“As the slogan says: Citius, altius, slidius, positive discriminatius.”

I’d been looking for an excuse to link to Dara O’Briain’s Guardian Sports Blog. And this is as good an excuse as any. This week he’s cheering the Irish bobsleigh team’s kicking Antipodean arse at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver after the Australians’ bid for inclusion threatened the Irish duo’s place in the competition. Over to you, Dara.

This isn’t the big story of these Games – Shaun White, Lindsey Vonn and what may be an incredible men’s hockey final between Canada and the USA tomorrow are – but beneath the hoopla and hype, it was a nice little victory. Gods make their own importance.

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  • the future is bright the future is orange

    lol, Dara is a legend: nice post Pete

  • The whole piece is an absolute shining gem: your headline there steals the best line.

    I’ve never taken to these “winter sports”: TW2 7BA remains enough for me (especially today). The idea of appending plastic and metal to yourself, then hurling yourself down and off a mountain defies logic and sanity.

    Even so, I read Dara O Briain in full. Anyone who can start a sports column with Paddy Kavanagh’s sonnet Epic has me hooked. That opening paragraph is magnificent:

    There is a poet in Ireland that we had to study in school called Patrick Kavanagh. His work isn’t greatly known in the UK, but the major themes were, as far as I recall, loneliness and “Aren’t canals lovely”? There’s a lot of stuff about people not understanding him and how grim the part of Monaghan he grew up in was, but then he went to Dublin and drank a famous amount, so it all worked out for Patrick in the end.

    The rest wasn’t too dusty either.

    In passing, I’m grateful for the link to the website. The piccy there is far, far more inspiring, for all sorts of reasons, than the graphic in the print edition.

  • Pete Baker

    Not stolen, Malcolm.

    Quoted. ;op

    But I agree. An absolute gem.