“Police were evacuating the area when the bomb went off.”

Few details so far, but the BBC are reporting that a car bomb has exploded near Newry courthouse.

BBC Ireland Correspondent Mark Simpson said it appeared to have been a car bomb which “seems to have been planted by dissident republicans”. “What the IRA used to do quite frequently was target the courthouse – that is what dissident republicans are now doing,” he added.

Also from the BBC report

A car was abandoned close to the gates of the courthouse at about 2200 GMT on Monday. Police were evacuating the area when the bomb went off.

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  • alan56

    Anyone know about the extent of damage?

  • slug

    Early reports say nobody has died – hope not.

  • Irish people trying to kill Irish people, insane.

  • Garza

    Jesus pippakin, they have been doing that forever. Even before the Normans arrived under invitation from the Pope.

  • Stephen Blacker

    Eamonn Mallie is saying on Twitter that Danny Kennedy says car with bomb aboard driven right to gate of Newry courthouse. Recognised dissident code word used in warning.

  • Mark McGregor

    dmfoto with first shot on twitter indicates very little damage


  • Mark McGregor

    Via maxer08 on twitter first video

  • Mark McGregor

    Via maxer08 on twitter first video

  • Mark McGregor

  • iluvni

    Are you impressed?

  • Mark McGregor

    What a batshit crazy question. Of course not. Are you always a tool?

  • al

    This has been coming for a long time. Armagh is turning into a ‘dissident’ playground. There’s still some serious fuckwits about. Hope there were no injuries.

  • iluvni

    Maybe I’ve picked you up wrong then…just for clarity, you are 100% opposed to this type of activity and would call on those responsible to be identified to the PSNI and prosecuted where possible?

  • Alias

    There was circa 300 to 400 active Provos at any one time, and circa 100 active FRU agents and a similar number on the books of Special Branch. Add in MI5 and MI6 and you’re looking at the majority of the Provos/Shinners working for the British state. There is no reason to assume that this group is not every bit as infiltrated and controlled by the British state as the Provos/Shinners are.

    The advantage of this very low level of state-sponsored terrorism is that it serves purpose of encouraging the muppets to believe that this is the alternative to not endorsing the legitimacy of British sovereignty. The result of this will be, therefore, a further consolidation of that British sovereignty.

    Since the muppets gave up their national rights in return for a cessation of activity by the state-sponsored murder gangs, it is necessary to reinforce the bargain by actions such as this.

  • IRIA

    I think you’ve probably got some faulty math there, Alias.

  • They’re contemptible scum.

    In the last forty years has violence moved Irish unification one inch closer?

    No. But it has moved it back by several decades at least. Of course these “patriots” are too thick to know otherwise.

    As a proud Irishman, I would request that these morons kindly fuck off and disappear.

  • nick

    I’ll be interested to hear the response to Post Number 13

  • the future’s bright, the future’s orange

    time time again we hear on slugger how dissidants are poorly organised and arn’t worth the paper that’s written about them. Make no mistake, they represent a real threat to human life in NI. The question is, are people from nationalist/republican areas ready to ‘out’ thesescum bags or are they still though of as ‘heroes’ of the community?
    Strange that they target a largely nationalist town like Newry?

  • Gerry Lvs castro

    This would just be one big yawn were it not for the fact that sooner or later innocent lives will be lost. By innocent I mean anyone other than these tossers being blown up by one of their own devices.

    30 years of this nonsense resulted in SF sitting in Stormont and a UI as far away as ever. What exactly makes this latest bunch of muppets think they can achieve anything other than dead Irishmen, lengthy jail terms and general disruption to the community?

  • I say to anyone who knows these misguided and deluded people, think what happened before. Do you want to risk child abusers getting away with it. Do you want sadists taking their pick of young vulnerable girls.

    It cannot work it really does create, that latest trendy phrase ‘a climate of fear’. Dont let them do it. Make sure your young people are safe from harm.

    I am actually shocked that in the light of all the recent allegations someone even wants to go back in time.

  • Gerry Lvs castro

    Or put another way, this bunch want to climb into Jim Allister’s magic time machine and fuck off back to the seventies.

  • BryanS

    Silence is the answer to #13 Shame.
    No wonder our car insurance is so expensive.

  • iluvni

    No answer yet then…maybe Mark McGregor’s busy. I’ll cheeck back later.

  • Scaramoosh

    Was that the dissident entry to the Your Country, Your Call competition, MARY McAleese’s search to find two “game-changing” ideas that will help secure prosperity and jobs for Ireland.

  • skullion


    This thread is about a bunch of tossers blowing up Newry courthouse not about child abuse.Lets not,ahem,hijack this thread eh?

  • When an area is run by gangs, and it doesnt matter whether the gang call themselves the ‘sharks’ or the ‘provos’. The result is the most sadistic and depraved will infiltrate. The sadistic few build a reputation, they are always prepared to go the extra yard in hurting others, always prepared to ‘disappear’ someone. Such people then surround themselves with the kind of vultures who would choke on their own vomit, at the violence being meted out to someone, rather than risk the loss of their own ‘stature’ in the ‘gang.

    We cannot risk that, cannot go back to the murder and mayhem of the past.

  • Critical Alien

    The political situation here’s sometimes said to be stuck in a paradigm that’s obsessed with identity and identity-preservation. It should move on to one based in, say, recognition and pluralism, or discourse or something. Whatever you think is better, I suppose, than the familiar tribal stuff. The thing with the dissidents is, who are they?
    The identity bit doesn’t make sense. The agenda, such as can be reconstructed from their ‘actions’ involves, primarily, harassing emblematic figures (persons or institutions) that represent progression of some sort, however imperfect or faltering it might be. Cops who break the mould in some respect or the policing board building, for instance. So they’re just conservatives. But since we’re famous for lacking civic life here, what exactly they want to conserve is a mystery.
    The other notable aspect of their behaviour besides this pointlessness is their general ineffectiveness. Several ‘sucessful’ (as they’d see it, I hasten to add) efforts out of how many failures? And those are the failures we know about. And some of the successes have been, for example, throwing fireworks over the wall of a sparsely populated army base in north Belfast. Even on a terror agenda they fail. Few are terrorised, really, not to the extent of years gone by anyway. More just emphatically bored and irritated at the audacity of the clampets.
    We don’t know who they are, or what their actions are meant to be. They’re pointless, just sociopaths. Dangerous, yes, as the tenth time they try, they do manage to explode something, and the tenth time they explode something, it’s under some poor bastard’s car.
    What I’m saying is that these wazzocks have no identity and no agenda and are as dangerous as any fuckwit with a bag of fertiliser and access to google can be.
    I’d suspect criminal investigation could clear them up pretty quickly. Proper, forensic investigation. They don’t seem too bright. Maybe Baggott’s efforts to limit cop bureaucracy are aimed at making just this possible?

  • skullion

    Indeed I have not. I have merely pointed out the obvious outcome. See my comment #1 for my reasoning.

  • jfcb

    the pathetic lost souls who did this really are sad – vicious – losers – with nothing to offer but the hatred of the past. move on you bunch of w______rs

  • Getting a bit iritated at the comments aimed at Mark McGregor.

    We have no right to ask people to condemn their beliefs, we can ask them to think twice before they give such would be murderers aid or assistance.

    I know and so does everyone that some republicans feel let down by S/F and the GFA, and some of these people spent years in prison for their beliefs. So no I am not asking them to condemn disidents, just ask those disidents to be peaceful in their actions, and to put life and prosperity first. Our day will come, our direction should be to the future, not the past.

  • BryanS

    Pippa you are a sad deluded sentimentalist if you think

    ‘just ask those disidents to be peaceful in their actions, and to put life and prosperity first.’

    that will have any effect.

  • Skintown Lad


    We are asking people to be honest in their beliefs, we’re not asking them to condemn their beliefs. For someone so able to express his opinions as Mark McGregor, don’t you think it’s odd that he chooses not to answer a question that for the rest us is very simple?

    Perhaps the man himself can clear this up for us.

  • Gerry Lvs castro

    ”you are a sad deluded sentimentalist if you think
    ‘just ask those disidents to be peaceful in their actions, and to put life and prosperity first.’
    that will have any effect.”

    Just so Bryan — these people inhabit the same self-deluded wasteland formerly inhabited by Messrs Adams, McGuinness et al. Their notions of history and myth, truth and reality exist in a parallel universe where uniting Ireland will result in some Gaelic paradise which never existed and never will.

    The rest of us accept that NI will remain within the UK for as long as the voting majority wish and simply want to get on with the everyday business of living.

    Rather than attempting to appeal to the dissidents good nature or reason with them, these twisted dinosaurs merely need to be thrown into prison and forgotten about.

  • BryanS Skintown Lad

    You are asking someone to step outside their ‘comfort zone’ and express an opinion that in all probability cannot be expressed in a yes/no answer, or quite possibly an answer as long as War and Peace.

    As for ‘sad and deluded’ – I am a realist and can see where the dissidents may, almost certainly will if they continue, end up. I think many of them can or will see it too. It is no good thinking to we would never let that happen, we wont have to, others will and we will be too engrossed to see until it is too late.

  • Mark McGregor

    FGS, give me a break I don’t sit at a computer ensuring your questions are met as and when they are raised – I do have a life. In this case I’m loath to answer questions framed in such a manner when the majority put them without a real name. Demanding I jump through little hoops held out from behind a cloak of anonymity.

    But I’m surprised you even need to ask the question. Of course I do not encourage people to cooperate with or endorse the PSNI, just as I do not encourage people to cooperate with or endorse those detonating bombs but I’m also not a constitutional nationalist or supporting the British state’s role in Ireland. Many of my and other blog entries have focused on the ongoing political nature of policing and the use of the police against legitimate political activism. While that is ongoing for some including me it is a purely political decision on not legitimising them.

    Of course some of their role is legitimate and/or civic, that gives rise to situations where even some of those rejecting them on principle will inevitable cooperate but while they are inextricably linked with political activity anything other than rejection on political grounds won’t be forthcoming from me.

    Rejecting a political police force and armed struggle are not mutually exclusive positions. Just because Republicans planting bombs are wrong doesn’t make the PSNI suddenly right or acceptable – they drop their politics and mine might not be an issue in return. However, unlike both organisations raised here I have not engaged in anything other than legitimate activity, I have not abused process or used futile armed tactics, I have no information to withhold, no power to abuse.

    I do have the right to hold poltical opinions – something many on this site along with the PSNI and those planting bombs seem in agreement in wanting to deny people.

  • iluvni

    I wasnt demanding you jump through hoops. I asked a question and your curt reply lead to another. Nor did I resort to name calling.

    As for the substance of the reply, youre entitled to your opinion, same as me. No issue there.
    I’ve little time for the PSNI either, but the non-co-operation. Just how far does that go with you…if we had a bus load of kids coming home from GAA training splattered all over the road in Newry last night (wrong place wrong time), would that still hold?

  • Why this wall of silence about certain journalists whose hatred of Sinn Féin is so great that they “big up” the dissidents at every opportunity? What exactly is their agenda?

    I was in Derry recently and expected to meet a hotbed of dissent following media reports about the rise of the dissidents there. Not a bit of it.

    Of course, a small number of dissident cells, which have some experienced operators within their ranks, can do damage, but the bigger picture, in my view, is the assault on Sinn Féin. This chimes in with the dissidents whom I have spoken to, who were more interested in expressing their hatred of Sinn Fein than attacking the “Brits” and all their ills.

  • Greenflag

    mark mcgregor,

    ‘they drop their politics and mine might not be an issue in return.’

    Is the PSNI a political party ? Who exactly is denying your political opinions ?


    ‘if we had a bus load of kids coming home from GAA training splattered all over the road in Newry last night (wrong place wrong time), would that still hold?’

    Or a bus load of tourists . pensioners , etc .

    The so called ‘dissidents’ are enemies of ALL the Irish people not just SF or Unionists . The vast majority of people voted in the GFA to put an end to the violence .

    Let’s hope that these criminals are found quickly and are put behind bars for a very long time before they ‘achieve’ another Omagh . And apart from destroying the lives of many families what did Omagh ‘achieve’?

    Obviously some people have not got the message .

  • iluvni

    Certainly…a busload of kids, OAPs, shoppers, anyone.

  • Stephen Ferguson

    Sinn Fein’s Pat McLarnon doing a great job trying to defend the dissidents behind this attack on Politics.ie


  • IRIA


    I don’t read that as McLarnon defending the dissidents at all. As he says, “stating facts”. Commenters imaginations are going a bit strong over there.

  • Stephen Ferguson

    Anyone who plants a bomb is trying to kill. It doesn’t matter when or where you leave it – there is always a chance the PSNI wont get the warning or someone will be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Don’t forget, if you use Pat’s logic the Omagh bombers weren’t trying to kill anyone and we know what happened there.

    PS. You can call me Stephen.

  • paddy007

    these are scum in newry do we want our kids to suffer the last thirty yers p oo7

  • An Lorgain

    Ongoing security alert at Lough Rd Lurgan, bomb squad have sealed off the main road into the town from the motorway.

  • Skintown Lad

    Mark McGregor

    I remember a time where you posted a you-tube video of what you described as brutal political policing, or words to that effect. Upon viewing the video it became apparent to all posters that you had greatly overstated the case and what was actually recorded were police officers carrying out a difficult task with professionalism, under the heavy verbal abuse of locals.

    when posters pointed out what they saw, and how it didn’t accord with what you alleged you saw, you failed to come back to your own post to defend yourself.

    so forgive us this time our criticism of your momentary silence on this thread but more importantly, forgive us for thinking your latest smears of the PSNI are not very well grounded this time either.

  • I would not ask anyone to deny their beliefs, but if this continues, people will die, or be maimed for life. If this continues we will end up with the kind of ghettos where children are abused and young girls raped, not just with impunity, but with apparent immunity.

    No sane sensible person wants that. Arguably John Hume got Sinn Fein out of the hole they had dug themselves. He offered them a lifeline and they were wise enough to grab it.

    A long time ago I heard someone say the British Military had no problem with the ‘war’ in the north, they thought it was a great ‘training ground’! Excuse me if I object to my country being used as a firing range and the people as moving targets.

  • Brian MacAodh

    So utterly pointless. All of it.


  • Gerry Lvs castro

    Hate to play devil’s advocate here, but exactly how are the actions of the ‘dissidents’ today any less justifiable than those of PIRA say 20 years ago?

  • Gerry Lvs castro

    So these dissidents are going to continue where PIRA left off. Like PIRA is not a shining example of ‘how not to’ to everyone?

    I bet there are ‘people’ on some streets just quietly, secretly, salivating at the thought of the power.

  • An Lorgain

    Or the Easter rising etc ?

  • Im just waiting for someone to mention Cromwell

  • joeCanuck

    People are going to be killed eventually. To paraphrase P.O’Neill (or was it Gerry Adams) we just have to be unlucky once.
    These deluded terrorists do seem to have been largely infiltrated but, alas, not totally.

  • Brian MacAodh

    Not sure how this is comparable to the Easter Rising.

    Anyway, maybe we should reinstate the death penalty. I think the level of support for these people is so low, even among republicans, that the execution of those that do end up taking innocent lives will not make them martyrs.

  • Brian MacAodh

    Sentenced to death? and ten minutes after hes in the ground we find out it wasnt him: it was his second cousin twice removed! I dont think so.

  • Gerry Lvs castro

    Come on Brian get real — the death penalty is only to be used in 21st century Ireland by the Republican movement — everyone knows that.

  • The Impartial Observer

    Like many people living in the Newry area I heard this bomb go off last night, a sound I’d hoped I’d never hear again. If this attack had 15-20 years ago the reaction locally would have been ambivalent, the reaction I’ve heard today, even from many people I know who are of a strongly Republican background is one of palpable anger. There is a real feeling in Newry of “How dare they do this to us!”

    Many people are wheeling out the line that the dissidents have no support. While that is true the sad fact is that these wankers have no interest in building a support base in the community, if there was only one of them left then he would carry on regardless. Sadly Pearse’s famous line that as long as there is a British presence in Ireland there will be those who will oppose that presence,” still holds. The encouraging thing is that the vast majority of those who oppose that presence are resolved to do so by democratic means. The likelihood is that the dissidents cannot sustain a campaign for years like PIRA did and they will soon end up a blind alley. But we cannot take that for granted.

  • Mark McGregor


    When the fictitous bus of hypothetical GAA children gets notionally destroyed I’m sure I’ll be tempted to ring the imaginary confidential telephone line with all the information I don’t have.

    Until then I’ll deal with the real world and the fact my reasons for not supporting the PSNI are based only on politics and not the actions or inactions of anyone involved in armed struggle.

  • An Lorgain

    [quote]Not sure how this is comparable to the Easter Rising. [/quote]

    Those involved in the rising, were also a minority, in fact they prided themselves on being such. I suspect the dissys have visions of being the new holders of ‘Ireland’s cause’.

  • joeCanuck

    have visions

    Their vision, our nightmare.
    Let them put up candidates for election and let us see how much support they have.
    People North and South gave their verdict in the GFA referenda.

  • Spotty Muldoon

    Gerry Lvs castro has a point at 23. All this shite about “we will not let them derail the peace process” – what the hell are “we” doing to stop them? The old ways are back in style – local intimidation, “punishment-style” attacks all over the place. I’m wondering, when the PIRA and the rest decommissioned their weapons, did they just hand them to their former colleagues for safe keeping?

  • Spotty Muldoon

    I really hope you are wrong.

  • iluvni

    yes, Mark, I understand…those damn awkward questions….

  • Skintown Lad

    Mark McGregor

    That was a classic Republican answer. As if constructed of sand; try to grasp it and it runs through your fingers and disappears. It is symptomatic of an idealogy that does not fit ‘the real world’ as you call it and is illogical at its core.

    In a similar vein we have this term ‘armed struggle’. What exactly are these people struggling against? The mere fact of “British presence in Ireland” does not justify ‘armed struggle’. You can’t ‘struggle’ against a mere presence. ‘British oppression’ you might say, following the Republican mantra. But how exactly is this oppression played out? The odd search, the odd road-check, the basic minimum to match a terrorist threat to the public at large. But for that threat such basic minimum would be reduced to nought. So who is doing this ‘oppressing’? The nonsensical Republican answer is that it is NOT the people holding the country to ransom with their indiscriminate murder charges placed amongst Irish people. It is the security forces and police, who work with their counterparts in the ‘liberated 26 counties’, with the democratic support of a people united: the Irish and the British-Irish. And how terrifying is the concept for Republicans that people north and south of the border are united. Irony indeed.

  • Spotty Muldoon

    Pippakin, so do I. But another young man was shot in the legs in Derry yesterday evening. It’s this targeted intimidation that just takes you back to the darkness.

  • Spotty Muldoon