Hiding behind a poster

Gerry Lynch and Conall McDevitt have both noted on Facebook (with glee in Conall’s case) that the SDLP are ‘first out of the traps’ with their election posters.

Perhaps there is some naivety going on from the SDLP as electoral guidance is quite clear?

Bill posting is controlled by the DOE under The Planning (Control of Advertising) Regulations (Northern Ireland)1992. At elections planning permission is deemed to have been given to election posters subject to them not obstructing road traffic signs, interfering with private property etc. DOE Planning Services, will write to the various political parties on this matter.

Any election posters being displayed at present are breaking planning legislation, no permission is in place as the election has not been called – so far only the SDLP are proudly admitting their rejection of the law.

  • brendan

    Where precisely is the wording which suggests that the SDLP are breaking the law?

    No mention here of an election having been called, merely ‘at election time.’

    Don’t think anyone can deny we are ‘at election time’

  • Mark McGregor


    What election are you talking about? There isn’t one happening while one may be anticipated.

    The Planning (Control of Advertising) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1992 are still in place and ignoring them is wilful disregard of the law.

    Spin as you like, the stoops are breaking the law.

  • brendan

    I’m not spinning, and certaibnly not for the Stoops, but you are suggesting that the poster are legal once the electino is called, and the extract you ave provided from the legislation doesn’t say that.

    Legally there has to be an election by the end of May – parliament will have run its course. There is no denying therefore that we are in ‘election time’.

  • Mark McGregor


    You seem to think ‘election time’ means when an election is possible – sorry, that is pre-election.

    Election time is when an election is happening. I’m stunned you can’t see the difference.

    Are you being deliberately stupid or trying to make some kind of point?

  • brendan

    It is not that an election is ‘possible’ before the end of May, it is an absolute legal requirement.

    “Election time is when an election is happening” – are you suggesting it isn’t happening until the queen actually sets the date?

    Anyway let Alliance pursue the DOE. Two useless organisations chasing each other’s tails.

  • lamhdearg

    what’s a stoop?.What’s a mook?.

  • Cato

    The regulations are not as clear as they might be. They refer only to posters being permissable when an election is pending without definitively stating when that time begins. There is no mention anywhere in the regulations of an election having to have been called. You could argue that there is always one election or another pending in NI but, for the avoidance of doubt, he is not breaking the rules.

  • dodrade

    I’m pretty sure with regard to Westminster elections “election time” means from the moment the dissolution of parliament is announced to polling day.

  • If you can only officially become a candidate on dissolution day or thereafter does that mean you can’t claim expenses for election posters erected before that day?

  • Nevin,

    I don’t think you can ever claim for election posters…

  • brendan

    “The regulations are not as clear as they might be”. Hope Mark reads that, he was ‘stunned’ when I pointed it out.

  • Michaelhenry

    its slang lamhdearg for the s.d.l.p the stoop down low party.