“blatant attempt to mislead”

Still fighting extradition proceedings on charges of glorifying terrorism in Spain, lawyers for convicted ETA killer José Ignacio (Iñaki) de Juana Chaos have been back in court in Belfast. This time they were losing a legal battle for a licence for de Juana Chaos to work as a taxi driver for the West Belfast Taxi Association. From the BBC report

His barrister told the court Mr de Juana Chaos, 54, should be treated as an exception to the rule where ex-prisoners can only apply for taxi licences three years after completing their sentence. “The offending behaviour purely related to the political theatre,” he said. “The people subjected to the violence were members of the police force in Spain.” Mr de Juana Chaos was released from prison in August 2008.

His lawyer said he has now removed himself from the political conflict and wants to drive specified routes for the West Belfast Taxi Association, where his wife works. “The reason why my client came here… having committed very serious offences, is to benefit, even if only indirectly, from the way in which this society is prepared to give people who have committed awful offences a chance and a new start,” the lawyer said. He added that 15 ex-prisoners with convictions for “politically inspired violence” already work for the association.

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  • joeCanuck

    Of course this man, like any others who have eschewed violence, deserves a chance of rehabilitation. That’s why they are allowed to be taxi drivers but only after 3 years of proving that they have turned away from violence. He should reapply when the 3 years are up; I can’t see any real justification for making him an exception. And for his barrister to more or less say that it wasn’t people that he killed, just policemen, beggars belief.

  • scarecrow

    Used to be these taxi jobs only went to ex prisoners now its a job for everybody from all corners of the earth and there isn’t a job to be had for a local. So who cares….

  • Democrat

    The poor man! All he did was murder a few policemen and look how he is treated! My heart bleeds for him, just like the hearts of all those he murdered.

    Being a mere taxi-driver is not commensurate with this man’s ability. Why not make him Minister for Justice?

  • Since none of the Celtic ethnic and cultural purity of essence types have responded to this yet, I´ll do it for them:
    “Irish jobs for Irish murderers”

  • An Phoblacht Abu

    I dont see what the big problem would be for him driving a black taxi.

  • fatrex.savage

    Last time I checked “Ulster” was supposedly “more British than Finchley” a point clearly missed by our Bavarian friend.
    Fillean meal ar an meallaire.-

  • Yes, my friend Fatrex. But the purists I was referring to would not have used the word “Ulster” in that context, since to them Irishness is the be all and end all. But I readily concede that there are those who would want only “Ulster jobs for Ulster murderers”. They are also beyond the Pale, IMHO.

  • PS, Fatrex: von nichts kommt nichts.

  • Alias

    “Since none of the Celtic ethnic and cultural purity of essence types have responded to this yet, I´ll do it for them: ‘Irish jobs for Irish murderers.'” – Bavarian Orange Order

    I think the phrase is “British jobs for British workers.” At any rate, that is the Mandrake Ripper Gordon Brown used.

    “British jobs for British murderers” is the price that unionists agreed to pay to maintain the union when they agreed to let the members of murder gangs out of prison and agreed to allow the organisers of those gangs to share in the internal administration of British rule.

    It’s too late to talk in a manner that indicates you have principles when you’ve sold your sold to the devil to keep the Union Jack flying on British soil.

  • Not sure what your point is Alias. I made my point quite clearly – I dislike the ethno-fascists of both sides.

  • My God, think of the equality implications! A Spanish murderer only out of hokey for two years gets a job. What about the brave Irish/Ulster murderers in the same position, shouldn´t they get such a job as well?
    “Comin´over here, stealin our wimmin, takin our jobs…. what´s the world comin to when an honest to God killer has the shirt taken from his back by a foreign interloper”.

  • Alias

    It was a point based on an erroneous assumption. Can I blame it on egregious typing skills?

    One thing that all modern states have in common is that none of them require a DNA test as a precursor to awarding citizenship, so none of them are based on ethnic nationalism. Civic nationalism – as it might be expressed as British jobs for British workers – is not only legitimate but absolutely essential. States are a collective that are formed to serve the interests of their respective nations, and not to serve the interests of other nations. If you undermine that essential exclusionist principle then there is no reason why, for example, those states should use their pension funds to pay for the pension of the nation it serves and not use them to pay for the pensions of other nations. While you would undoubtedly sound very trendily inclusionist (if there is such a word), you’d probably regret the fashionable sentiment when you asked your state for a pension and it informed you that it had used the money to feed the starving in Africa – or when it increases your taxes to 90% for the same idealistic purpose. 😉

  • Mr E Mann

    >for his barrister to more or less say
    >that it wasn’t people that he killed,
    >just policemen, beggars belief.

    now, you’re right, this guy should wait until his three years are up. He should be glad the law is so forgiving as it is.

    That said, think about the context of the remark about policemen. In NI there are paramilitaries who killed policemen in the context of political violence. There are others, on both sides, guilty of purely sectarian murders. Isn’t it a little more troubling to think of the latter group driving unsuspecting civilians around in taxis than the former?

  • Slartibuckfast

    That man has the coolest name for a terrorist ever.

    “Mr Chaos, I presume?”

    “Indeed it is, Mr Bond. Now prepare to die!”

  • slappymcgroundout

    “And for his barrister to more or less say that it wasn’t people that he killed, just policemen, beggars belief.”

    Police exercise the police power of the state. Private citizens do not.

    “He should be glad the law is so forgiving as it is.”

    The law was so forgiving that he spent 15+ years in solitary confinement.

    Lastly, for the judge: Get your head out of your rear end. Thanks. His driving a taxi presents no danger in this circumstance other than the danger posed whenever a motor vehicle is in operation. In other words, the law that does not allow him to do so operates to deprive him of liberty and property without due process of law.

    Almost forgot, but in the related extradition proceeding, would be “nice” if the tyrant and her minions remembered the word from these disloyal terrorists:

    For transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offences

  • joeCanuck

    So slappy, how many policemen or policewomen have you killed? Or do you just applaud when others do?
    Shame on you.

  • Alias, you wrote:
    “States are a collective that are formed to serve the interests of their respective nations, and not to serve the interests of other nations. ”
    That may have been true of Europe 40 years ago, but not now. The French, Dutch, Swedish and German taxpayers subsidize the rest of the EU nations to some degree. The EU also guarantees relative freedom of movement of people and one of the consequences is that individuals have the right to work in another EU member nation should they be able to find work there. Which brings me back to the Spanish taxi driver in question – does Belfast need another murderer walking its streets?

  • Surely we have enough exmurderers of our own we dont need to import them.

    If this gentleman is on the road to Damascus, he has taken a wrong turn and needs to complete his journey where he committed his crimes.

  • slappymcgroundout

    “16.So slappy, how many policemen or policewomen have you killed? Or do you just applaud when others do? Shame on you.”

    Why I do have the distinct impression that if my claim to fame was off’ing some Nazi national police, a score of Khmer Rouge cadre, etc., that you wouldn’t be speaking to shame. That was a statement and not a question.

    And while your regime wasn’t as bad, nonetheless, by its very nature your regime must be discriminatory, to the certain excess death of some. And just as dead as with a bullet. Two words describe the NI state for most of its existence, to wit, Jim Crow. Now back to a certain excess death, what was the diff in child mortality? In death by preventable disease? Dead by Jim Crow. And if you as favored person were not in active opposition to Jim Crow then you and the man could not possibly be “victim” of the circumstance. The word you would be called instead is, complicit, as in, complicit in the excess death owing to the discriminatory exercise of the state’s police power. How’s that for notion of shame?

    Lastly, you might want to check on the date of birth of our man. Was born and grew up when it was crime to speak and dance Basque in public. Now for just the one more act of complicity: “Which brings me back to the Spanish taxi driver…” First he couldn’t speak his language and dance his dance, and now according to Orange Order aka KKK, Slight Reprise, he can’t presume to say that he’s Basque…

  • So Slappy, the Taxi Driver´s crime was as admirable as the killing of Reinhard Heydrich during WW2? You have a strange set of values.

  • slappymcgroundout Bavarian Orange Order

    Everyone should be ashamed of the harm they did. The damage lives on, some people still think they can win by killing.

    Republicans: where do you think the PSNI are going to go when Ireland is united? I think they will be absorbed into the Gards. You kill a policeman, you kill an Irishman.

    Loyalists: What do you think the Brits would do if you killed a republican? The Brits, and it is to their credit, dont give a monkeys you did it for the ‘flag’, they would send you to prison, with a mandatory life sentence, and if they decided it was a ‘hate crime’ they might well add a minimum term to that sentence.

    Get over yourselves.

  • Pippakin, you said:
    “Everyone should be ashamed of the harm they did. The damage lives on, some people still think they can win by killing.”
    ….and where did you get the idea that I thought otherwise?

  • Bavarian Orange Order

    I did not intend to imply that you did think so.

    I meant, and I am sorry if I was not clear enough, that there are still people who think killing for this cause is a good thing to do.

    I do think the kind of ‘conversation’ that sometimes takes place here encourages that kind of thinking.

  • An Phoblacht Abu

    it seems strange to me that someone using the name ‘Bavarian Orange Order’ can judge others as facist.

  • And it seems singular that someone calling themselves “An Phoblacht Abu” can call this kettle black.
    But before you scream “fascism” too much, at least have a look at this:
    I think you will find that my attempts at photoshopping are as rubbish as yours (if not more so), but at least I have moved into the Youtube age….

  • Bavarian Orange Order

    read your blog and was particularly impressed with your scoop on the new recruit to Sinn Fein. Has anyone informed Gary Glitter of his ‘promotion’.

    I have to agree with you the sight of these self promoting, middle aged, pop stars jumping on the ‘good cause’ band wagon is enough to put anyone off contributing.

  • Brian MacAodh

    The law says three years. It hasn’t been three years yet.

    Was he really in solitary confinement for 15 years? Holy hell if that’s true.

  • Brian MacAodh

    Dont want to sound unfeeling, but fifteen years in prison, even in solitary confinement, for murdering people, he can live with that. He can even demand his rights!

  • joeCanuck


    Very funny site. Woo hoo.

  • Pippakin, I also heard a rumour that Sting will be standing for the DUP at the next election, but that might not be true.
    Thanks, Joe.

  • Bavarian Orange Order

    Well I suppose Stings ok, so long as he remembers to mention the rights of Basque exmurderers who want to change careers.

  • I think Sting will fine – Peter the Punt just has to tell him that Basque separatists are well known for chopping down trees in the Amazon.

  • Bavarian Orange Order

    You are right. In any case these people would go to the opening of an envelope. what else have they got to do.

    What has Ireland to do with Basque separatists I ask myself, and then I think: of course, it was one narcissistic club. To get in all you had to do was kill, preferably innocent people, in sufficient numbers.

  • I agree with you Pippakin.