John McGuiness may have fired starting gun on FF Leadership heave

Speaking on KCLR (Kilkenny-Carlow Local Radio) this morning John McGuiness TD (FF) spoke of the weak leadership of Brian Cowen, that he needed to move beyond tribalism and called on him to “consider his position”. All sorts of rumours floating about as to how many other FF TDs would join a heave as opposed to confining themselves to simple local radio moaning and whether or not McGuinness is a stalking horse for someone in particular. McGuinness has been previously very critical of Mary Coughlan’s handling of the department he was junior minister in but said that he respected Brian Cowen’s ability while wanting him to take the opportunity show the country what he was made of. It appears he is calling time on that opportunity. More details of his comments here

Two McGuinness in about a week calling for people to consider their positions, is it a family thing?

  • Mick Fealty

    Here’s Fionnan Sheahan this morning (who whilst acknowledging the discontent, seemed convinced there would be no stalking horse):

    “…there is no sign whatsoever that a consensus is emerging on who FF TDs believe should ultimately replace Cowen in the longer term, with opinion swaying wildly from Brian Lenihan to Micheal Martin to Dermot Ahern and beyond.

    “An acrimonious change in leader at this stage would cause enormous disruption to both Fianna Fail and the Coalition at large.

    “The bitterness and recriminations would cause further damage to the party.”

  • Dan Sullivan

    McGuinness strikes many people as some of a cool enough calculator and a straightish shooter. So one would have to wonder if he is saying this just to get it all off his chest or if it is part of a more deliberate strategy. The weekend press (the Sindo has it in for Cowen, but doesn’t appear to love anyone as much as it did Bertie – though they speak well of Dermot Ahern’s ‘toughness’) and the feedback that TDs get in their constituencies could tell a lot. Plus John McGuinness went on the Late Late before with Pat Kenny I wonder if he will get and take the same chance with Tubridy to air his grievances.

  • joeCanuck it a family thing?

    Is there a familial relationship?

  • Alias

    Any backbench maverick who hires his own media advisor (Slugger blogger, NN) is one who takes himself more seriously than his colleagues take him, and so sets out to redress the disparity. Presumably his budget for media advisors has expired, and so he has taken to plotting as a less costly form of attention-seeking behaviour to establish his own importance.

    His core complaint is not without a factual basis: that very low calibre people are promoted to government because of their friendship with Cowen, overlooking more capable people who are not so friendly with the leader. But the effect of the cronyism is marginal, since those who are more capable are only marginally more capable, with the vast bulk of TDs being dismal muppets.

    Brian Lenihan is one of the most capable TDs, and he’s incompetent in his position, having made the Irish nation responsible for the debts of private corporations on a scale that has fully bankrupted it. Unfortunately, that bankrupt nation doesn’t yet realise just how bankrupt it now is, and wouldn’t make the connection between its fetish for electing ignorant muppets to political office and its bankruptcy.

    Most of these hacks realise that they no longer run the state, with most of its sovereign power now transferred others, and that suits them just fine since it is less work for them. They’d prefer just to be administrative staff, and talk of coups, old politics, plotting and such, is just too much like hard work for them. If McGuiness didn’t have his own motivations, none of the rest could care less.

    As the Irish people will learn absolutely nothing from the last term of government, they’ll elect another set of dismal muppets and will again fail to make any connection between cause and effect in five years after that. Sadly, the UK is going the same way…

  • Dan Sullivan

    joecanuck, by family I meant it more in the sense of the broad McGuiness tribe rather than they being cousins.

  • DerTer

    There’s really no point in chasing this hare. McGuiness is hardly more than a bionic-mouth. Mind you he has a serious competitor in Fine Gael’s Leo Varadkar who made a gratuitous, sneering and quite shocking attack on Garret Fitzgerald in the Dail the other day. I’m amazed at what poor coverage his outburst has received, and that there has been so little reaction from his FG collegues.