Is the Belfast Telegraph interested in its own fate?

So the ex-KGB man has closed the deal to buy the Independent for a £. What’s the Belfast Telegraph worth then? In the paper’s own lift of the story, not a word was carried about its future. Did anybody notice on the newsdesk?

  • Keithbelfast

    Is the BT not their best asset at the moment? i thought that was the case.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    If you have any insight Brian, please, publish it and put us out of our misery. Who knows what will happen – you certainly don’t, as your previous takeover blog demonstrates.


  • The key things there were that INM was only selling the loss-making Independent and Independent on Sunday, and that the quote says INM wants to concentrate on, amongst others its Northern Ireland titles.

    If INM sell the BT, it will be as a going concern for a decent consideration – although, let’s face it, they could save money by axing the morning edition. Maybe even putting the final edition back to 3pm or later again, just as it used to be not so many years ago.

  • From the outset the BT has not been mentioned. This was not a deal for the whole UK group, it was for two newspapers. You appear to be banging on about this with no justification. Both parties’ statements carry no mention of the BT.

  • Brian Walker

    .. in which case, Chekov, what company will own the Bel Tel? If you know please tell us. Does it belong to a new UK company or amalgamate with the Dublin-based IN&M parent? What are its prospects? Not “banging on,” just obvious questions about a key part of the NI media.

  • The INM plc website implies that the Belfast Telegraph group is directly owned by INM and that has not changed.

    All the media articles, and for that matter, INM’s own press release, are clear that only the two London Independent titles have been sold and that the Northern Ireland interests are remaining in INM’s ownership.

    Supposing I have misunderstood the structure, and there is a subsidiary UK holding company (which I doubt, to be honest), that holding company would now consist solely of the Belfast Telegraph group.

    Sorry, Brian – you’re trying to create a story where none exists.

  • jtwo

    How will the deal effect the large amount of Indie material which currently appears in the BT, (eg. in the Saturday supplement).

  • Brian Walker

    What is there about the water that makes some people insist there’s no story when they also admit they know nothing about it? When you entered the former Indy offices at Marsh Wall, Canary Wharf, three titles were emblazoned behind reception, The Independent, the Independent on Sunday and the Belfast Telegraph. In the UK, the Bel Tel now stands alone of the three, although up to 200 foreign titles are listed. The company is still called “Independent News and Media” (surely now an anomaly,) it’s losing money
    ( nothing unique there) and its owners have ruthelssly consolidated. You would think after such an upheaval, the odd word of reassurance would be forthcoming. I deliberately haven’t inquired to see if the regional media would take up the issue. In the world beyond Narnia, perfectly normal I assure you.