will be a very lonely old man.

  • Kathy C

    Martin McGuinness does not have a choice, the walls of Jericho are tumbling around Gerry Adams and it is a question of survival, of both MMcG and S/F.

    In some ways, and in the absence of a viable alternative, it is also about the survival of the peace process.

    Anyone naive enough to believe that future battles would be the same as previous battles, are I am afraid in for a serious shock.

    I am not exactly a willing supporter of MMcG but I do believe he and S/F offer the best hope for the future, for the time being…

    Michael Henry

    I hope you are right, I will not overlook the death of innocents, but I do hope you are right.

  • fionnuala

    Michael Henry, I would be really grateful if you could tell me what the Sinn Fein strategy is. The reason I am asking I have listened to strategies for half my life and I never remember the one about lining their pockets and administering British rule, which is what they are currently doing. Gerry their leader could not tell himself the truth, anyway good luck to Dessie Ward for shedding the snake skin.

  • Folks (apart from Pippakin who knows better), SF is up to its elbows in blood (copyright N.Kruschev when speaking about himself). Why would anyone with any self-respect or any respect for others want to vote for a Loyalist or Republican political party which has been involved in murder for decades? Perhaps because you think its okay to kill when the sectarian headcount does not give the answer you want to hear?
    Be honest with yourselves here, the Shinners don´t like Prods and the PUP don´t like Catholics. and thats the only reason why people vote for them.

  • Michaelhenry

    its nice to be liked fionnuala,so you do not suppurt anyone yourself, its sad you have no belief.

  • B O O

    Where have you been???

    Actually though I do think we have moved on a bit. There are people, on both sides, looking very carefully at what has been said, and done in recent years, such people will not have their head turned by religion, class or indeed old loyalties. I hope we have all learned, and I think there are some in, for example S/F who know this and are looking ahead.

  • fionnuala

    Michaelhenry, you never answered the question. What is their strategy? They administer British rule, they have got rich in part via the Brit purse! What has that got to do with getting liked and beliefs? I believe they are a bunch of hypocrites and I know their leader is an accomplished liar. Now you said there is no viable alternative strategy to the one currently presented by Sinn Fein. I am asking you again to tell me what it is?

  • Hi there Pippakin,
    maybe you are right, but as you know I find it hard to understand why people would want to vote for gunmen of either creed. They only stopped doing what they should never have started doing in the first place, so why reward them?
    As to where I have been – nowhere exciting, have just given this place a break for a while and now I´m off to bed. Have a good one!

  • Michaelhenry

    to live in a peacefull equal ireland fionnuala, surly you have read the good friday agreement,its a good page turner, educate yourself like i had to do.

  • CatinHat

    “Be honest with yourselves here, the Shinners don´t like Prods and the PUP don´t like Catholics. and thats the only reason why people vote for them.”


    Don’t really think that’s literally so. Geert Wilders doesn’t like Muslims but loves ex-Muslims. That’s definately a religion thing.

    But I think if an evangelical Prod fanatical united Irelander walked into Sinn Fein offices demanding a membership card he’d be pretty welcome, and I don’t think that even the current PUP of all people would turn away a union flag waving Catholic.

    Unionists proved in 1996 that they’re even capable of electing a southerner of Catholic background with a pro-union stance that later turned wobbly and was abandoned.

    Let’s give both sides some credit. It’s really about national identification at the end of the day. More precisely about national identification even than it is even about the existence of the border if you believe all those NILT surveys.

  • CatinHat

    Or to put it another way, even the most extreme correlation is still not causation.

  • B O O

    You must be patient we are approaching the time when each will be considered on their merits but I do not think we are there yet.

    Night, night.

  • GavBelfast

    Michael / Micheal,

    Odd that you should chastise others about educating themselves – when you can’t make up your mind on how to spell your own name.

    Still, from your posts you seem like the obedient type – the movement likes that in its followers, that’s the main thing, eh!

  • Michaelhenry

    nothing better than being loved gavbelfast.

  • joeCanuck

    You must eat an awful lot of carrots. Is that healthy?

  • fionnuala

    Page turner or brain burner Micheal. So their strategy is to live in a peaceful Ireland of Equals, well then they have deviated from that very quickly,Firstly their agreement copperfastened partition. Secondly we have not got peace the fact that republicans have chosen to administer British rule has caused a rise in dissent. Lastly equality, where is all the equality for their people when some of them are living millionaire lifestyles, their leader certainly has a bob or two.
    I really think it is you who should educate yourself.

  • redhugh78

    Bavarian Orange Order,

    Judging by the latest elections on the Island,namely, the European election, over 330,000 voted for Sinn Fein so how many votes did you get?

  • Michaelhenry

    what dissent,the real have killed no peelers in there 12 year history, the continunity have killed no british soldiers in there 24 year history,look at the facts and not what the news says.

  • fionnuala

    Michael, you do not have to kill anyone to dissent, you seem to be a bit of a half wit!
    Notice you did not answer anything in relation to them copperfastening partition, or the amount of wealth your leader and his cohorts now have.
    Speaking in relation to armed dissent, those people have been compromised by the fact your leader urged people in their own communities to inform on them, does not seem to like though when anyone tells anything about him.

  • Michaelhenry, by your logic, RIRA and CIRA would be perfectly admirable organisations if they had only succeeded in killing a few more people over the years. This is a slightly unusual position for an SF supporter, and, in fairness, well out of line with the general view in the party – apart from the odd councillor in the east Tyrone area. Have you come across him yourself, by any chance ?

  • Michaelhenry

    i come across a lot of people, oidhack.

  • fionnuala

    Have you come across any wearing white coats and carrying copies of the GFA?
    You definitely have a Sinn Fein mentality you make statements and then refuse to elaborate on what you say when they are challenged.

  • Michaelhenry

    fionnula, the person with views, but still cannot suppurt any one else,sad but true.

  • Mark McGregor


    Will be interesting to hear his explanation as he was clearly being profiled as an MLA in one of SF’s limited Stormont target seats.

  • Mark McGregor

    ….but if he has joined the ‘Dark Side’ – Welcome aboard we’ll budge up to make room.

  • Comrade Stalin

    He is the man who labels those who don’t go along with his view as people who want to go back to violence.

    In fairness, he’s usually right. The old, indefatigable obduracy, insisting on war without end until partition ends, is incompatible with peace.

  • Michaelhenry

    the dark side is the empire,thats why the irish oppose you.

  • Mark McGregor

    The farce is with you, young Michaelhenry, but you are not a true Judas yet….

  • Michaelhenry

    the force is with those who oppose the dark side.

  • murph80

    Nice to hear that Sinn Fein’s only Banbridge District Councilor has resigned from the party.

    It would be nicer if Sinn Fein, the party, just disappeared. It would be doing society a favour.

    Adams/McGuinness and their ilk label themselves as republicans.

    Let’s hope this is not an incurable disease.

  • Michaelhenry

    evan better news is that those opposed to sinn fein in the republican camp can not get any of there leaders elected,nor can they fight a war,the brits are ok for them just oppose sinn fein.

  • Rory Carr

    Dessie Ward on Talkback earlier today gave his reasons for leaving Sinn Féin as his growing differences with party policy, indicating in particular the party’s leftward stance on “social, economic and political issues” with which he felt he was increasingly out-of-tune.

    I wonder if that still means that Mark offers him a “Welcome aboard we’ll budge up to make room.”?

    Perhaps not after his further insistence that he was still firmly on board with the Peace Process and “Sinn Féin’s handling of it” and “totally opposed to the dissidents including éirígí and the like”?

    Although he insists that he remains a nationalist and republican and that it is as an Independent variant of one or other of these persuasions that he will stand in future I shouldn’t be surprised if this wilting violet now finds a home for himself with the nice Alliance Party people who, we have recently been told are “agnostic on the question of the Union”.

    The young man does seem convinced of his own singular abilities and attractiveness and feels that he alone, with all his unique sweetness was what persuaded the good folk of Banbridge to select him in the first place and anyone who really feels that they have no need of a party would be well placed within an organisation such as Alliance which, has the great advantage of not being much of a party and a haven for self-serving individuals inflated with a sense of self-importance.

  • granni trixie

    Rory Carr: In the context which favours a 2 tribes system, how on earth could a party sustain without relevant policies and auuthentic people who try to do their best. You even make a negative out of us having value for diversity! There’s more to life than border issues.

    If Alliance is as you say, why get so worked up about it? Or are you merely trolling for amusement,if so get a life.

  • wje

    Perhaps his total failure to secure any support for nomination for as the SF candidate in Upper Bann in the forthcoming Westminster election is the real reason he scarpered.

  • old school

    Rory and wje.
    24 hours and you found dirt. Thats good, even for Shinners.

  • redhugh78

    Mark Mc Gregor,
    ‘..but if he has joined the ‘Dark Side’ – Welcome aboard we’ll budge up to make room’

    Really Mark?
    To quote exactly what he said on talkbalk

    ‘..I have nothing but contempt for republican sf and other dissident organisations like eirigi..’

    egg on face.