Potential candidate signed a ‘confidentiality agreement’…

The culture of secrecy in Northern Ireland runs beyond the Catholic Church, the DUP (remember those automatic resignation letters), or the deadly code of Omerta the predominant culture of both Republican and Loyalist paramilitaries… It also applies to potential candidates in the SDLP, according to the Reverend Gordon Graham, a retired Church of Ireland Minister, who wondered this morning on Good Morning Ulster (50 minute in) why he’d been asked to sign such an agreement before being eliminated early on grounds of insufficient background with the party… Some internal party critics complain that this did not disqualify Ferghal McKinney from taking the party’s nomination in Fermanagh South Tyrone. Margaret Ritchie was unopposed for her party’s candidacy in South Down. If elected, it raises the likelihood of her emulating her predecessor and resigning from the Assembly in order to avoid the accusation of ‘double jobbing’…


  • So Ferghal gets the nod in Fermanagh despite not being a member, while the Good Reverend can’t even put his name to members in south Down? Any chance of consistency?

  • Salem

    Snowstorm – what about Mike Nesbitt in strangford ? He wasnt a member or even from the locality.

  • Em, he is in a different party….

  • Salem

    No really?

  • Kevin Barry

    She really missed a trick here. It’s not like Margaret Ritchie would have lost if there was any kind of primary and it might have fired up her base seeing her having to spar with the Good Reverend for an evening somewhere in South Down

  • J Kelly

    Would this be gerrymandering by any chance.