“This poll shows that overwhelming community confidence has been firmly established..”

As Brian has mentioned, the NIO, and Northern Ireland Secretary of State Shaun Woodward, have weighed in to the campaign against the UUP with another of their famous surveys. But is it 75%? 73%? Or, as the BBC reports, 68% in favour? And was there a timescale involved for that support? And is it the case that “In terms of overall support for the agreement to transfer policing and justice powers to the Executive at Stormont, 67% were in support and 13% opposed.” I could point out that their last published survey indicated 74% in favour of that transfer at some time. Not that we can compare the findings to any of their previous offerings propaganda because, to date, there’s even fewer details on this poll than any of the others. Where, for example, are the figures for the other parties? Will we see the figures for those who indicated their support for the DUP? Wouldn’t it be interesting to see how many of those surveyed indicated support for the TUV? Was anyone asked? A margin of error would be nice, Shaun… Adds See also the post on the OFMDFM poll.