“If anyone knows the whereabouts of the vehicle or has knowledge of its disposal…”

The BBC report notes that 20 minutes after the recent car bomb at the courthouse in Newry police received reports of a vehicle on fire in Drumintee, south Armagh. And as the iol report notes – “while the Police Service of Northern Ireland received reports of the burning car 20 minutes after the blast in Newry, 48 hours later it was removed from the site without their knowledge by unknown persons.” The report quotes a PSNI spokeswoman

“Police received a report of a vehicle on fire in the area of Drumintee just before 11pm on Monday February 22,” said a PSNI spokeswoman. “During Tuesday, officers made inquiries to establish if the vehicle was linked to the bomb attack at Newry courthouse. However, due to concerns that the vehicle may have been a lure to attack police, officers were unable to respond as fully or as quickly as they would have wished. On Wednesday morning police learned that the vehicle had been removed.”

Update According to UTV

On Sunday, a PSNI spokesman said the vehicle, which could hold vital forensic clues as to the car bombers’ identity, had now been located again. “A vehicle which police, at this stage, believe was the car set on fire in the area of Drumintee just before 11pm on Monday 22 February, was subsequently recovered for further investigation,” he said. The police would give no further details where the car was found, but it is understood it was recovered days after it went missing.