Lady Hermon’s “difficult place”

The passing of the UUP’s deadline for nominations was accompanied by a statement from the party confirming that, despite efforts to find a compromise, the independently minded North Down MP, Lady Sylvia Hermon, would not be seeking the party’s nomination as a general election candidate. As Turgon noted, there has also been confirmation of 9 agreed UCUNF candidates. For North Down, there are now two UUP names in the frame and the Conservative Party’s Ian Parsley has been waiting patiently for some time for that part of the process to be completed. Meanwhile, the BBC reports that Lady Hermon is taking time to consider her options

Lady Hermon said she has been inundated with messages of support ever since it became clear she would not be standing under the Conservative and Unionist banner. However, she would not comment on whether or not she would run as an independent candidate and would only say that recent events have caused her sadness and put her in a difficult place.

Just a thought, but could one way out of that “difficult place” involve the Lady becoming a Baroness? As I say, just a thought…