Carrickmacross council remove a page

Carrickmacross council has voted to remove a page from its visitor book signed by the Israeli ambassador to Ireland Zion Evrony in protest at Israel’s diplomatic record. Sinn Fein’s councillor Matt Carthy said “I think if a government is responsible for a wholesale disregard for international law then local authorities, as well as our own government, have a responsibility to tell them we expect a higher standard,” he continued “it was important that we took a stand”. The move has been criticised by the Irish Foreign Minister Michael Martin who said “It is a basic principle of relations between states that we treat each other’s diplomatic representatives with civility and respect, regardless of any policy differences.” The Israeli embassy issued a statement saying: “The incident in Carrickmacross town hall is a rare exception, initiated by a publicity seeking Sinn Fein town councillor…..Sinn Fein is recognized as the political wing of the IRA. It is an extreme political party, known for its prejudiced views against Israel.”

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