“If anyone knows the whereabouts of the vehicle or has knowledge of its disposal…”

The BBC report notes that 20 minutes after the recent car bomb at the courthouse in Newry police received reports of a vehicle on fire in Drumintee, south Armagh. And as the iol report notes – “while the Police Service of Northern Ireland received reports of the burning car 20 minutes after the blast in Newry, 48 hours later it was removed from the site without their knowledge by unknown persons.” The report quotes a PSNI spokeswoman

“Police received a report of a vehicle on fire in the area of Drumintee just before 11pm on Monday February 22,” said a PSNI spokeswoman. “During Tuesday, officers made inquiries to establish if the vehicle was linked to the bomb attack at Newry courthouse. However, due to concerns that the vehicle may have been a lure to attack police, officers were unable to respond as fully or as quickly as they would have wished. On Wednesday morning police learned that the vehicle had been removed.”

Update According to UTV

On Sunday, a PSNI spokesman said the vehicle, which could hold vital forensic clues as to the car bombers’ identity, had now been located again. “A vehicle which police, at this stage, believe was the car set on fire in the area of Drumintee just before 11pm on Monday 22 February, was subsequently recovered for further investigation,” he said. The police would give no further details where the car was found, but it is understood it was recovered days after it went missing.

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  • FitzjamesHorse

    Two scenarios present themselves.
    The car was removed by sinister persons who were concerned about evidence left behind.
    It was removed by scrap dealers or whatever innocently.

    It seems a bit odd that the dissidents not noted for “bravery” or “taking risks with their own life/freedom” would risk moving it a second time as they would surely have suspected it was under observation.

    Whatever the scenario, it looks likea stunning failure of policing. Having suspected a car of being involved the police were not exactly “on the ball here”.
    And of course full marks to the people in Dromintee who reported it to the Police.
    This kinda community effort is exactly whats needed to defeat the dissident attempt to bring murder and mayhem.

  • ranger1640

    I take it the chip shops were all full of cops that night, and that is why they couldn’t respond, or was it dark becouse we all know the PSNI don’t go out in the dark, in case they meet an IRA man and have to arrest him.

    Maybe they were all out conducting speed traps, for their BBC show?

    They were 40mins late to the report of the vehicle being left at the court house because they just don’t give a toss!

  • joeCanuck

    Poor show. The car should have been kept under observation, remotely if necessary. Not too difficult to do that.

  • I really dont understand why these ‘dissidents’ behave the way they do given the history of infiltration in all terrorist organisations.

    The Belfast Telegraph carries an article about infiltration of both loyalist and republican dissident groups, and right or not, everyone knows its possible.

    We assume the Security forces did not remove the car and were not watching. A strange assumption to make given the history. The PSNI did not remove the vehicle but someone appears to have done so.

    I am not a great believer in conspiracy theories, but nor do I believe in jumping to conclusions.

  • Prionsa Eoghann


    I agree we should hail Pete for highlighting the sterling work of the denizens of Dromintee. Having never had a proper policing service in the area they have become used to spotting crime.

    We can be sure that was his intention!

  • iluvni

    Is anyone surprised at reports of yet more PSNI incompetence?

  • FitzjamesHorse

    Prionsa Eoghann,
    Im not as convinced as you are that this was his intention. But I am sure that he would happily join with us all in congratulating the folks in Dromintee. 🙂

  • John K Lund / Lllamedos / Suchard

    Regretfully I agree with all the above comments. The police have just become a useless load of public sector jobsworths either sitting in their Land Rovers smoking or all parked up in their police cars stuffing their faces in filling stations.Anyone above the rank of constable must be blind and thus totally unaware of the total breakdown of discipline in the police. The Police Authority do not appear to be over bright either.The service needs to become a force again and retired Military officers above the rank of Lt. Col. employed to instill leadership, discipline, and a proper sense of purpose into the force. The present most senior ranks lack any sense and intellectual depth of real leadership and no ability to develop a strategic plan. Kilwilkie and other parts of Craigavon are in a state of total terrorist anarchy; with a result that people are being forced to sell their long standing family homes. Despite letters to the SoS,The Chief Constable, The Chairman of the NIPA and selected political leaders. They simply are not interested and display a total state of Laissez Fare regarding these matters. How any sane person hopes to see P&J devolved is worthy of incarceration in a mental institution. The PSNI want making fit for purpose before any devolvement at all.

  • Prionsa Eoghann


    >>Im not as convinced as you are that this was his intention..<

  • nick

    Of course, all of the above posters, had they been in the PSNI, would have been leaping head-first into the back of the first peeler jeep to come along to be immediately out to Drumintee. -Or not, as the case may be.

  • Prionsa Eoghann


    Do you believe it to be good practice to wait “48 hours” to go and investigate what may well have been a vital piece of evidence? There is a massive difference in the caution you are alluding to in mitigation of this.

  • Sammy Wilson’s calculator for the sums

    It’s been recovered!!! Hurrah for the Police Service of Northern Ireland!!!!


    There’s a lot, lot more to this than meets the eye. I’m sure Intelligence Insider (sic) can enlighten us further.

  • nick

    Do you believe it to be good practice to wait “48 hours” to go and investigate what may well have been a vital piece of evidence?

    It’s good practice to stay alive, first and foremost.

  • Sammy Wilson’s calculator for the sums

    I believe you are right. Intelligence could enlighten us further if they were ever so inclined…

  • ranger1640

    Nick, is the PSNI so inept that they don’t have a reconnaissance section to stakeout just this type of situation?

    I know the pizza delivery guy on the scooter delivering a extra large Margarita, to their OP would give them away. but at lest they could say they made the effort.

  • Prionsa Eoghann


    >>It’s good practice to stay alive, first and foremost.<

  • ranger1640

    I think we need a debate on the PSNI or BBC reality TV stars?

    In North Belfast they are seen as inept and get less respect than Burke and Hare, the grave robbers of Edinburgh.

  • Sammy Wilson’s calculator for the sums

    I deserve a H/T, Baker, you glory-seeking hoon.

  • RepublicanStones

    Yeah Pete, tip yer bleddin’ hat !

  • nick

    I know the pizza delivery guy on the scooter delivering a extra large Margarita, to their OP would give them away.’

    Rather poor taste, ranger, given the anniversary which occurs today.

  • Rory Carr

    While we might be forgiven for suspecting that the PSNI receive their training by watching videos of Carry on Constable and the Police Academy series at least we can be thankful that they haven’t yet descended to the level of callous indifference that caused police in Stoke-on-Trent to delay medical treatment to a new-born baby for over an hour after it was found abandoned outside an Islamic centre resulting in the death of the child.

    At least I trust that we can.

  • Prionsa Eoghann

    Might be able to beat that wan Rory;


    Woman falls down a mine shaft and fire brigade won’t use their equipment to rescue her because it is only meant for them not members of the public. Wummin dies and they are defending their actions at the subsequent enquiry. The Daily Mail will love this stuff.


    I’m sure he meant nothing of the sort, anyhow how’s about justifying the 48 hour wait?

    Don’t tell me that I am going to have to wait 48 hrs!

  • I’ve already stated, on more than one occasion, that this is what occurs when you stop selecting Police Officers on the merit principle and let them in just because they belong to a certain religion. The decline in standards is well known.

  • Panic, these ones like it up em.

    Is some one trying to win a tidy town competition or something.

    Jeez there quare good at tidying up round them parts.

    Hopefully they do not amalgamate with the dissidents or we will have extremly tidy and organised terrorists on our hands.

    Do we really really need tidy terrorists (or any terrorists for that matter)(

  • FitzjamesHorse

    Prionsa Eoghann,
    Again I must confess to not studying Mr Bakers posts in depth. Too much unneccessary info about Vulcans, Romulans an Ferengi for my personal taste. But I think you misjudge him in this instance.
    No doubt the good citizenship displayed…while not overtly mentioned in his original post……was implied.
    Besides we are now lucky to have David Ford to be an inspirational Minister of Justice, though some (including myself) have questioned his sensitivity and ability.

  • In an ideal world the police services of every country would be above reproach, but then in an ideal world there would be no need for a police force.

    Here crime gangs run rampant.

    There dissidents run rampant.

    In both places? the police/gardai could arguably do better.

    I am not convinced that intelligence services would not have seen that car, closely enough to see if anything remained that might be of interest…

  • FitzjamesHorse

    Well indeed choosing police on merit might be a good thing.
    But “Intelligence Insider” might be aware that British Intelligence went right downhill when they started letting in heterosexuals.

  • ranger1640


    Only an ass would see offence where no offence was meant.

  • Marcionite

    PSNI provide useful well paid employment for thickheads and bimbos who have scraped 4 or 5 GCSEs together. They’re a very dim bunch I’m afraid.

  • Prionsa Eoghann

    >>I’ve already stated, on more than one occasion, that this is what occurs when you stop selecting Police Officers on the merit principle and let them in just because they belong to a certain religion. The decline in standards is well known.<

  • FitzjamesHorse

    The Russians used to have a brilliant spy network………it was called MI5

  • al


    We thought we had a incompetent police force.

  • drunk as a rule

    I feel someone should support the PSNI as it is perhaps not quite the incompetent police force others here state but it is now a ‘civilianised police service’

    This isn’t life on mars, time has moved and it’s 2010 and the the public’s getting what the public wants. No FTR, no soldiers but regular police officers doing community policing.

    This is Newry not Fallujah. What sort of response did you all expect?

  • FitzjamesHorse

    Oh I very much agree on msg 8.
    But there is certainly acase to be answered in respect of this Newry affair.
    Not the PSNIs finest hour.

  • lamhdearg

    They haven’t gone away you know,The british army has.

  • Alias

    I don’t think Anthony McIntyre see it that way:

    [i]According to Suzanne Breen, one of the North’s better informed journalists currently commenting on the ‘dissident threat’, republican activists of both the military and political variety, are being targeted at a level surpassing that seen during the Provisional IRA campaign.’ Stop and search procedures under Section 44 of the Terrorism Act are on the increase with 10,265 people having been subjected to the measure in one three month period compared to 1,657 for the same period a year earlier.

    A matter of weeks ago Belfast police were under instruction to carry out surveillance on ten republicans suspected of being of a military disposition. Now that number is said to have trebled. If surveillance reflects the rate of recruitment to the armed dissidents groups throughout Northern Ireland, where there are said to be 200 republicans attracting the attention of the intelligence services, then the active IRAs are signalling their intent to stay in the game. Belfast, Derry, South Armagh, North Armagh, Fermanagh – the picture is the same; all hotspots that regularly made news features when the Northern conflict was at its height are again grabbing the headlines. It was reported in the Sunday Times that ‘MI5 devotes 60% of its electronic surveillance operations and 15% of its manpower to spying on the dissidents.’ All of which uses up a lot of resources on a problem the Sinn Fein leadership was supposed to have sorted out for the British. [/i]

  • FitzjamesHorse

    Anybody old enough to be around at the height of the Troubles will know the scale of searches.
    For those who were not around…books by (I think) Adrien Guelke and others will record the numbers.
    The key thing here is that this TARGETTING of 30(!!!) men of a possibly military (ie terrorist) disposition is not affecting the lives of ordinary peaceable Catholics as was the case in the early 1970s with disasterous consequences.

    Personally I am heartened that the morons cant move without being stopped, searched and generally harassed. Bless.

    The fact that there is so few of the eejits to enable this kind of wall to wall coverage is to be welcomed.

  • lamhdearg

    i have been stoped two times in the last year, that is not good enough.

  • Macanna

    lamhdearg, I think you should have been stopped a lot more than that:) You little rascal you.

  • old school

    Fitzjameshorse, where on Earth did you get that figure of only 30 men being targetted?
    There are local reports in the Derry Journal, and letters from parents detailing school children being stopped and having the schoolbags rifled under Section 44.
    Is this a pre emptive strike against the the gunmen of the future?

  • FitzjamesHorse

    Oh I probably misread it.
    Accuracy is over rated.
    Point is there should be enough police around to allocate about 20 to each suspected or wannabee terrorist.
    I have not actually been stopped and searched in about 30 years (and I dont even live in Helens Bay!!!) and its years since the car was stopped and searched.
    Which means theres better targettin/profiling mainly because the dissidents cant think anything without putting it a website or Blog
    And on the rare occasions when I see police they are unfailingly polite.

  • old school

    Are you suggesting Republicans who contribute to a website should be profiled and targetted for harassment?

  • This is a silly argument. Searches will be necessary as long as there is a threat that young men will be abducted, stripped, murdered and dumped on the street.

    Sadists must be stopped from masquerading as republicans or anything else.