“They can slaughter pigs for fun, but making pretty shapes with the bladder is a bit of a mystery.”

At the Telegraph’s sports blog, Kiwi Eric Janssen has a question about the weekend Six Nations rugby

Will Greenwood wrote on Saturday that he believed Brian O’Driscoll was Ireland’s defensive weak link. Did Paul O’Connell agree and therefore kick his captain in the head? We demand to know!

Heh.And from the always consistent Eddie Butler at the Guardian

England and Wales need some therapy, but Scotland must be on the verge of being sectioned. Andy Robinson, their coach, is obsessive at the best of times. His head must be a weird place at the moment. As such, it had its part to play in the crossroads weekend, three acts of delight and dismay, of grand slam exuberance and muted disapproval. Rome burnt with joy while Twickenham ground to a damp halt.