Martin McGuinness and aggressive lecturing

Sinn Fein and the CUs seem none too fond of one another at the moment. The BBC are reporting that a CU delegation went to see Martin McGuinness in his office. Accounts differ but Sinn Fein’s Gerry Kelly (who was not there) claims:

“Early in the meeting Fred Cobain stated that he wasn’t at the meeting with Martin McGuinness to listen to anything the deputy first minister wanted to say,
Martin correctly pointed out that if that was the case there was little point in Mr Cobain continuing to be there.
At that point Mr Cobain left the meeting followed in dribs and drabs by his party colleagues.”

The CUs have a different slant suggesting that McGuinness “aggressively lectured” the delegation and then told them to “get out.”

The CUs in question might reflect on the fact that “aggressive lecturing” must be one of the mildest forms of unpleasantness Martin McGuinness has ever been accused of.