Non-IRA member gives view on ‘ceasefire soldiering’

In the wake of the small and ineffectual bomb in Newry, Gerry Adams ‘was mindful not to just rhyme off the usual recycled statement of condemnation and denunciation’ he was lucky enough to know he had not delivered enough/any denunciations in the past to make repetition likely.

He was immediately keen to condemn the media over a ‘platform’ they provide for groups that attack SF (of course this is always about SF) and not providing them a platform now. As an amateur student of dissenting republican politics I’m unable to find this media support platform given to those that would endorse the Newry bomb – it seems a bit of fiction.

He further condemns those that ‘run for cover in the wake of an action like this’ – now I recall the length of time it took the PIRA to admit an ‘action’ much more damaging/deadly than hurting the gates of Newry Courthouse, I also remember tactical lies over actions and running for cover over bombings that caused slightly (a lot more) more damage….. but Gerry further declares ‘people involved in these actions have no interest in a United Ireland’

Well I’m confused, when he wasn’t in the IRA what did he think the Republican movement was up to?

”whatever one can say for against SF we were always there at the end of a microphone to make our views clear”

Of course. You were always there to deny any connection when things went wrong for the IRA.

  • sdelaneys

    Gery was telling us just the other night that Jesus ‘didn’t condemn’ so once again Gerry trumps Jesus.

  • west belfast

    Well said Gerry – the true leader of modern republicanism and the person most of us look to for leadership.

    Whether those who oppose SF like it or not he speaks for the vast majority of people in the republican communities.

    The war is over – listen to those you say you are fighting for – we dont want this.

    Mark – if only you were so absolute in your condemnation of the bombers as you are of your former boss.

  • Fabianus


    Love the headline! “Non-IRA member”, phnarr, phnarr….

  • Fact of the matter is that Newry Court is a British Crown Building that has in the past held non-Jury Trials, Interned Irish citizens without Trials and endorsed British political Policing etc..

    In as much as can be explained, the above target was an attack on the continued British occupation of Ireland.

    So long as, this occupation continues/remains attacks like the one in Newry last night will continue. No matter how much platitudes are delivered through the media, Irish people will always resist British Rule!

  • The Raven

    I liked the discussion about other issues – suicide, economy, other social matters.

    It’s just a shame that it was cheapened, through using it as deflection and obfuscation.

  • Mark McGregor


    I agree with you. SF, Adams in particular, are very good on the issue of suicide – have been for a long time.

    Dropping it into this interview seemed strange.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Ardoyne Republican,

    I never understood the problem that republicans had with diplock trials. Imagine if they’d been tried by juries that reflected a cross section of the NI population ? Do you think that would have been a fairer trial ? How would you know how many unionists were on the jury ? Not quite the same for a judge who is subject to at least some legal oversight.

  • socaire

    Hell hath no fury like a groupie scorned …. eh, Mark?

  • Mark McGregor


    You cross over in roles very often – are you speaking as an individual or a senior member of the RNU?

    Your roles often seem confused in many, many instances.

  • nollaig a chara

    Ardeoin Republician every court in the whole of the North is like that… every public building in the North is also part of the system… Not to sound like a S.F. puppet but the only thing it will achive is bringing the brits back to the north…Support in Republician areas for a sustained campaigan is as good as nil… also y plant the bomb in a prodomintly nationalist/republician town/city… i really fail to see how this was a blow for Irish freedom…

  • Mark McGregor


    I have no idea. Is that what they say?

    As it stands and without evidence to support your identity I’m guessing you are slabber that hasn’t the nerve to stand over a single word they type.

    Too frightened to be scorned are you? A team player?

  • socaire

    Team player … yes. Frightened ….. no. Slabber ….. possibly. Would my identity help you?

  • Mark…I’m speaking as a former Combatant and ex-political prisoner mate…

    If I was speaking on behalf of RNU, I say so clearly chara…

  • FitzjamesHorse

    Mr McGregor appears to have lost the run of himself.
    In the olden days, we were quite used to British politicians and security people telling us that 99.99% of “Catholics” rejected the IRA.
    Of course as evidenced by er…alleged non-IRA members actually in government and supported by more Catholic voters than any other party (SDLP or Alliance) we now know this was all nonsense.

    When in 2010…the leader representative of the party supported by Catholics says that the dissidents have no support……he at least has the benefit of being right.

    Of course as evidenced by the murders last year and the attempted murder in Antrim some weeks ago…..the dissidents remain dangerous. Weaponry and Stupidity is a lethal combination.
    But basically we are talking about two or three gangs which in time will be taken out, hopefully before they do anything murderous.

    But reading thru their websites, the support seems to be a few teenagers. No political strength whatsoever. A nuisance but a potentially lethal one.

  • Nollaig, I didn’t say there is much support in Nationalist/Republican communities for attacks like last night’s.

    What I did say is, so long as the British continues armed attacks will continue…They have for centuries, so we all need to understand that chara.

    No amount of media statements from Sinn Fein or anyone else will change that occupation = resistance chara!

    The only thing the British government haven’t tried is to totally disengage from Ireland…If they did, what reason/excuse would any Irish citizen have then for attacking them?? None chara.

  • Well, well Fitzjameshorse seems to have all the answers tonight then?

    Gangs, will be taken out etc..What does that mean mate?

    Are U suggesting immediate imprisonment or what??

    After all, exiling, imprisonment, internment, and even extra-judical killings never worked before…So how do think it’s gonna work now??

    The lethal combination is occupation = resistance.

  • Shannon_Republican

    While i come from a position that people would label as a Dissident Republican and also understand that actions such as the bombing will occur while there is an occupational system in place in the North, I do believe that if Military Groupings take advice or have discussions with other Publicly/Political parties then they should be able to relay to the media or to the public the genuine reasons why actions like this are coming from them.

    The bombings and attempted bombings over the last days and weeks have been criticized for their locations or the time in which the bombings were attempted etc etc,

    Lets not forget that the Provisional Movement did the exact same thing and had the exact same comments levied against them in the form that they are now using to attach people that dont agree with their current position.

    My comment isn’t to condemn or justify, I just find it amazingly rich from people like Gerry Adams to use the comments that he is currently using

    If you carry out any action or decision then you should be able to stand by it, give the reason for it and argue the point with people who challenge it (Unable to argue the point would suggest you don’t no why your doing it in the first place

  • Jimmy Sands

    “He was immediately keen to condemn the media over a ‘platform’ they provide for groups that attack SF”

    Or “the oxygen of publicity” as another politician once put it.

    I wonder how he would correct this?

  • Jimmy Sands

    “Interned Irish citizens without Trials ”

    I’ll probably regret asking this, but how exactly was a courthouse used to intern someone without a trial?

  • slappymcgroundout

    “Dropping it into this interview seemed strange.”

    If you are student, you need new teacher. Gerry to bombers: You’re making us deal with your bombing the courthouse when our time would be better spent ensuring that 30 don’t take their own lives this July and August as they did last year.

    “I never understood the problem that republicans had with diplock trials.”

    Consider: In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed…

    The two go together, public and jury. And so even when there isn’t “impartial” there is more confrontation than there is in closed proceeding with only the judge. View the piece here and note the late Mr. Ervine’s remark re peace process = parliamentary democracy:

    Simplistic, yes, since if nothing else, the confrontation in public in the courthouse, in as David notes, a controlled manner, is itself a peace process. The more in the process the merrier (jury, 12, for certain, and those in the gallery, and if you’ve CourtTV, those watching at home or the workplace or the beach). There are other reasons, but the just stated reason is included in why jury and why public.

    Now think about one thing, and one thing only, since if nothing else, you can posit Republican or Loyalist who sees the alleged criminal conduct are entirely justified. At least if the trial is open and fair, that can be acknowledged, i.e., he’s our hero, but, yes, you did give him a fair trial. Means more than some think, at least if in the midst of war, we’re still trying to make peace, since with fair trial, one less item to negotiate, again, if nothing else…

    Lastly, you all lost much with the late Mr. Ervine’s passing.

  • socaire

    If you closed your eyes during the local news, you could imagine that it was the late 70’s and the tiny minority who had no support from the vast majority of decent people were making life unbearable for ordinary people with their mindless shooting and bombing. What was it going to achieve? Well now they are a majority and they are rapidly leaving their working class roots behind. Are they the new SDLP? And Ardoyne Republican, when you use ‘chara’ please put ‘a’ in front.

  • nollaig a chara

    Fair enough point A.R. but would u agree with the point of view that last nites action did not help the cause of reunification…also in the past the use of armed struggle was a ‘last resort’ i do think there is room for an alternate republician view however i think they focus more attention on what Sinn Fein are doing rather than there own stratiges chara….

    Also prob the most effective stratigy the brits have ever used was devide and conquer (excuse the spelling) i personally think they are looking out bit by bit…

  • Jimmy Sands..Why would U ask a question and then comment like…I’ll probably regret asking this etc…

    Do U not have enough conviction of UR own argument chara?

    Since English/British Courts first appeared in Ireland…Irish citizens have been ‘Remanded into Custody’..

    Remanded in many Republicans eyes/views is another name for Internment..especially when that period of remand can last up to two years incarceration without a Trial!

  • Los Lobos

    What’s the difference between “former Combatant’s” and current Comabatant’s? Answer – The current Combatants don’t have as many touts in their ranks! As for being ex political prisoners – horseshit! There were no political prisoners in Northern Ireland, just a bunch of crying, loser, supergrasses who turned to criminal activity rather than do a days work, and who now milk the establishment for all they can – (SGP)Super Gombeen Provos!
    As for (RNU)- Redundant Numpty Underlings probably best sums up their claim to fame in this life as they seek to emulate Gerry Adams and his slippery crawl up the greasy political pole. The best of it is that when you finally get to the top somebody a little younger and hungerier is waiting to do what you used to do, only they really don’t have the same conviction as they know what awaits them. The only thing Ardoyne Republican is speaking for is the DLA, it’s all part of the game they call the “gravy train”. The old saying “you need a long spoon when you sip with the Devil” probably sums up the whole sick sorry saga that is the “peace process” and the bunch of spongers on both sides who live on the honest sweat of others.

  • Ta Bron Orm a chara mhaith..

  • socaire

    AR. Fadhb ar bith.

  • Stephen Ferguson

    Has du eine kaninchen?

  • Los Lobos..what a name, horseshit would’ve been better!

    Anyway U said there were no political prisoners in Northern Ireland…Does that part of the North include Donegal because the most northern County/part of Ireland?

    Anyway, Bobby Sands and 21, yes 21 other Irish Political Prisoners proved beyond reasonable doubt they were indeed political prisoners.

    If ‘we’ had no political prisoners…could U explain the political charges, political prisons, political trials and of course don’t forget the political Police a chara!

    BTW, RNU are a political pressure group and not a political Party. Ardoyne Republican has as much right to speak as what Los Lobos has on this site or any other…

  • Shannon_Republican

    Ardoyne Republican ..

    Well said Mo Chara

  • Mark McGregor wins the award for biggest bullshitter on Slugger after this gem in his intro: “In the wake of the small and ineffectual bomb in Newry”.
    Try telling that to those that were minutes away from death and the traders who will lose out in thousands of pounds of business.
    And wasn’t the bomb bigger than that which killed 29 at Omagh, small, eh Mark?

  • FitzjamesHorse

    Ardoyne Republican,
    Ta would be “tá”
    And “bron” would be “brón”

    but a good effort all the same.

  • nollaig a chara

    Good to see the SDLP school teacher mentality still alive and well Fitz

  • FitzjamesHorse

    A schoolteacher????
    The very thought of it indeed.
    LOL Not enough days off in that job to suit the likes of me.

  • Marcionite

    there are over 1millions Brits in NI. we are quite liberated and free thank you very much. We know you little provis try to make your year 10 Irish stretch as much as you can and we find it so quaint that you try so hard.

    As for freeing us, well thank you so much for your kindness but the UK is a nice freedom loving country so you needn’t bother. I know you may say otherwise but if your ancestors and friends only obeyed the law and went along with house rules, you would have found the housemaster, Mr UK not to have been as angry.

    I know he loses his temper but it’s only with those who try to shoot and bomb him. He’s really kind and generous to those who respect his house rules. And he even gives a weekly donation to the lazy workshy relatives of those who try to kill and bomb him.

    if you move to another house and behave the same way, you will find those other housemasters would behave in exactly same way

    oh sweet and tender IRA murdering scum, have you ever asked why decent people don’t feel oppressed by the UK and only your troglodyte, indoctrinated, shaven headed selves ? Hmm?

  • nollaig a chara

    lol mentality….fitz not actual

  • FitzjamesHorse

    dead right a chara.
    I mean six hours a day……EVERY week.
    Too much for me

  • Jimmy Sands

    “Ardoyne Republican has as much right to speak as what Los Lobos has on this site or any other… ”

    It’s not the speaking we’re objecting to.

  • Henry94

    Ardyone Republican

    So long as, this occupation continues/remains attacks like the one in Newry last night will continue.

    Yes, they probably will and occasionally they’ll go wrong and we’ll get an Omagh.

    Orwell argued against apologists for Stalin who said that one must break eggs to make an omelette. Orwell’s question: So where is the omelette?

    It’s not enough for an armed campaign to be justified as a reminder of itself. Clearly if that is the case for it then there is not even a belief that it will bring about a united Ireland. So Gerry Adams is right. Those bombers don’t believe in a united Ireland. They just believe in the armed struggle. It’s not supposed to unite Ireland just to be itself. In that mindset the only failure is the absence of violence. It’s madness.

  • coconnor

    “guerrilla warfare is a people’s warfare; an attempt to carry out this type of war without the population’s support is a prelude to inevitable disaster.”

    Che Guevara said that. He died in Bolivia engaged in a guerrilla war without the people’s support.

    These dissidents should read some of their hero’s work.

  • Rory Carr

    The plebiscites that were held both North and South which overwhelmingly ratified the GFA and rejected the pursuit of Irish unity by violent means represent the clearly spoken will of the people of all Ireland and those who act now in opposition to that will by engaging in violent acts in the name of the people are not only wickedly wrong they are, as Martin McGuiness has said, traitors to the cause of Ireland.

    To claim justification for their actions in the light of the GFA by reference to the Second Dáil is as wrongheaded as would be a group bent on murdering Irish Christians for forsaking allegience to the ancient Celtic god Lúa.

  • Neil

    The hypocrisy is blatant in what Gerry has to say. However, the thing that many people here have difficulties with, on both sides of the argument is that in order for time to be called on the conflict here a line had to be drawn under what had been done in the past.

    While on one side Loyalists were told basically that they had to deal with what had gone on before, on the promise that if they accepted their former enemies as having a new outlook they would get what they wanted. On the other Republicans are expected to deal with the fact that people like Marty and Gerry would have to come out to condemn exactly the kind of action that they had taken part in in the past.

    This is the price of peace. People changing their minds. Orders coming down from on high to hand in the weapons and the war’s over. Hypocrisy. But on the plus side, less dead people.

  • John O’Connell

    A lot of masculine bonding and hate going on in this thread. Who is the most daring, the most brutal and the most thuggish? Who can tell the others that they are wrong with the most venom?

    What about Gerry Jesus? What about the female values of Christianity and its sword of embarrassment rather than brutality? What about love thy enemy rather than find the most scurrilous thing to say about him?

  • Skintown Lad

    Henry 94, coconnor and Rory Carr

    I have no idea of your backgrounds, religion or political aspirations but what a pleasure to read your eloquent, intelligent and all complete retort to the nonsense spouted by Ardoyne Republican and his friends above. It is reassuring at times like these that sound reasoning trumps the blind mantras spewed forth as Republican cliches.

  • Marcionite

    How come republicans want rid od so called secular imperialism of England but are happy to bow to the ‘spiritual’ imperialism of Rome?

    was St Patrick not an imperialist of the soul, turning the oppressed downtrodden poor-me Irish against their true Celtic Gods? why isn’t this seen as imperialism?

    I made the statement which people have conveniently ignored so Ill say it again : SFIRA have not DENOUNCED violence, they’ve merely given it up for tactical reasons. There is a world of difference there, a difference which the Chamberlains want to bury their heads in

    send the SAS in and teach these grunting bog monkeys whose boss. If SF bleat, let them. Surely they belive in law and order now don’t they?

    I can’t believe that unionism is now reduced to wearing a green mini skirt waiting for johns at the corner of AnythingForTheUnion Street. Have you lost your minds and your integrity?

    I hope the TUV clean up and put an end to this Frankenstein parliament. Those who oppose TUV say it will bring violence back. Really? From whom? PIRA? if so, this implies you yourselves don’t really believe SFs commitment to peace. It implies you accept SFs blackmail to power

    also there is no TUV in Stormont yet. So Newry and Masarene events were a figment of our imaginations?

  • Paddy

    During the height of the Provos’ bombing campaign, condemnations, thick and fast, were water off the duck’s back. Sane circus, different clowns.

  • Marcionite

    democracy, equality, freedom. Words which Orwell said, are almost always appropriated by those who reject the spirit of the words.

    Trouble is, at the core of nationalism is an ambivalence towards criminality. The SDLP always condemned but they never helped the security forces. In fact, when the IRA were taken out, the SDLP were the first to bleat “shoot to kill, inquiry now “. Nationalists even those who give lip service condemnation to IRA violence, deepdown regarded the IRA as mere truculent members of their kith and kin and not the disowned psychopaths that they should have Bern regarded as

    unionism needs to look with itself. There were too many untrustworthy nationalsts within NI at the time of partition. Even Israel has an Arab minority but they only comprise 10%, ie a non destabilising proportion

    if you want NI to be both within the Union AND in a fulfilled healthy non disfunctional way, repartition is the only way

    the size of the new NI would be smaller but there are much smaller political entities in Europe that work fine eg Andorra, Faero Islands, Gibralter, Iceland, Malta

    Does unionism really want to spend eternity fighting for the union or do you want a NI which is so pro union (85% plus) that it would be so secure that normal left right politics can take take root. Just as in Israel.

    we’ve been brainwashed into thinking some options are too ridiculous to entertain but let’s shine the lamp of logic as how things are now and how things could be.

  • Alias

    “In the olden days, we were quite used to British politicians and security people telling us that 99.99% of “Catholics” rejected the IRA.”

    Actually, they usually made the point that the majority of NI’s catholic tribe were not involved in the Provos/Shinners but that all too many supported them.

    It’s a mix: they supported the violence because they felt that it would gain them selfish concessions within the British state, and many of them still proffer this justification for it, stating the murder of a large number of Protestants since Sunningdale 1 was necessary in order to ensure that they would implement Sunningdale 2 in good faith. As a result of this belief, they chose the Provos/Shinners to oversee the implementation of Sunningdale 2. So while the violence allowed them to vent their frustration by proxy and served as a form of pretext, they had mixed feelings about it whenever the loyalists retaliated in kind or whenever it was pointed out to them that the sectarian murder campaign would result in a consolidation of the Unionist Veto.

  • Alias

    Typo: “… served as a form of protest.”

  • There is no such thing as a small and ineffectual bomb. The very idea is absurd and contradictory.

    The dissidents were, as ever, relying on the Police to clear the area. The question I have is: why should the police do that? If someone had been hurt those dissidents would have yelled “We gave em plenty of warning!” as if that matters, and then shot down their boltholes until the hue and cry had died down.

    Such blatant and pathetic cowardice did not work in the past and there is no reason to imagine (in your wildest, wetest dreams) that it will now.

    There is an agreement, that agreement is taking us closer to a united Ireland than guns and bullets ever did.

  • Oh and by the way, the constant drip, drip, drip of school boy Irish is on the one hand silly and childish and on the other enough to put anyone off.

  • Alias

    “Oh and by the way, the constant drip, drip, drip of school boy Irish is on the one hand silly and childish and on the other enough to put anyone off.” – pippakin

    Quite right. They need to censor all aspects of Irish culture and identity in order to make themselves acceptable to those who reject Irish culture and identity, thinking it an affront to their culture and identity. That’s what happens when you give a veto over one nation to another nation which defines itself by not being the other nation.

    It is also how Whitehall devised the GFA as an anti-nationalist agenda, turning those who have renounced their right to national self-determination into advocates of national self-censorship under the guise of parity of esteem.

    The GFA was devised so that self-serving catholic tribe in NI would think that they have the best of both worlds: an internal agreement that makes it nice and cosy for them within a British state and an external agreement that would lead to such a smooth transition to a UI that they wouldn’t even need to worry about the transfer of Her Majesty’s liberal entitlement to disability benefit.

  • Alias

    Nonsense! The Irish language is not a weapon in the fight for a united Ireland, nor should it be used to somehow declare one person more ‘Irish’ than another.

    The GFA matured into the St Andrews agreement and with all its faults it has saved lives and demonstrated we can work together. In this way people can begin to decide a real preference, not the idealised and largely imaginary countries both sides seem to consider they belong to.

  • Marcionite

    We cannot work together, this is not Devon County Council where nice LibDems share power with nice shire Tories. The two factions are diametrically opposed in every single way that its a nonsense to continue this travesty of a state

    One of the basis of a nation is that its people believe it has a shared future. How can the Frankenstein government have a shared future when half of it wants NI to fail and become part of a UI and the other half wants to continue the Union?

    Sure, its saved lives, surrendering to the IRA in 1972 would have saved even more I’m sure. Lord Halifax should have become PM instead of that warmonger Churchill too and we would have been spared WW2 as well.

    It is one of the main planks of a State to protect its citizens and extirpate those who threaten and harm. Once the State placates those who seek to destroy it, then the State itself is de facto destroyed and the people it has been charged to protect, are left defenceless. What we have now is a corrupt NI, a travesty of a NI, an NI which has been sacrificed by Whitehall in its dereliction of duty. Its no longer a state in its current form which deserves or commands respect.

    The only way it can be salvaged is for repartition with a linear policeable border with a pro union community of at least 85% percent, preferably 90% plus.

    Would you vote for Rose West or Myra Hindley or Ian Huntley or entertain them in government? Of course not yet you;re happy for SF IRA to govern us? What’s wrong with you so called unionists, have you lost your bottle and your nerve and sense of right and wrong? Once you let the devil into the house, your house becomes an adjunct of Hell, it could never be an output of Heaven.

  • Rory Carr

    “There is no such thing as a small and ineffectual bomb.” says Pippakin

    I’m afraid I must disbuse him. There is indeed such a bomb, Pips. It is one that is not large, nor indeed medium and it also has the quality of not being terribly effective. It can be distinguished from a large and effectual bomb, not alone by its size but also by the comparitive lack of damage it tends to cause.

    In a seperate category we have small and effectual political operators such as Napoleon and Hitler and then are small and ineffectual ones like Colin, Lord Moynihan a one-time Tory Sports Minister, who was so small and so ineffectual as to be hardly noticeable unless he jumped up and down in a rage at not being taken seriously which, thankfully, no one ever did.

  • Marcionite

    I have been reading you other comments or should I say rants? I am sad you are so dismissive of a united Ireland, very sad because you obviously have no idea what the UK is like. You would be a fish out of water mate, doomed to failure and bitterness.

    Rory Carr

    You cannot imagine my delight, I am in such a tiz!

    There is no such thing as a small and ineffectual bomb, especially when the bloody thing hurts someone. Indeed I would go so far as to say that a bullet is a bomb to the person it kills or maims.

    Napoleon and Hitler, hmm, well they did not measure up to much did they, but as ‘bombs’ go, I would say they were very effective, right up to the point when they were not.

    As for UK politicians I take very little interest. Oh sure its mildly amusing to think GB may be a bully, to hear that TB may have raised his voice on occasion, for the rest, they are neither here nor there. I am more concerned with F/F, F/G, the likes of Brian Cowen, Willie O’Dea and so on.

  • coconnor

    If a small bomb goes off in the forest…

  • Neil

    There is no such thing as a small and ineffectual bomb, especially when the bloody thing hurts someone.

    What nonsense is this? Are we to redraw the English language on the basis of what you think? There is such a thing as a small ineffectual bomb, as already explained. Small as in not large and ineffectual as in non effective. This one was neither large, nor effective, hence the statement. You negate to consider what classification to use when the ‘bloody thing’ hurts no-one (like the one in Newry, which seems to have managed not to destroy the courthouse either). What terminology would you employ for a half pound bomb that doesn’t go off? Small and ineffectual perhaps? Or would you argue that half a pound is large and failure to operate is effective?

    Indeed I would go so far as to say that a bullet is a bomb to the person it kills or maims.

    WTF? A bullet is a bullet, a bomb is a bomb. English has a lot of words which we use to communicate with, we don’t need to start redefining anything at this point. Sorry to come over a bit strong, but it bugs me that people, all too regularly, start trying to argue that the words they use in English mean something other than that which is in the dictionary.

  • Marcionite

    Churcill was dismissed as a ranter and a loony when he was a lone voice in the 1930’s when the policial zeitgeist was sucking up to Hitler.

    Jim McAllister is the Churchill of Ulster. Mark my words. There will be a statue of him next to Carson within 20 years.

    I am not dismissive of a UI, I am dismissive of northern nationalists and so called republicans who want to build a UI on the bodies of the innocents they have killed over 40 years and feel no remorse for.

    And I do know what the UK is like, what an odd comment from you, I’ve lived in England for several years and in NI for the other times I haven’t. I would give anything for NI to be a normal region of the UK such as Berkshire and I am ranting because we’re not allowed to be normal here.

  • Neil

    An unexpected pleasure. English is as the English,Irish, Scots, Australians, Americans, Welsh, Indians, Pakistanis and umpteen others use it.

    English is the most elastic language in the world. It does not seek to please you or anyone. One day Glasnost is Russian, the next its in the Oxford English dictionary and I really doubt anyone asked the Russians first. So take a deep breath and accept that English is not yours to cherish as something rare and fragile. Its sad but since it is no longer fashionable glasnost may no longer be in the English dictionary: thats English.

    A bomb is not small, ever. It is placed to do the maximum damage it can. It does not need to go off to be effective. The aim is terror and here we are all these hours later talking about a bomb that did not go off. I would say thats pretty effective.

    You can say, and you would be right, that a bullet is not a bomb, but my point, apparently badly put, was that it does not matter, dead is dead and a leg blown off will not grow back. The aim of terrorists is not a united Ireland it is to terrorise and gun or bomb will do the same job.

  • Marcionite

    I lived in England for many years. My experiences cannot have been so different to your own. So you know you would always have been unable to treat people with the contempt some unionists treated catholics. If it had been just one or two nutters no one would have a problem, people are just people after all. This was systematic abuse by the state, backed up by uncaring British governments.

    Things are better now and I hope we will have the peace we need to develop and grow the sort of society others, for example the English, have enjoyed for many, many years.

  • Brian MacAodh

    “There will be a statue of him next to Carson within 20 years.”

    Hahaha. Hilarious.

    We wouldn’t be in this mess if people like Carson hadn’t raised an army to fight off the prospects of limited home rule.

  • Reader

    Ardoyne Republican: Mark…I’m speaking as a former Combatant and ex-political prisoner mate
    If you regard yourself as a Combatant, doesn’t that mean you were a POW, not a political prisoner?
    After all, showering the members of a dog club with burning fuel isn’t a political act any more than carving up Catholics in a romper room is a religious one.

  • Rory

    Democratic mandates in themselves can mean very little, Hitler was elected to office democratically, are you saying those who resisted him were traitors to the German people? I doubt it. Ireland has experienced more stitchup votes than most, have you so quickly forgotten the disgrace of the Lisbon treaty double votes.

    AR not being a fool, is simply pointing out the truth, whilst the UK State still has a presence in Ireland, a presence which they first gained and hold by force of arms, there will always be Irish men and women who feel strong enough about this to take up arms to resist them.

    The sheer arrogance of Gerry Adams to believe he could bring peace to Ireland by recognising British rule in the north east is staggering, as is his call for republicans to come forward and debate with him.

    Funny how when he was engaged in armed struggle he always refused to debate armed struggle with the SDLP. As always Gerry is demanding a different standard of behaviour from others than he himself has lived his life by.

    Whilst his close colleague M McG may consider those who continue the armed struggle as traitors, the shoes is also on the other foot, for todays republicans undoubtedly consider Gerry Adams and M McG traitors to their country, the oath they once took and the army they led.

    Whilst I may disagree with the continuation of armed struggle, the one historical certainty about Irish republicans is their ability to endure. so the name calling which Adams went in for helps how?

    It means diddley squat to the armed groups and Adams knows it, he is doing what ‘others’ have done in the past, currying favour with the British government and the unionists.

    If he was serious about convincing the armed republican groups to call a ceasefire he would be working quietly behind the scenes in an attempt to bring this about, not grandstanding in front of TV cameras.

  • Rory Carr

    “…people are just people after all.” – Pippakin

    Come on now, Pips, you’re at it again. They can’t be just people, surely there are large people and small people and full functioning people and ineffectual people?

    I mean the only thing we can say for absolute certainty is that….

    “People, people who love people are the luckiest people in the world.”

    We can be certain that this is true because no less an authority than Barbara Streisand has assured us that it is so.

  • Dev

    “Jim McAllister is the Churchill of Ulster”

    Oh. Deary. Me.

  • Rory Carr

    Oh my twice in one day. On one post, the palpitations!

    Barbra Streisand certainly did and it made her a fortune. She is entitled to be right occasionally, actually millionaires get to be right all the time, even when they are wrong.

    I meant that in every barrel you get a few rotten apples, there does that suit you better. We are all, even you, just people and some of us are good, clean decent people who always remember to wash our hands, others couldnt get the filth off with a scrubbing brush.

  • Halfer


    “What we have now is a corrupt NI, a travesty of a NI,”

    Thats how it came into being and thats what it will always be. It is the result of colonial imperialism…..a bit like you. Sadly you can’t see that and have given no real narrative other than that of bile.

  • Rory Carr

    …”whilst the UK State…still has a presence in Ireland… there will always be Irish men and women… to take up arms to resist them.” says Mick Hall who then goes on to say that he “…may disagree with the continuation of armed struggle”.

    Well, don’t be coy on my account, Mick. Do tell us. Which is it, is it “may” or “may not”? Do you oppose the continuation of armed struggle or do you not?

    This is an important question to answer, Mick, for if you are opposed to the continuation of armed struggle you are surely obliged to speak out in opposition, not alone for the sake of those who might suffer injury or death as a result of dissident activity but also for the sake of those who would be attracted to their ranks who might themselves be killed , injured or suffer long terms of imprisonment not to mention the terrible burden of conscience they might have to bear if they become responsible for the the death or maiming of another human being.

    This, Mick, is I fear a responsibility which we all hold but how much more one who chooses to give his life to activism and commentary on the supportive end of Irish Republicanism and the socialist left as is the case with you. Such being the case it might behove you better to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Adams and McGuinness in condemning these actions and hope that by adding your voice you might help prevent any future futile tragedy.

    We are not engaged here in some theorectical pipe dream of “principled support” of revolutionaries in far off Bolivia or Guatemala so beloved of diletantte middle-class Trotsykists we are dealing with the immediate prospect of life and death on our streets – here and now. And for what? For the satisfaction of a few old ego driven tortured losers who cannot come to terms with the political realties embraced by the people of these islands.

  • Rory

    You like Mr Adams, know only to well the terrorism act makes it impossible for anyone to debate this matter openly who does not accept the position you; and the UK government and their judicary hold. My position on the viability of continuing the armed struggle is on the public record, as you well know. So by asking such a question I can only presume you are acting as a provocateur with intent., thus I treat you and your questions with the contempt it deserves.

  • Rory Carr

    So, Mick, for asking you to answer clearly a simple question to which you have already given a half-hearted and deliberately obscure answer, viz , “Whilst I may disagree with the continuation of armed struggle…”, I am accused of “acting as a provocateur with intent”. Well, do me a favour! What a complete bollox of a cop-out is that?

    If you insist on giving the dubious cover of revolutionary left respectability to what are clearly objectively reactionary forces operating in Ireland against the recently stated will of the people then you fall into the same trap of reaction as all the other ultra-left infantalists. In the meantime these deluded egotists will continue with their warped campaign comforted by such “fraternal solidarity”.

    I repeat, this is not some theoretical debate in a polytechnic bar somewhere in North London where each attempts to outshine the others with his grasp of principled Leninist solidarity, this is for real and happening now in the streets and towns of Ireland and requires a much more sober approach.

  • johncrow

    Ardoyne Republican should brush up on the use of the fáda also.

  • west belfast

    Armed struggle was a tactic not a principle. Armed struggle without an end strategy is just killing.

    The bottom line is that it is only us in the republican community that will end the current low level violence. All the condemnation from unionism will not matter nor will the silly calls to bring back the SAS etc.

    The RIRA etc claim to be fighting for something that I care about very much – the unity of our country. We strongly disagree on how to get there.

    The violence of the late 60s and 70s was, in my view, inevitable and the republican people were left with little option but to fight back against discrimination and blatant sectarian attacks on our community. No-one can argue that those same conditions exist today – there is clearly a better way.

    As a republican I believe that the current spate of attacks make reunification of our country more and more distant. In the same way as unionist intransigence weakens the union, I believe republican violence strengthens it.

    I would ask those who support the violence to articulate the reasons behind it – the old ‘british presence will always be resisted’ just doesnt cut it. I need someone to explain how it will bring a better life for us all and why you feel you know better than the vast majority of republicans throughout Ireland.

  • Alias

    The British state cleverly removed the original purpose of unity with the GFA and replaced it with an entirely different purpose that promotes British national interests. It had the purpose of extending the right to national self-determination to those who were denied it by partition by incorporating the partitioned territory into an Irish nation state.

    By positioning its principle murder gang to claim ownership of Irish ‘republicanism’ the British state was able to lead the catholic tribe in that territory to formally renounce their former right to national self-determination and to seek the dismantlement of the Irish nation-state, replacing it with a replica of Northern Ireland and the legitimisation of British sovereignty over the Irish nation. Just as they have been led to renounce their national rights, they how seek to encourage the Irish nation to follow their example and also renounce its national rights.

    So that’s the new purpose of unity – consolidating Britishness and extending it to the rest of the British Isles these islands, with the unspoken proviso that equal national rights should translate to equal sovereign rights and that this is only possible within British constitutional structures. The GFA is an agreement written by the British state to promote its national security interests and signed by others under duress – the duress being that the state would instruct its murder gangs to end their ceasefire if the catholic tribe did not renounce its national rights.

  • Alias

    You and Marcionite should meet in the middle, you are both rabid but approaching insanity from opposite ends as it were.

  • Rory Carr

    That really is terrific, Alias. You really should listen to yourself sometime. Everyone who voted to support the GFA is stupid – except Alias, he saw through it.

    Well the dissidents saw through it too and in order to demonstrate how clever they are and how stupid everyone else in Ireland is they now progress towards Irish unity by stripping a man naked, beating him, shooting him through the head and leaving his poor wrecked body, devoid of all dignity on a lonely road in protection of the great Republican goal of uplifting people’s minds by supplying them with cannabis for profit.

    Henry Joy McCracken that thou shouldst be alive at this hour.

  • I wrote, on another thread, of the sadists, lurking, waiting for their opportunity to infiltrate, and on a back road in Derry a sadist has made a move to take over the asylum. I hope the people responsible are handed to the police.

    Perhaps the man who was never in the IRA and would not know an armalite if he tripped over it could take a few minutes to explain to the pig ignorant what happens in areas ‘ruled’ by the gang and the gun.

  • Jimmy Sands

    “My position on the viability of continuing the armed struggle is on the public record, as you well know. ”

    So you’re sufficiently important for your opinions to be matters of general knowledge?