John McGuiness may have fired starting gun on FF Leadership heave

Speaking on KCLR (Kilkenny-Carlow Local Radio) this morning John McGuiness TD (FF) spoke of the weak leadership of Brian Cowen, that he needed to move beyond tribalism and called on him to “consider his position”. All sorts of rumours floating about as to how many other FF TDs would join a heave as opposed to confining themselves to simple local radio moaning and whether or not McGuinness is a stalking horse for someone in particular. McGuinness has been previously very critical of Mary Coughlan’s handling of the department he was junior minister in but said that he respected Brian Cowen’s ability while wanting him to take the opportunity show the country what he was made of. It appears he is calling time on that opportunity. More details of his comments here

Two McGuinness in about a week calling for people to consider their positions, is it a family thing?