Non-IRA member gives view on ‘ceasefire soldiering’

In the wake of the small and ineffectual bomb in Newry, Gerry Adams ‘was mindful not to just rhyme off the usual recycled statement of condemnation and denunciation’ he was lucky enough to know he had not delivered enough/any denunciations in the past to make repetition likely.

He was immediately keen to condemn the media over a ‘platform’ they provide for groups that attack SF (of course this is always about SF) and not providing them a platform now. As an amateur student of dissenting republican politics I’m unable to find this media support platform given to those that would endorse the Newry bomb – it seems a bit of fiction.

He further condemns those that ‘run for cover in the wake of an action like this’ – now I recall the length of time it took the PIRA to admit an ‘action’ much more damaging/deadly than hurting the gates of Newry Courthouse, I also remember tactical lies over actions and running for cover over bombings that caused slightly (a lot more) more damage….. but Gerry further declares ‘people involved in these actions have no interest in a United Ireland’

Well I’m confused, when he wasn’t in the IRA what did he think the Republican movement was up to?

”whatever one can say for against SF we were always there at the end of a microphone to make our views clear”

Of course. You were always there to deny any connection when things went wrong for the IRA.

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