Belfast’s ‘Magic Jug’?

Belfast's 'Magic Jug'The BBC notes the announcement by the NI Social Development Minister, the SDLP’s Margaret Ritchie, of the commissioning of a new public art sculpture for Belfast’s Fountain Street – the “Magic Jug”, designed by the London-based sculptor Joss Smith. And, unlike the Spirit of Belfast, this time the public aren’t to blame… From the ministerial statement

4.The art piece will be 550 cm in height with a 138 cm diameter and will comprise a polished granite jug with a Triskelion, or never ending double helix tri-spiral, rising from it and a Kingfisher at the top of the sculpture. The estimated cost of the art piece is £100,000 to be installed in Autumn 2010 and is subject to planning permission.

Some more details of the sculpture

The Triskelion, which is a symbol within the ancient megalithic art of Ireland, will be made from polished aluminium with a silvery reflective appearance, and will appear like water miraculously spouting from the jug. The Kingfisher at the top of the sculpture will be a dramatic accent at the top of the sculpture and act as a symbol of good fortune for the city and its bright future.

And the commissioning process

1.DSD commence the procurement process to commission an artist for Fountain Street in March 2009. The method of selection is as follow:

2.Following the publication the Brief to Artist, the Public Art Selection Panel short-listed the submissions.
· The short-listed artists were invited to develop concept designs
· The Selection Panel considered the concept designs and selected the Magic Jug
The Selection Panel was made up from representatives from the following organisations: Department for Social Development
Belfast City Council
Planning Service
EDAW (Belfast Streets Ahead design team)
Belfast Chamber of Trade and Commerce
Arts Council NI
Royal Society of Ulster Architects